The biggest miracle of COVID-19 's epidemic: people who question Chinese vaccines can shut up this time.

The biggest miracle of COVID-19 's epidemic: people who question Chinese vaccines can shut up this time.

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recently there is a news hidden in the corner.

it means a lot, but few people pay attention to it.

is about the epidemic situation.

as we all know, the epidemic in India is very serious and the situation is terrible.

in fact, there is another country, which is similar to India, that is, Brazil.

India has a population of 1.4 billion, while Brazil has only 210 million.

but now, the death toll of COVID-19 in India is 280000, while 430000 people in Brazil have died from novel coronavirus, much higher than in India.

since April this year, the average daily death toll of COVID-19 in Brazil has been about 3000, accounting for almost 1/3 of the global daily average.

Brazilian infectious disease experts have said many times: "the mortality rate in Brazil is even more shocking."

Brazilian Vice President Moran also admitted that the death toll had exceeded "the limit of common sense."

in such tragic circumstances, there is a small town in Brazil that has performed miracles-the infection rate is very low and life is basically normal.

because the residents of this town have been collectively vaccinated with Chinese vaccines.

in just three months, the Brazilian town called Serena has gone from haze to desperation, reversing its fate.

this is not only a victory of Chinese vaccine, but also a victory of science and goodness.

it deserves to be seen by more people.


Serena, a small town with a population of only 45000.

its previous infection rate was as high as 10%, which once completely destroyed the local health care system. "people have to stand in the ward."

and 60% of these cases are caused by the mutant strain P.1, which is more contagious. For this town, this is undoubtedly a devastating blow.

in despair, local officials made a bold decision to conduct an experiment called Project S in Serena.

that is, the whole town is collectively vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine from China's Science and Technology.

but it is not easy to move forward with this project. Prior to this, Brazilian President Bosonaro has been promoting the so-called "vaccine harmful theory" and has repeatedly attacked and smeared our Chinese vaccine, saying that the Chinese vaccine will make people paralyzed. Later, when the governor of Sao Paulo decided to buy large quantities of vaccines from China, he was scolded by the president.

at the beginning of this year, Brazil also conducted an opinion poll in which nearly half of the country's citizens said they would never be vaccinated against China, even if they could not buy a vaccine from Europe and the United States at all. From top to bottom, there is a lot of pressure.

however, local officials resisted resistance and chose to believe in science.

because they know that the Chinese vaccine is probably the only chance to save the town.

unexpectedly, something unexpected happened. Under the pressure of a severe epidemic, almost all the residents of the town of Serena agreed to be vaccinated.

they came with masks and waited in line for the injection.

in order to be at the top of the list, many people came here early.

A 57-year-old local painter has died of the epidemic.

he said bluntly: being able to be vaccinated is a gift.

because minors, pregnant women and people with recent fever are not included in this experiment, about 27700 of the town's 45000 people meet the vaccination criteria. In the end, the number of people who actually completed the two doses of vaccination was 27200, accounting for 98% of the target population and 60% of the town's population.

according to the general standard said by experts of China's Health Commission, to establish a national immune barrier, the vaccination rate needs to reach 60% and 70%. Serena, just up to that standard.

surprisingly, after vaccination, the infection rate of novel coronavirus in the town decreased by 75%!

among the people who completed two doses of vaccination, there was no death caused by COVID-19!

Mayor Serena said excitedly:

"these figures speak for themselves."


the fact is that those who question Chinese vaccines can now shut up.

Today, the number of confirmed cases in Serena has dropped sharply in a single month, and there are gradually no more patients waiting in line to use ventilators in hospitals.

Life in the town has also returned to its former vitality.

the residents here are also very grateful for the Chinese vaccine.


as a Chinese, I am really proud and touched to see that our vaccine can protect a distant exotic city and these grateful people.

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A few days ago, everyone saw the results of China's latest census. 1.41178 billion, we are still the most populous country in the world.

but at a time when its population base is huge and vaccine supply is tight, China has been trying to "help the world at the same time."

China has provided vaccine assistance to more than 80 countries and 3 international organizations.

export vaccines to more than 50 countries.

carry out technology transfer and cooperative production with more than 10 developing countries, including Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

she said: China is probably the country that provides the most vaccines to developing countries at present.

even India, which has repeatedly provoked, we have offered to lend a helping hand without hesitation.

We know better that we cannot ignore the life and death of ordinary people just because of the manipulation of politicians.

what has the United States, which has long been regarded as a "friend" by India, done?

they first refused to export vaccine raw materials to India.

in early May, it was exposed that "the United States is hoarding a large amount of COVID-19 vaccine."It has been strongly condemned by the international community.

the United States has a population of 330 million, accounting for 4% of the world's population, but about 2.6 billion doses of vaccines have been snapped up, accounting for 1. 4% of the global vaccine total.

at a time when countries around the world are trying to get much-needed vaccines, hundreds of millions of vaccines are lying idle in American warehouses.

US officials have also repeatedly stressed that on the issue of vaccine distribution, we should insist that the United States comes first, give priority to the United States, and restrict the export of vaccine raw materials.

while billions of people around the world are anxiously waiting for the vaccine, 30 million doses are eating ash in warehouses in Ohio.

some media even directly pointed out that "the United States has far more vaccines than it needs, but it has not yet exported a single dose."

as of March this year,

the United States has produced 164 million doses of vaccine and exported 0, according to data from Airfinity, a British third-party organization.


to be honest, China is willing to export a large number of vaccines for the sake of interests, such as safeguarding international relations and establishing the image of a great power.

but apart from the interests, there is also the compassion and kindness of the Chinese people.

that's gentle.

gentle, not docile, let alone cowardly.

gentleness is a kind of strength, a kind of compassion.

the whole life of Chinese people is a kind of emotional life, an emotion from the depths of human nature, and the emotion of human love.

A simpler understanding is that

We Chinese can maintain empathy and compassion for all things.

We can feel the feelings of others and think of others.

We can carry "human love" in our hearts.

since ancient times, Chinese people have had a kind of warmth from the heart, a kind of compassion.

that's why there were so many "most beautiful retrograde people" in Wuhan during the epidemic.

therefore, when vicious injuries occur in kindergartens, endless blood donation teams will appear on the streets of Guangxi.

so when we see that so many countries in the world are still fighting the epidemic, we are willing to lend a helping hand regardless of reward.

and this is the highest emotion of human beings.