The best way for husband and wife to get along: to understand the Law of Panax Notoginseng

The best way for husband and wife to get along: to understand the Law of Panax Notoginseng

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as the saying goes:

you should be divided into three parts for yourself and seven points for others; you should be three percent serious and seven percent tolerant to your friends; three percent believe in heaven and seven percent depend on yourself.

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and this "Sanqi Law" applies not only to life, to friends, to feelings, but also to life.

after all, in marriage, it doesn't mean that as long as two people have love, they must pay attention to methods.

but if you want husband and wife to live better and better, you must understand the "Sanqi Law".

this law is nothing more than:


clearly speaking, a lot of people like to say:

when you have a conflict with your friend, you don't bother to explain; when you have a quarrel with your partner, you don't want to listen to their explanation.

but in fact, every time you run away, you are accelerating the consumption of goodwill on both sides, and when the misunderstanding deepens, the two will only drift apart.

the wife complains that her husband is not "intentional", and the husband complains that his wife is "impatient".

couples who are close to each other have their own unique way of communication, adding seasoning to their boring life.

the most comfortable relationship between husband and wife is a clear understanding and a tacit understanding.

it is not difficult to make things clear, but it is difficult to have a tacit understanding for a long time so that each other can be in the most comfortable state.

the other person understands your eyes, your small movements, and your emotions without words.

A scene in the variety "Happiness Trio" showed me the strong tacit understanding between husband and wife:

in the program, Wu Jing and Xie Nan invited Xi Mengyao and Lawrence Ho to their home and cooked a big table.

after a pleasant dinner time, Xi Mengyao, Lawrence Ho and his wife also left.

Xie Nan turned and looked at her husband Wu Jing. Without saying anything, he turned into the kitchen and laid a bowl of noodles for him. Wu Jing also took his wife's noodles naturally and began to eat, and the two looked at each other with a smile. I believe many couples have experienced this picture. After working outside for a day, they just want to go home and eat hot food.

the interaction between Wu Jing and Xie Nan just shows that good couples don't need words, and sometimes they can understand with one look.

when I turn around and see you, I feel happy; when I am with you, I can let my guard down.


three points of communication

data show that 80% of marriages die of "no communication".

I can't say a few words under the same roof, and what I say can't reach my heart. Over time, no one wants to speak to the other first.

I ran into an old friend some time ago. the last time I saw her, she told us that she would divorce her husband, and she was haggard.

the reason for divorce is that two people can't communicate and quarrel with each other every day, so they don't like him anyway.

but now goodbye, not only is she not divorced, but she is getting better and better, and her whole state seems to be newly married.

asked her why, she said she had figured it out-

Marriage is actually two people living together with problems, not evading, not shirking responsibilities, and more often understanding each other.

this change of mindset makes her more able to think from each other's point of view, because love means communicating and understanding with each other.


three points to give, seven points to love yourself

as the saying goes: wisdom will hurt, deep love will not live long. When you spend all your energy on a person, it will not be cherished, but will be taken for granted.

Love someone, never love too much.

the most rational way of love is to love others three percent and love yourself seven percent.

this is not selfish, but no matter what the circumstances, love yourself is the most important thing in a woman's life.

Love yourself and strive to have a healthy and clear body, so that you can safely enjoy all the good things in life, including love, family and friendship. Love yourself and keep a positive and optimistic attitude. When the state of mind is bright, it will be full of hope for life at any time. No matter when, always remember, love yourself is the king.


there is a particularly good sentence in "short sentences and short chapters":

in just a few decades of life, it is not easy to meet a person who gets along well and supports each other.

May there are people around you who can understand your joys and sorrows and miss you cold and warm for the rest of your life.