The older my parents were, the more "unsentimental" I became. After I finished writing, I burst into tears.

The older my parents were, the more "unsentimental" I became. After I finished writing, I burst into tears.

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but we do not know when, we found that the older parents are, the more "unkind" they are. When they are ill, they bear everything silently and do not tell their children.

when children leave home, they will no longer take the initiative to send them out of the house, or even be indifferent.

some people say: "the older people are, the more unsentimental they are." in fact, parents seem to be unsentimental, but in fact they are even more affectionate.


parents are "unkind" because they don't want you to worry

in this world, apart from the sun, there is also the heart in which parents love us.

under the seemingly unsentimental appearance, there is too much strong love hidden.

when parents are sick, they would rather support themselves than take the initiative to call their children.

they always report the good news but not the bad news. When the children call home, they will only say, "OK, everything is fine at home."

every time you go out, you can't see the figure your parents gave you; every time you go home, you can see them waiting anxiously outside the door. In fact, parents are not affectionate, but do not want to say goodbye to you, do not want to see you leave the figure; parents are not unsentimental, do not want to let you worry, so do not say anything, bear everything alone; parents'"affection", because they are afraid that they will drag you down!

all over the world, only parents' love is the most selfless and the greatest.

they use this unkind way to cover up their hearts and only hope that their children can live their own lives. Long Yingtai, a famous writer, once said:

the figure of our parents has gradually become old in our turn, and sometimes even a lifetime is when we turn around.

as a child, don't wait until the child wants to support but not wait before you think of filial piety.


parents are there, there are still contacts in life;

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when parents go, life is only on the way back.

parents give us life, but they can't accompany us to the end of life. The saddest thing in the world is that our parents try their best to raise us to grow up, while we can only watch our parents walk away. Parents in, the end of life seems to be far away, once the parents leave, the dusk of life in front of the eyes, life is only lonely, can no longer feel the warmth of parents.

some people say, "parents are a wall between us and death." Parents leave, feel that life is so fragile, fragile as if it does not exist, fragile to the moment life becomes empty.

"the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but not wait." Don't wait for your parents to leave us before you think of filial piety.

they don't want much. From now on, it's enough to be more patient, spend more time with your parents, go home and have a chat with them.

filial piety needs to be fulfilled as soon as possible, but parents cannot afford to wait. Take care of them and take care of their parents as they took care of us when we were young. Because no one in this world will give their whole life and love us with their lives.