The most successful family education: "soft" mother, "hard" father, cultivate a child with a sound personality

The most successful family education: "soft" mother, "hard" father, cultivate a child with a sound personality

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recently, the parenting style of "strict father + loving mother" by Hou Patty and Huang Baijun has become a hot search.

the couple took their son to learn fencing, because the sword was too heavy, and the son tried to give up before long.

seeing this, his father, Huang Baijun, immediately came forward to dissuade:

after a standoff, the son still failed to hold on and could not help crying.

seeing that her son was in a bad mood, mother Hou Patty said gently:

with her mother's encouragement, her son picked up his spirits and continued to practice swordsmanship.

this parenting method of "strict father + loving mother" has also aroused the resonance of many netizens:

"both moderate protection and severity are needed."

"you still have to be kind and powerful to your children and match each other."

"educating children to spoil their children too much will become a glass heart, and if they are too strict, they will lose their self-confidence."

Professor Li Meijin once said:

parent-child education is the cooperation of father and mother.

only when the father is firm and firm can the child learn to be independent, strong and responsible.

only when the mother is gentle and generous, the child can learn to be tolerant, kind and loving.

the father is "just", the mother is "soft", both sides are "soft and hard", and the child will become gentle and powerful.


"soft" mother,

is the cornerstone of children's happiness

when Zhong Nanshan was a playful "bear" child, he didn't study well, often played truant and was held back twice.

instead of reprimanding and denying him for playing truant and failing grades, his mother smiled and said to him:

"Nanshan, you can still do it!"

the encouragement and affirmation of my mother instantly stimulated Xiaonanshan's motivation for learning.

trusting and motivating children are more effective in guiding and educating children than criticizing them and hurting their self-esteem.

Xiao Nanshan found his own value in his mother's love and tolerance, successfully became a doctor, and became an anti-epidemic hero admired by the people.

what kind of mother makes her child happiest?

just like Mother Zhong, she speaks softly in everything, knows how to respect her children, tolerates her children with love, and encourages her "soft" mothers.

on the contrary, if the mother talks harshly, yells or even beats her child easily, the child is more likely to develop personality traits such as inferiority and timidity.

I once saw a mother and son in the waiting room.

they were waiting for the bus at the high-speed railway station. When the child said he was hungry, the mother gave the child money to buy him a meal. When he came back, the child came back happily with two meals and said to his mother, "Let's eat together!"

as a result, the mother was suddenly furious:

after being reprimanded angrily, the child, who had a happy face, immediately bowed his head and murmured in a whisper:

after he had finished speaking, he was silent and ate the meal silently with tears in his eyes.

behind self-abased and cowardly children, there is usually a harsh "strong" mother.

behind sunny and confident children, there is a gentle and kind "soft" mother.

the best maternal love is to make the child feel gentle and kind, and feel love and sense of security.

in this way, children can develop a positive and healthy state of mind, so as to find their own value and have happiness.


"hard" dad,

'is the source of strength for children to walk the world

but is it enough for children to know tenderness, generosity and kindness when they have love and sense of security?

according to a survey conducted by China Youth Daily:

it can be seen that fathers play an indispensable role in children's growth and education.

actor Yu Rongguang once said that his father was the most influential person in his life, and he taught himself to take responsibility.

when he was a child, he found that there was a lot of delicious food hidden on the top of the cupboard at home, so he encouraged his brother to eat together. The two men worked together inside and outside. His brother was responsible for folding stools and climbing up to get them, and he was responsible for keeping watch at the door.

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just when they were about to succeed, they were caught by their father. Without saying a word, he let them stand. Yu Rongguang was mischievous and found that the momentum had run away.

I thought I had dodged a bullet, but as soon as I got home, I was beaten badly by my father with a feather duster.


, his father said to him solemnly:

from then on, whenever he encountered setbacks and wanted to give up, Yu Rongguang warned himself not to run, to bear it, and to face setbacks.

psychologist Gerdy said:

Dad is a child's first impression of a man.

his masculinity and rationality can separate the child from his mother in an orderly manner, and his words and deeds will exert an imperceptible influence on the child.

if the father is strong and brave, the child will be independent, confident and persevering.

if the father works hard and enterprising, the child will be positive and responsible.

"hard" father is the spiritual bridge for children to move bravely into the wider world.


parents work together to educate

to raise children with a sound personality

recently, Chen Ming mentioned a phenomenon in society:

he thinks:

whether it is a loving mother or a loving father and mother, it should not become a fixed pattern.

what we should pay attention to is not what role parents play in parenting.But whether the two sides share the responsibility of parenting.

the healthy growth of children requires the cooperation of parents.

in the freshman Diary, mother Liu Xuan advocates "strict education." she is in charge of the child's daily life, diet and daily life, formulates a regular schedule for her son valiantly, and arranges him within a specified time. Eat, sleep, exercise and study.

Father Wang Kui is a "moderate" who always speaks softly to his son. In addition to being responsible for valiant knowledge transfer and storage, he also takes the initiative to share the pressure of mother's parenting.

when Liu Xuan goes out, he will accompany his son to finish the homework assigned by his mother according to his mother's request.

when valiantly did not want to practice writing, when Liu Xuan lost patience, he held the child to himself and comforted his mother and said: