The best way to live the rest of your life: enrich yourself

The best way to live the rest of your life: enrich yourself

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some people say that life is a run with no end in sight.

it is true that people are busy all their lives, but they have little time to press the pause button for themselves to rest.

We always think that time is long and there is still plenty of time to do what we like to do.

but time is like quicksand between fingers, half of my life has passed in a flash.

but fortunately, no matter how you live in the first half of your life, no matter how prosperous and lonely you experience, you will eventually become a passer-by of time.

the rest of your life is not long, so you don't have to care too much about some things. You should learn to enrich yourself and try to live for yourself.


enrich one's appearance

many people begin to pay little attention to their own image after focusing on their families and children at a certain stage.

I always feel that older people still care about their appearance and are very superficial.

and everyone will get old. it makes no difference if they are not maintained or dressed up, but no one will look at them anyway.

but age is never an excuse or reason why you don't need to dress up and give up your life.

there is a good saying that your appearance actually hides your attitude towards life.

as a woman, she doesn't have to be so beautiful or exquisite, but she must be clean and tidy and generous.

pay more attention to the cleanliness of the skin, insist on moisturizing and sunscreen every day, stay up late less, eat less greasy and spicy, and do yoga when you have nothing to do;

throw away cheap bags and wear pilling clothes bought online;

get up 10 minutes early every day to put on a light makeup and choose clothes that are comfortable and appropriate.

years have never been the enemy of women. Grooming yourself is not only a secret weapon to stay young, but also to please yourself from the inside out.

people who know how to manage their looks are also managing their own lives.

30 years old can also be generous and beautiful, 40 years old still confident and elegant, 50 years old keep temperament calm.


enrich your body

not long ago, my husband suddenly fell down when he was playing with his child at home, and the child burst into tears, attracting the family.

the family member hurriedly called an ambulance and sent it to the hospital. After being examined by the doctor, he fainted because of long-term work fatigue and dizziness.

when the family came back from the hospital, they were very afraid. The parents of young children are old and have no income, and have two children.

he is the only pillar in the family, but now he has almost changed from a pillar to a burden.

I have seen a question: what is the reality that you have to accept most when you reach middle age?

the answer is: your body is getting worse every day.

when you are 20 years old, after working all night with youthful capital, you are still alive and tired the next day.

but at the age of 40, two more drinks on the table can keep you in bed for a day in order to win a client.

you see, this is the most ruthless part of time.

those who are overdrawn by you will have to be repaid slowly one day.

Spencer said:

everyone always wants to work hard, work hard to make money, and wait until they have a serious illness to understand the value of health.

but you should know that your health is not just about yourself. You have responsibility on your shoulders and family behind you.

loving yourself well is the greatest responsibility to your family, and you have the ability to love your family better.


the mentality of enriching oneself

there is a cousin in my hometown who had an operation some time ago and removed four tumors from her breast.

fortunately, it was discovered early and did not cause great harm to her health. The doctor told her not to be angry often. Depression of heart spirit is a physical taboo.

my cousin's husband was surprised, because my cousin was generous and kind to anyone, patient and gentle, and she had never seen her blush with anyone, and everyone praised her.

but only my cousin knows how much emotion she suppressed behind this "perfect".

Children are disobedient, the pressure of car loans, parents getting old, husbands do not understand themselves.

most of the time, sadness and stress do not know who to talk to, so they can only worry silently at night, force a smile during the day, and pretend to be doing well.

people like cousins are not in the minority. Many people suppress themselves day after day and think too much until they are finally eaten back by emotion.

but don't be silly, okay?

We already owe ourselves so much in the first half of our lives, so why make ourselves so unhappy for the rest of our lives.

when you are aggrieved, just say it, cry when you should, and feel much better when you are tired.

when you are tired, let go of what you are doing and give yourself a space to be alone. You can lie quietly and don't think about anything.

when you are hurt, you can lose your temper, or you can not forgive.

after all, life is your own, and the master of emotion should be you, not your husband, children, leaders or relatives.

learn to make yourself happy and live a little more for yourself, it is not a waste to come to this world.


enrich your spirit

I have seen many girls who know very little about cosmetics and luxury goods.

they can stay up late to read a boring bubble play or a meaningless novel, but it is difficult for them to find time to finish a complete book.

in fact, it is everyone's freedom to choose what kind of life.

but if people do not have any spiritual sustenance, their hearts will become extremely fragile and repeat numbness and emptiness every day.Live.

many people live better and better because they not only pursue the satisfaction of the material world, but also constantly enrich their hearts.

the spiritual world of Fengfeng sounds very profound at first, and when most people think of it, it is probably the songs of the Book of songs and Chu ci, elegant art.

this is not true.

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for example, you have your own hobbies, which can give you peace of mind for a moment in your busy life;

for example, you take the initiative to think about the people around you, have your own way of thinking and values, and don't follow the crowd blindly;

even, you can gain peace of mind by meeting some interesting people, taking a short trip, and reading a chapter of books.

as the writer Lin Qingxuan once said:

if one struggles for wealth and status in the first half of one's life, the second half of one's life lies in spiritual cultivation and introspection.

when your heart is rich enough to become a powerful aura, you will live an enviable life.


enrich your ability

you will find that the lives of the vast majority of people are divided into two types:

one kind of person chooses his own destiny, and the other is chosen by fate.

in the TV series divorce lawyer, Miao Jinxiu had a poignant conversation after learning that Dong Dahai was having an affair.

"for you, I quit my job, gave up my career, took care of the housework with the children, and did my best to take care of the elderly, but you were out messing around. Where's your conscience?"

"Don't say that for me, whoever you marry will take care of the children and take care of the elderly."

therefore, we especially admire those women who work hard at any stage.

Don't confine yourself to a man, have your own career and goals.

rely on your own efforts, gain the respect and recognition of others, and live to be what you want to be.

I very much agree with the writer Su Qin:

all say that daughters should be rich in order that they do not have to undergo the material tests of others when they grow up.

in fact, you should also enrich yourself. Only women who can earn and spend money are blessed. Work hard to make money and have more confidence.

what is given by others, you can take it back at any time. No one can take away what you have earned hard.

No one is always dependent on whom. Only if you have the ability to walk independently and control your life in your own hands, can you live a wonderful life every day for the rest of your life.


in fact, as you get older, you become more and more aware of the old saying:

the parents, lovers, and children you once thought most important will drift away over time, and then one day, you go alone.

people want to be themselves after all in this life.

so don't be afraid, when you learn to enrich yourself and enjoy life, the best life has only just begun.