The most reliable ability of a person (good in depth)

The most reliable ability of a person (good in depth)

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backstage, a reader asked me: what is the most reliable ability of a person?

before I answer this question, let me tell you two stories.

in Rao Xueman's novel Li GE, there is a particularly excellent boy named Mao Bei.

from small to big, Maobei has hardly suffered any setbacks.

my family is well-off, my parents dote on me, and my grades are the best in my class.

before the college entrance examination, he made an oath in front of his friends: "I, Mao Bei, must be admitted to Peking University in the future!"

but on the day of the college entrance examination, he forgot to bring his admission card and had to rush back to get it.

by the time we got there, the exam had been on for half an hour and he couldn't take it.

Mao Bei didn't go to the next few exams.

he locked himself in the house and yelled at his parents outside the door: "I've lost a whole score, so why take the exam?"

on the night when the college entrance examination ended, Mao Bei opened the window and jumped out of the world.

in the film and television circle, there is a director named Hu Qian.

very young, very talented, only 29 years old, published two books, made art films, wrote and directed a film.

but his life is full of twists and turns and poverty.

all the contributions add up to only 20,000, and my girlfriend has run away.

movies with high hopes are cynical and cynical by the producers.

he couldn't hold on any longer and ended his life in the corridor with a white rope.

and just five months after he left, his legacy, Elephant sitting on the ground, won the best picture award at the Berlin Film Festival and was praised by the judges as a "master work of art".

unfortunately, he will never see these again.

after finishing the story, back to the previous question, what is the most reliable ability of a person?

can handle it.

if one wants to succeed, one may need to have high EQ, high IQ and so on, which are all very important.

but the most important thing is whether you can handle it or not.

all efforts will come to naught; only by holding up, can we have a higher future.


General Patton has a particularly good saying:

"the measure of a man's success is not the height of his peak, but the resilience of his trough."

when hit by life, those who can withstand the heavy pressure and fight back are the really strong.

some time ago, I saw an anonymous netizen sharing a special inspirational story on Zhihu.

this netizen, before the age of 18, his father started a company and his family did not worry about food and clothes. his biggest worry every day was probably how to get a few more points in each exam.

but in the year of the college entrance examination at the age of 18, my father failed in business and was cheated. When he was taken away by the police, his family owed seven or eight million yuan in bank loans and foreign debts.

my mother is depressed all day and shed tears several times in the middle of the night, while my younger brother is uncontrolled and often comes home in the early hours of the morning.

he didn't want to see his mother cry any more, nor did he want the family to collapse, so he put the pressure on himself.

he gave up the famous provincial school he wanted to attend, and chose the provincial university to take care of his mother.

in order to pay off the debt, he rented a place to run a cram school by himself. Under the 40-degree sun, he was stuck at the school gate handing out leaflets to recruit students.

I kept preparing lessons and lecturing, and I made myself hoarse, so I survived by moisturizing my throat candy.

that summer vacation, he earned 65900 yuan, but only spent 600 yuan on food and drink.

although there is still a long way to go to pay off the debt, it can prop up the family, at least you don't have to worry about the day when there is no house to live in.

seeing the resilience of this netizen, I believe that no matter what happens in the future, we will not be able to defeat him.

there is a good saying: "you can accomplish as much as you can handle it."

through the ages, people who have achieved great success are particularly able to carry things, fail and fight again and again, and become more and more brave.

Sima Qian withstood the pain of palace punishment and wrote Historical Records that have been handed down through the ages.

Su Shi has been demoted many times, but everywhere he goes, he can always live out his own taste.

Luo Yonghao did not panic at all in his debt of NT $600 million. He tried new things and sold goods live, and he was almost done in less than two years.

Austrian poet Rilke once said, "there is no victory to speak of. Holding on is everything."

in this world, there is no plain sailing forever, and there is no easy success.

behind all the excellence and scenery, there are many unknown pains and sufferings.

Don't lose heart, life has brought us down, get up and fight again.


in the book Anti-vulnerability, there are two types of people.

the first category is Damocles, with a sword hanging from his head and hanging from a horse's mane. Everything seemed calm, but it was difficult to resist any risk, and the sword could fall at any time, killing Damocles.

the second kind of people, Hydra, each time one head is cut off, two new heads will grow, which is more powerful than before.

when something happens, whether we are killed by difficulties or whether we have two new heads after being chopped off depends on how we deal with them.

1. Don't worry when something happens, keep working hard and do it for a long time.

someone once asked Luyu:

"you have been interviewing countless people for more than ten years. What do you think is the most valuable thing about them?"

Lu Yu said calmly, "Don't worry."

everyone interviewed by Luyu, even the most successful, has been frustrated that life opportunities are too dark to be dark.

but they are not in a hurry, can endure, can persevere.

in this life, there will be still waves and shaking.

if the spray of fate hits your head, don't worry, let alone give up.

dormant for a while, make continuous use of strength, and work for a long time. Turn a great difficulty into a small one and solve it little by little.

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2. Live an optimistic life. If you can't resist fate, enjoy it.

I have seen a picture.

A delivery boy accidentally collided with another motorcycle while delivering beer, and the beer was spilled all over the floor.

the passing chengguan worried about him and came to inquire.

he looked at the beer on the ground, picked up two unbroken bottles, gave one to the chengguan and drank the other himself.

Li Ka-shing has a famous saying: "the optimist sees the opportunity in the disaster; the pessimist sees the disaster in the opportunity."

there are always sudden big and small blows in life, which we can't predict or resist.

only by learning to enjoy it, can you live a better life.


the philosopher Russell once said:

Life is like a river. Sometimes the river is narrow and sandwiched between the two banks. The river rushes and roars, flows over boulders and flies down the cliff.

but once in the past, the river gradually widens, the two sides are farther and farther away, and the river flows more gently, and finally flows into the sea and is integrated with the sea. "

in this life, there is no shortage of things that turn our lives upside down.

but no matter what happens, don't be discouraged and clench your teeth.

go through it inch by inch, step by step.

one day, those injured places will certainly become our strongest places.