Tencent's annual salary of 400000 employees out of the schedule

Tencent's annual salary of 400000 employees out of the schedule

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some time ago, Tencent's 2022 school recruitment salary was exposed. After reading the recruitment information, many people drooled with envy.

A monthly salary of more than 20,000 yuan, a salary of 16 yuan, and a gift of stock worth 60, 000 or 100000 yuan.

if you sign a contract, you will directly pay a signing fee of 30,000 yuan.

also give out 4000 yuan a month for housing subsidy.

No wonder some netizens laugh at themselves that their salary is not as high as other people's rental subsidy.

besides, many of Tencent's benefits are really sour after reading.

recently, several Tencent employees exposed (xuan yao) their day at Tencent.

Tencent's welfare has begun since you got up in the morning and walked out of the house to go to work.

Don't bother to squeeze the subway and bus. Buses are all over Shenzhen, and the commute is free.

09:30, sign in to enter the company, then go to the restaurant for a free breakfast.

(source: blogger @ Cao Yuxi)

(source: blogger @ Ziyuwang)

10:00, start working mode. After 12:00, the lunch break begins. The restaurant has plenty of food and everything. You can have a big lunch for 25 yuan.

(Source: blogger @ Ziyuwang)

after lunch, you can go to the functional area for activities.

there are all kinds of fitness equipment in the functional area, including rock climbing wall, indoor court, heated swimming pool, circular running track, yoga fitness classroom and so on.

you can refresh yourself with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and sometimes there will be plenty of afternoon tea.

(Source: blogger @ Ziyuwang)

08:00, go to the office for a free dinner and go home from work.

(source: blogger @ Ziyuwang)

the company has generous welfare benefits, which is naturally a happy thing for all workers, but the training of a person's ability by a large platform is not to be underestimated.

as the blogger @ silently diligent ginger said:

"the real welfare of a big factory is not to eat and drink, but to actually train people and make people grow."

Tencent has a lot of room for fault tolerance for talents, and even interns can be responsible for the project on their own.

provide a wealth of training lectures every year, so that you and Daniel really have no distance, and provide clear guidance for your career planning.

the salary of a big factory is needless to say, three to five years of hard work leads to a real promotion.

the platform of a large factory allows you to quickly accumulate contacts and become a person in the workplace who can be on your own. "

some people say that what really asks you to climb another tall building is not your proficiency in repetitive work, but your vision of the pattern.

and the platform and environment, always affect your pattern and vision, determine your future height.


after watching Tencent's welfare benefits, let's take a look at a shocking documentary.

this is the first picture to appear in a documentary.

there are rows of iron doors and railings in the picture. Does it look like a prison?

actually not, this is an electronics factory in Shenzhen.

A group of young people in their twenties with no academic qualifications live here.

some people drop out of high school, others are not admitted to college, and after entering society, they can only come to work on the assembly line.

the working status of this group of young people is also recorded in detail in the documentary.

get up at seven in the morning, line up to wash up, and then go to the restaurant to grab and finish breakfast.

08:00, enter the factory on time, line up for roll call and start the day's work.

there is a constant roar of machines on the assembly line, with only cold consoles and a lot of parts to deal with.

the work to be done is also extremely simple, with a screwdriver, aim, put down, aim again, and repeat this action thousands of times a day.

if you are tired, would you like to have a rest for a while? Stop dreaming.

cameras are installed everywhere in the factory, and countless line heads responsible for supervising workers are shuttling through them. if you move slowly, you will be reprimanded by the line chief and lose your job at any time.

in such a depressed environment, there are always young people who can't help but have a nervous breakdown and stand up and scold and swear, but after venting, they still have to go back to the workbench and continue to work.

work until 12:30 before you can have an hour's rest for lunch.

then you have to continue to work until nine o'clock in the evening before you can go back to the dormitory after work.

most of the time, they can't get off work on time because of overtime, and they don't even have time for dinner.

after work, hiding in the dormitory and playing games is the only entertainment hobby of this group of young people, and it is also the most relaxing time of their day.

although he is engaged in overloaded work every day, he earns a meagre salary.

for this group of young people, making less money is not the greatest pain, but the most fear is the worry about the future.

there is a saying in the factory: "machines made of iron, workers of running water."

the factory is not their final destination, and they have no idea where it is.

this group of young people, when they first entered the society, were full of hope that they could make a lot of money and change their lives.

but the reality is that instead of letting themselves prosper, they have fallen to the bottom of their fate.


after reading Tencent's salary and office environment, and comparing with the factory assembly line, do you feel a huge gap?

there are people in and out of spacious and bright high-end office buildings, enjoying all kinds of benefits brought by the enterprise, and the future is bright.

there are people who live in a noisy and noisy environment, work overload every day, and their lives are not guaranteed, let alone know where their fate will go.

Why do people of the same age end up on a completely different track?

the answer is very simple: whether you have studied hard or not, get a good education.

Reading is like a sieve. Get rid of idlers and stay down-to-earth and diligent.

for an excellent enterprise like Tencent, education will be the first hurdle in talent selection. If you do not have a good education, you will not be able to overcome this first hurdle.

with no education and no family background, the factory has become the only place for ordinary young people.

this reminds me of two young people, one is Ji Jian, the other is Xu Mengnan.

these two people both handed in blank papers in the college entrance examination in the same year, which was a sensation.

Ji Jian handed in the blank paper coolly when he took part in the 2008 Yunnan college entrance examination, and then entered the society to work hard.

the posture of Ji Jian crossing white roll is very cool.

reality is also cool, but cruel.

after dropping out of school, he worked as a construction worker and wrote manuscripts for others, but he couldn't make any money and slept on the street during his hardest times.

later, Ji Jian wrote a book called "living like a Dog." in the book, he admitted that he had done all the dirty work in the years in society, had no dignity, and lived less than a dog.

recalling the move made in the college entrance examination, Ji Jian said a meaningful sentence: "it was a hole I dug for myself, but I have been trying to fill it."

also in the 2008 college entrance examination, Anhui examinee Xu Mengnan also handed in blank papers.

without diploma or education, he has worked in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places in the past ten years, assembling advertising boxes, mobile phone gift boxes, bathroom supplies, and making manhole covers.

work more than ten hours a day, but high-intensity repetitive work can only get a meagre income.

"if someone had advised me at that time, I would not have been so capricious."

this is what Xu Mengnan often said after dropping out of school.

in 2018, after leaving school for ten years and being beaten by society, the 28-year-old Xu Mengnan decided to pick up his textbooks and enter the examination room again.

there are thousands of ways in life, but reading is probably the easiest one for ordinary people.

the bitterness of reading lasts only a little more than ten years, but the bitterness of life is like a shadow all one's life.

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Life will be lenient to you only when you have survived the hardship of reading.

I remember a writer said in a letter to his son: "son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others, but because I hope you will have the right to choose in the future." Choose a meaningful, time-consuming job rather than being forced to make a living.