The highest intelligence I've ever seen: prepare for everything in advance.

The highest intelligence I've ever seen: prepare for everything in advance.

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there is an old saying in the Doctrine of Rites:

anything, preparing in advance is often easier to succeed.

be prepared before you speak, you will be able to think clearly and witty words;

be prepared before doing things, you will be able to do things in an orderly manner;

be prepared before you go out, you will be able to avoid accidents and travel smoothly.

most of us are ordinary people, but there is no shortage of good people in the world. Excellence is not achieved overnight, but is transformed day after day.

not afraid that you are not good, but that you do not know how to prepare at all.


be prepared in advance

the party in distress

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

if you want to steal leisure from your busy time, you must first ask for a handle from your leisure time.

if you want to take peace from the trouble, you must first establish a master from the quiet place.

otherwise, there is no one who does not change because of the situation. "

when you are busy, don't forget to take the time to make a plan for things;

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in the hustle and bustle, don't forget to stay calm and have an opinion about things in advance.

otherwise, if you encounter an emergency, you will be confused and confused.

whether it's life or work, knowing how to plan ahead can make you more at ease.

because of the Wutai Poetry case, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, and his salary was reduced accordingly.

looking at the family, Su Shi decided to prepare in advance and plan the money. He first set a month's living expenses, then divided them into 30 parts, and then hung them on the beam of the roof. Every morning, he picked one as the day's expenses.

if it is not used up on the same day, it will be used to entertain guests.

with this plan, Su Shi's money can last for more than a year.

Su Shi did not wait for the end of the mountain and water. With the help of his friends, he also applied to the Yamen for a piece of land to grow food, opening up the open source mode.

although Su Shi did not farm, he still ushered in a bumper harvest-nearly 20 stone of grain.

since then, Su Shi no longer worried about the food and clothing of his family, but also began to live calmly and meditate on life.

during this period of time, Su Shi felt deeply.

the state of mind is nine miles deep, and the grave is ten thousand miles deep. Also intended to cry poor, dead ash can not afford to fly sad helplessness, turned into a "wayward carefree, with the fate of open, but dedicated, there is no solution."

finally become an open-minded and optimistic "Dongpo resident" who is the envy of future generations.

people who know how to plan ahead will prepare for the possible disadvantages of things and try to achieve good results.

only in this way can we not panic and take our time.

as "Zhu Zi's Family motto" says:

prepare everything in advance, so that you can have the calm of "Mount Tai collapses in front but the color remains the same" and the calmness of "vanishing in smoke between talking and laughing".

Tian Dan, a member of the Qiguotian royal family during the warring States period, is such a person.

at that time, the State of Yan broke through the State of Qi, and many people in the capital of Qi fled one after another, and Tian Dan was no exception.

but only Tian Dan prepared for the escape in advance. He ordered someone to saw off all the protruding parts of the axle and press the iron hoop.

on the way of escape, in order to escape faster, many carriages caused many collisions due to road grabbing, resulting in axles breaking one after another, unable to continue walking, and were finally captured by the Yan army.

and Tian Dan escaped with his people because he had made full preparations.

Mo Zhai, the ancestor of the Mohist school, said:

prepare everything in advance and prepare in advance so that you can plan strategies and deal with things calmly when things happen.


be vigilant  the road is smooth

there is such a fable:

when the fox saw the wolf grinding his teeth on the ground, he said to the wolf:

"the weather is so beautiful, come and play with us!"

the wolf ignored it and continued to grind his teeth. Gradually, the teeth became sharp and sharp.

the fox does not understand why the wolf without any danger grinds his teeth so hard.

the wolf said:

Yes, be prepared in advance so as not to be afraid of possible problems.

as the saying goes:

A person who knows how to be vigilant must be a long-term person who sees the possible danger and prepares in advance. For people like

, the road to fate is often smoother.

Tang Dynasty Prime Minister Fang Xuanling said:

people with foresight can see the potential risks in advance, often be vigilant and plan in advance.

just like Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty.

Kangxi ascended the throne in fashion and young. Aobai, as an assistant minister, gradually dominated the government and the opposition.

after Kangxi was 14 years old and announced his pro-politics, Aobai still looked like I was dominant. Although he could not do anything to Kangxi, the excessive power of Aobai made Kangxi restless.

so Kangxi chose some able-bodied teenagers to pretend to be addicted to the game of force every day.

Aobai only regards Kangxi's behavior as a child's playfulness.

however, a gentleman keeps things in his body and waits for time to move.

when the time was right, Kangxi ordered the teenagers who trained every day to take advantage of Aobai's defenselessness to catch him.

imagine, if Kangxi hadn't made early preparations, how could he have caught the experienced Aobai unexpectedly?

only by taking a long-term view and making preparations in advance can we take precautions.

because you take a long-term view, you can find potential dangers and be prepared in time.

this is the ability to become lucky people blessed by fate and pass by danger.


the smartest way to do things

is that when things change in advance

, no one knows what will happen next.

to prepare in advance is to leave room for manoeuvre.

it's not a pity to be prepared and not needed. In any case, it's better than being unprepared when you need it.

this is not only the wisdom of doing things, but also the embodiment of responsibility.

preparing for small things in advance is responsible for yourself, preparing for big things in advance, and being responsible for others.