The children brought out by dressed-up mothers have an obvious advantage 20 years later.

The children brought out by dressed-up mothers have an obvious advantage 20 years later.

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A few days ago, my best friend told me that she wanted to buy a dress, but she didn't buy it after thinking about it.

she said, "after I became a mother, I didn't bother to dress up. Anyway, no one would watch it."

it's not just her, but many mothers around her have the same idea.

but in fact, a mother who loves to dress up has a unique power in educating her children.

Zhang Yiyun, PhD in psychology, once said: the more fashionable the mother is, the more confident the child is; the better the mother is, the prouder the child is.

the more enterprising the mother is, the more diligent the child is; the more persistent the mother is, the more independent the child is.

Children can get a different kind of energy through their mother's dress.

A mother's attitude towards "beauty" will affect her child's life.


mothers love to dress up, while children are more popular

A friend who is a teacher once told me something.

she once taught a female student.

because of the change in her father's job, when the girl was in the first grade of primary school, the family moved from Guangzhou to Shanghai.

transferred to the new school, she doesn't speak Mandarin very well, but she is very welcome to her new classmate.

before long, another new student transferred to her class. She found that although children welcome new students and play with them, they do not have the same enthusiasm for girls.

Selecting from petite long dresses long sleeves to perfectly illustrate the essence of fashion. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

then she casually asked the children in the class, and their answers made her friends laugh and cry.

they almost all say, "she is so beautiful every day, and her mother is so beautiful!"

the girl's mother is really good at dressing up and is gorgeous all the time.

while dressing up, the mother does not forget to tie her child's beautiful braids and clothes so that she can go to school happily.

so the girl is always surrounded by a lot of children, touching her skirt, touching the hairpin on her head, very envious.

everyone likes to play with her and will take the initiative to give her candy snacks.

even the teacher can't help being partial to this girl.

there is a saying: "people are visual animals."

almost everyone is used to using first impressions to judge whether they want to associate with someone or not, and to decide what attitude to adopt towards each other.

once saw a social experiment: when you saw a 6-year-old girl standing alone on the road, would you help?

they found a six-year-old girl.

in the beginning, they dressed her in a small skirt and dressed her up so delicately that she stood on the street with people coming and going.

before long, passers-by took the initiative to ask her how old she was, what her name was, whether she was lost, and if she needed any help.

when I entered the restaurant, everyone was also full of love for this delicate little girl, touched her cheek affectionately and gave her money to buy things.

everyone's attitude is very kind and friendly.

but when she changed into dirty makeup, put on sloppy clothes and stood in the same place, no one was looking at her.

when she entered the restaurant, everyone was on guard against her, drove her away, and even called the restaurant staff to expel her.

at last, the little girl broke down and cried.

Yang Lan said: "A person's name is a brand; a person's image is a business card."

Beauty is always the most attractive and easy to get the favor of others.

A mother who likes to dress up will be the most powerful help in her children's social life.


mothers love to dress up, while children are more optimistic

mothers pay attention to image, which is also a positive attitude towards life.

I remember that there was a socialite named Guo Wanying in the Republic of China.

she was born into a good family and was the eldest lady of the famous Yong'an department store in Shanghai at that time.

but after she got married, all her property was confiscated because of some things, and she was sent to the countryside for reconstruction.

she wants to feed pigs, brush toilets, mix cement, smash stones, dig fish ponds, pick river mud.

the pampered lady is now doing the dirtiest work. In spite of this, she dresses herself up every day and makes her hard life look exquisite.

even though she changed into coarse cloth, she was still well dressed and her hair was combed without a mess.

even if she can only squeeze in a small house with less than 7 square meters with her children, she strives to maintain her dignity and elegance.

she said, "if life really wants to give me something, I'll take it."

under her influence, several of her children were not overwhelmed by the hardships of life.

during that difficult time, they still lived attentively, studied hard, always held a positive attitude and calmly faced the suffering of life.

psychologists once said, "Children tend to live for who we really are."

the mentality of children facing the world is largely influenced by their mothers.

I saw the story of a netizen on Douban some time ago.

she is a fresh graduate of an ordinary university and has a very difficult time looking for a job.

at her worst, she went to six companies for interviews in one day.

wearing exquisite makeup and 6cm high heels, I hurried to catch the bus, but in the end I didn't even have an offer.

she was walking out of her mind on her way home when she was caught in a sudden rainstorm.

at that time, she felt powerless and desperate, feeling that the world was always everywhere.Against yourself.

but when she returned to the rented house in the village in the city, she opened the door and saw her mother, who was looking in the mirror in an apricot dress, and saw two new lilies in the living room vase.

for a moment, she felt that life was not so bad.

saw a sentence on the Internet: "what makes a child's life different is not the outside itself, but the way the mother treats the outside."

the mother's attitude towards her appearance is the child's attitude towards life.

A mother who never gives up taking care of herself no matter what she is facing is like a tranquilizer that keeps her child calm and hopeful in the face of any difficulties.

A mother who likes to dress up is the eternal sunshine in her child's heart.


Mother's aesthetic influence on children's aesthetic

capturing the sensitive period of Children says: "the temperament of adults is caused by the aesthetics of children. The aesthetics of childhood establishes a person's aesthetic tendency and quality of life."

the mother's beauty is the child's initial aesthetic.

the appearance of the mother determines the child's future understanding of beauty.

some netizens on Douban recalled that when they were young, their favorite thing was to secretly watch their mother dress up, and then imitate her mother.

once, she saw her mother wearing a nice red nail polish.

so, when she was at school, she and her classmates did the same, painting their nails with color pens. It was colorful and she thought it looked great.

when she came home from school, she proudly showed her results to her mother and asked her mother, "is it good?" Mom, I learned from you! "

with that, she laughed herself up and down, and her mother laughed that she had turned her fingers into a color palette.

my mother patiently washed off some of her gaudy colors, leaving only pink nails, and painted her other nails pink with pink pens.

she clearly remembers the day when she raised her hand and looked at her pink nails, her mother said, "the more colors, the more beautiful. Do you think this simple color is much better than your previous one?"

it was the first time she had a hazy understanding of "good-looking".

this understanding runs through her growth.

when others dress themselves up in pursuit of "fashion", she does not;

when others regard vulgar dress as beauty, neither does she.

the mother's understanding and pursuit of beauty is not only the first lesson to open the child's aesthetic appreciation, but also the child's initial perception of beauty, but also a boost to the child's growth.

just like Sun Li and her daughter Duoduo.

from small to big, under the influence and support of her mother, she always dresses herself up.

so, we see a mother's aesthetic influence, elegant and generous temperament, but also have their own ideas and judgments.

she can not only draw, but also design, cook and perform on the stage.

the "beauty" brought to her by her mother has become a part of her strength and integrated into all aspects of her life.

French thinker Montaigne mentioned in his essay on Life: "the vast majority of philosophers and the greatest figures compensate for school education and acquire wisdom through appreciation and contemplation of beauty."

A mother's pursuit of beauty not only makes her image better, but also invisibly makes her child better.


Lu Yifan, a national second-class psychological counselor majoring in child development and education, once said: "it is good for parents to dress up in a moderate range." A confident and beautiful mother will exert a subtle influence on her children. "

A mother who loves beauty is a social card for her child.

mothers love to dress up, which is to give their children a calm and optimistic attitude towards life.

A mother's pursuit of beauty will also help her children grow up.

it can be said that the beauty of the mother will eventually be fed back to the child.

this is a forward loop.

so, from today on, mothers should dress up themselves and their children.