The best feng shui in the world is character.

The best feng shui in the world is character.

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there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "there are gods in the first three feet, and they are not afraid of others' knowledge."

people are doing it, and heaven is watching. Don't be bad and evil at any time.

to be a man, no matter how poor you are, no matter how poor you are, no matter how difficult you are, you won't hurt anyone.

you know that you can earn money again without money. If you lose your character, your whole life will be ruined.

in this life, character is the first. Character is not only the foundation of being a man, but also the business card of walking around the world.


A man always comes first in character

Xu Shichang once said: "whoever establishes meritorious deeds takes morality as the foundation."

do things first, this is the eternal truth, character is a person's biggest card, but also the best pass of life.

most of the time, your character is your blessing.

in ancient times, there was a man named Ma San who asked Mr. fengshui to find a precious land for his father.

when I first arrived in my field, I found several people digging sweet potatoes. Mr. fengshui was stopped by Ma San when he was about to drink loudly.

Mr. fengshui is puzzled. Ma San explains that they are poor households in the countryside, and people often help them, but now they dig by themselves, which saves a lot of trouble.

Mr. fengshui smiled and said, "it seems that I have come here for nothing today. This place is full of fengshui treasures."

when Ma San was in doubt, Mr. fengshui said slowly, "A man with a kind heart will be blessed by heaven. If his character is not good, even if he lives in a treasure land of fengshui, the blessings will pass quietly."

A person's greatest wealth is his own moral character and upbringing.

if you accumulate virtue and do good deeds, you will not only accumulate profound blessings for yourself, but also for your descendants.

on the contrary, if you do too much evil, you will not only hurt yourself, but also your children and grandchildren.

to know that people are watching, do more good deeds and be good people, God will surely protect them. If they cheat and cheat, they will eventually consume their own blessings.


people are watching, and good and evil will be rewarded in the end.

as the old saying goes, "if you persuade people to hide everything, there is a god in the first three feet."

people live a lifetime, everything they do, heaven knows that even if things are flawless, they will be exposed one day.

Paper can't wrap fire after all, and people can never hide it from the sky!

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, there was an old man whose family was very prosperous, and there were three boys under his knees.

but the elder has always had an uneasy thing in his heart, that is, the sins he committed when he was young, killing his partners and making dirty money.

Today, old staff members are old and want to clean up the mistakes they have made in their youth, so they begin to accumulate virtue and do good deeds widely.

the strange thing is that two months later, the three sons died one after another, and the daughter-in-law passed on one after another, but only the old third daughter-in-law was not transferred because of pregnancy.

the veteran suffered a lot, wondering why he had reaped wealth when he was young, but now he has accumulated virtue and done good deeds, but he has been rewarded again and again.

at this time, a superior man passed by and told him, "your three sons are your iniquity." The eldest son and the second son are the two companions you killed, and the three are the black-hearted money you earned. Now, you are going to ruin your fortune. Now that you do a lot of good deeds, God will take them back for you. From now on, as long as you continue to do good deeds and accumulate blessings, this little grandson in the future will honor your ancestors and honor your family. "

after listening outside, the veteran woke up from a big dream.

in this life, there is cause and effect for both good and bad.

to do good deeds is to accumulate blessings for yourself; to do evil is to conclude evil consequences.

says: "there is no way for happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves; the retribution of good and evil is like a shadow."

whether it is a blessing or a curse, it all depends on yourself.

how good you are and how much good you have done will be rewarded; if you have done all your bad things, no matter how capable you are, you will eventually be punished.

people are doing it. Heaven is watching. If people are not looking for you, they will be looking for you.

good and evil cannot escape the eyes of heaven, loyalty and traitors cannot escape God's judgment, and good and evil are rewarded, and no one can escape.

only by doing more good deeds, practicing more good karma, and many good causes, can we get more good results.


be a kind man and have peace of mind all his life

Zeng Zi said, "although good fortune has not yet come, misfortune is far away."

there are laws of cause and effect in the world. Kindness is never an one-way line, but reincarnation and cycle.

giving kindness may not be rewarded at the moment, but when you get to a certain point, the kindness you have spread will be redoubled to you.

in the history of Guang Xu, a Mr. Yi failed in his investment and made heavy losses, so he decided to return home.

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when I was taking a nap in a pub, I found one thousand eight taels of money left behind by a loser, which was a windfall in front of him.

Mr. Yi was surprised and decided to wait here for the return of the owner.

soon after, the owner found the lost money and thanked Mr. Yi so much that they agreed to have a drink together tomorrow.

the next day, when the two were talking eloquently, it was reported that the boat where Mr. Yi was going home capsized, and none of the 23 people were spared.

after being shocked, Mr. Yi sighed, "if I hadn't waited for your return, I would have died at this time!"

Zengguang Xian Wen tells us: "but do good deeds and don't ask about the future."

all the good luck in this world is actually a little bit of goodness you have accumulated.

good people have profound blessings, and although the good causes planted will not blossom and bear fruit immediately, they are already on their way.

in physics, the law of conservation of energy explains this law.

all the energy in the world will not disappear out of thin air, nor will it rely onEmptiness becomes more and more, but from one kind to another.

the same is true of kindness. Every good thought and good deed in the invisible will be transformed into other beauty and warmth.

those who love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

the character and kindness you have accumulated will inadvertently give you surprise and good luck!

it is said in

all Fukuda, not apart from square inch, the blessings and misfortunes of life are inspired by themselves.

to be a good man, God must bless it, do evil, and heaven will punish it!

although people do not know your kindness, heaven will know it. People will not repay your efforts, but heaven will repay you.

so, just be kind, the reward is on the way; if you keep giving, the harvest will come sooner or later!

everything in the world has cause and effect, and all sincerity will reverberate!