The power of transposition (benefit for life)

The power of transposition (benefit for life)

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there is a saying in

after all, your own point of view is only one-sided. Only by learning to think of others can you understand life.

the power of transposition is much greater than you think.

just like this picture, what do you see?

the conversion between "frog" and "horse" in the figure is only a simple matter of angle and position.

this is not the case in life, many problems, only mixed with some blind stubbornness and unnecessary arguments, lead to complexity. When dealing with

, the problem can be easily solved by changing position and angle.


husband and wife transposition, marriage is more happy

once, the wife was cooking in the kitchen, but the husband kept directing beside her:

the fire is too big, hurry to turn it down;

release some water quickly, it's dry;

hurry up to stir-fry, it's going to burn;

you don't put so much salt.

wife is very impatient: "I can cook, get out of the way!"

the husband said, "I just want you to feel what it feels like when you keep talking while I'm driving."

the words reveal countless hidden dangers of marriage.

A marriage that doesn't know how to think of others will drain the patience of two people and cause cracks in the relationship.

in the story, the husband skillfully imitates his wife's words and deeds, making her try to think of herself and others.

as a result, the wife can realize that there is something wrong with her chattering behavior while her husband is driving, and then correct it.

in life, many marital problems are the same as those in the above story.

the wife reminds her husband to pay attention to safety when driving, but because she is out of line, she makes her husband feel bored and even feels that he is not trusted.

this is for the other party's consideration, for the other party's good intentions to remind, but does not take into account each other's feelings, so that concern has changed.

control and blame your partner in the name of love, and in the long run, each other's problems will escalate and become more serious.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "blame yourself with the heart of blaming others and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

consideration for others is a prerequisite for effective communication.

in a truly happy marriage, couples are very considerate of others, and they are good at achieving happiness for the rest of their lives with tolerance and understanding.


parent-child transposition, education is more successful

I read a story and felt deeply:

one Spring Festival, the mother took her daughter shopping, and the streets were bustling with people.

my daughter began to cry without warning and tugged at the corner of her dress tightly.

the mother looked down and found that her daughter's shoelace had come off.

she squatted down and tied her daughter's shoelaces. It was only then that she realized that from her daughter's point of view, she could not see the lanterns and decorations, nor did she feel festive.

only countless shaking hands and legs came into view.

so she picked up her daughter. She smiled, but she cried.

when parents don't look at things from their children's point of view, they completely lose the ability to empathize.

habitually impose their own habits and ideas on their children, without stooping to understand, it will only be instinctively rejected.

even if they are related by blood and be kind to their children wholeheartedly, parents who do not think of others with their children will make their children doubt their motives and deny their love.

it is also difficult for children like this to have the ability to think of others.

even when parents need to "feed" themselves, they choose to "run away".

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German philosopher Jaspers said:

"the nature of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul."

teaching by deeds and deeds is the most effective way of education.

parents look at themselves from the point of view of their children in order to find out the most acceptable way of education for their children, reduce useless preaching and improve the efficiency of education.


for the sake of others, life is more glorious

once upon a time, pigs, sheep and cows lived in the same corral.

one day, the owner caught the pig out, and the pig struggled desperately and shouted.

Sheep looks disgusted: "can you keep your voice down? I often get caught, too!"

the cow agreed, "even if I was caught, I wasn't as noisy as you!"

at this time, the pig shouted even louder: "catch you just want your hair or milk, catch me is to kill me!"

it is difficult for pigs, sheep and cows to understand each other because of their different races and situations.

the same is true between people.

as Lu Xun said:

"Human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy."

most of the time, no one is right or wrong, just a different position;

there are many answers, there is no standard, it's just a different angle.

so we always say that we should compare our hearts with each other.

you deserve to have what you give. Respect for others and respect for yourself.

I quite agree with a paragraph:

position can increase people's power, but not authority;

position can increase people's strength, but not ability;

position can increase people's money, but not quality.

money and status have never been the value and meaning of life.Righteousness.

No matter how high a person's position is, he is only a dignitary in front of others, and the burden that the position brings to himself will have to bear on his own.

Life is like a mirror, life is like a sound, and our retribution is a reflection and an echo.