The best way to enrich yourself (in depth)

The best way to enrich yourself (in depth)

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before, a reader asked me:

"when people reach middle age and have financial freedom, how can they enrich themselves?"

I told him a sentence:

the so-called enrichment is not the satisfaction of desire, material luxury.

it's about forming good habits to enrich your body and mind and make your life better.

this is the best way to enrich yourself.


diligence and ability to raise wealth

there is an old saying:

A person who is steadfast and willing to work, is not afraid of hardship and is not afraid of hardship, can gradually get rid of poverty.

A person is lazy and idle, doing nothing but sitting back and eating nothing.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, regarded the word "Qin" as the foundation of starting a family and setting up a business.

in his letter to his second son Zeng Jihong, he once wrote:

No matter everyone's small families, scholars, farmers, industry, commerce, industry and commerce, they are industrious and frugal; they are arrogant, extravagant and tired, and they are not invincible. "

the Zeng family has used this as a lesson for generations to cultivate a good family style of diligence for the prosperity of the family.

there is an old saying:

if you eat bitterness, you will become a superior man, and if you are tired, you will become a rich and noble man.

when you are in the prime of life, if you earn more money, you will have more strength to live; if you save more, you will have more right to choose.


and when a person reads more books, his horizons and knowledge will continue to improve.

Zhihu has such a question:

there is a highly praised answer:

if you read too many novels, you will see all kinds of ups and downs in your life, no matter what you face in the future. it's a bridge that your heart has experienced;

after reading too much history, you will see all kinds of tiny individuals wrapped in the torrent of fate, and the world is set to be changeable and cyclical.

if you read too much in sociology, you will find that the common things come for a reason. You are just a part of the system, as light as duckweed.

there are no books in life for nothing, and every book will open a window to see the world for you.

A man's books contain the roads he has traveled, the scenery he has seen, and the thoughts and judgments he has formed.

only the higher you stand, the farther you can see; the more you learn, the more knowledgeable you are.


there is a short story.

during the Song Dynasty, Taizu Zhao Kuangyin sent General Cao Bin to fight.

after successfully attacking Yibin County in Sichuan Province, Cao Bin's counselors suggested to him that he should burn the people of the whole city in order to avoid future troubles.

Cao Bin not only failed to do so, but also ordered all the soldiers not to harass the people, and even gave leniency to the prisoners, allowing those who were willing to stay to divide the land for reclamation, and those who wanted to go home would hand out entanglements.

at that time, the people of Yibin County were all grateful for his kindness and specially built a Cao Gong Temple for him to thank him.

later, Cao Bin was promoted all the way to the top. After 90 years old, his descendants reached Tengda.

there is a saying:

the more magnanimous a person is, the easier it is to win the hearts of others.

the more honest you are, the easier it is to widen your path.

all words and deeds to others will eventually be returned to yourself.

if you want to accumulate good luck, you must have a good heart; if you want to accumulate blessings, you must forge good relationships.

only when a person accumulates virtue and does good deeds, the better his luck, the deeper his blessings, and the smoother his life.


since everything is alive, why not be happy?

95-year-old Charlie Munger shared his secret of happiness and longevity in an interview with NBC:

"Don't be jealous, don't resent, don't overspend, protect your happiness, don't dwell on your troubles, be with someone you trust, and do what needs to be done. These simple things can make life better."

May you not hurt and torture yourself for the rest of your life.

Don't mess with bad people and don't worry about trifles.

keep a heart of joy and look down on all gains and losses.

when your mind is free from entanglement and hindrance, you will live a relaxed and comfortable life.


Kinetic energy

Life lies in exercise.

Why not pick affordable informal black dress with sleeves with exquisite high quality? There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

A person who has no time to exercise will always pay a higher price for his health.

there is a video of "the Last Ten years of Life" on the Internet, which tells about the different states of people in their later years.

some people get up early in the morning and can go for a run and walk in the park;

some people can only stay in the hospital all day and look out through the window.

some people ride bicycles to see the scenery like young people every day;

some people can only be pushed to see a doctor in a wheelchair.