The rest of my life is expensive, quiet and undisputed.

The rest of my life is expensive, quiet and undisputed.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

with the increase of age, the state of mind becomes more and more calm and quieter with the passage of time.

there is tea for the rest of my life, but we should have a "quiet but undisputed" attitude of tea, undisturbed, calm and common.


people with different values do not stay for the rest of their lives

. All kinds of people come and go, and there is no clear stipulation on what kind of people we must be with, but people with different values do not need to be invited into the rest of their lives.

you said the tea was delicious, but he said it had no taste of the drink; you said the cup was really exquisite, but he said it was all filled with water, and it was so expensive and boring.

in fact, tea is not good or bad, nor high or low, but in the mood of drinking tea and the time when I share it with you.

you will meet so many people in your life, only a few are special to you.

having a comfortable time with people who are not tired of getting along with each other is the life you want most for the rest of your life.


regret too late, do not miss

fate for the rest of my life, some people are destined to meet, and some people are destined to miss.

fate is not an immutable line, it may be light and easy to break, or it may be easy to die with the wind.

the person who has walked with you for a while is also in love.

cherish each other when you know each other, and bless each other when you are strangers.

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you always have to drink a lot of tea before you can tell what you like.

what kind of tea is attractive, but only a few cups will make you unforgettable.

there is no fate to understand the taste of this cup of tea, tea people can understand, for those who left, missed feelings, also need this understanding.

if you keep thinking about it, you may not necessarily have a response, but it may also affect your current life.

it also reminds us not to leave the best in the future, and not to wait until there is nothing to say.


things that cannot be changed are always appropriate for the rest of my life

. After drinking this mouthful, the taste of the soup has been decided, but the taste of the heart has not been decided.

whether it is light or strong depends on the taste of the drinker.

unpleasant things will inevitably happen, sadness is also a day, happiness is also a day.

there are variables in everything, and the only thing you can do is to change your attitude towards things.

casually is a kind of giving up, but going with fate is a kind of treasure.

it is because I have strived for it that I have the courage to say "follow fate"; it is precisely because I love too much that I have the open mind of "follow fate".

for the rest of my life, I feel at ease and live a small life at ease.


the rest of life is precious, quiet but not struggle for the first half of life, when prosperity fades, passion fades, the rest of life just wants to be quiet.

when you get to a certain age, it's not that you don't have a temper, but you disdain to get angry again.

give yourself back the rest of your life and be happy.

do not strive for fragrance, bring their own fragrance, there is good tea to drink, can drink good tea, is a precious Qingfu.

for the rest of my life, I just want to be myself quietly, not afraid of time, not afraid of wind and frost.