The rest of my life is too expensive to be abandoned.

The rest of my life is too expensive to be abandoned.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is like a wordless song, flowing quietly along the pulse of life quietly in the long river of time, those who are happy or sad once, moist and deep through one ring after another,

as the flowers bloom and fall, leaving a song after song or sad or beautiful melody for the rest of life, waiting for the future to pluck up, are the best memories.

as someone said: life is an all-inclusive song, every day is full of joys and sorrows, and the constantly flowing melody is the ups and downs of fate.

if you want to write a beautiful ballad, learn to put aside what you should forget and remember what you should remember.

Yes! We walk in the world every day, and we meet all kinds of people. There are sorrows and joys along the way.

only learn to be kind to yourself, treat life well, choose moderately, do not cling to it, add icing on the cake, and remain splendid without it. In this way, you will have the best harvest.

because there are many unpredictable variables on the road of life, only by going through the baptism of the years, constantly feeling, accumulating and surpassing, can we develop enough skills to resist the cold outside and make the rest of our lives leisurely.

as the saying goes: it is better to live a real life than to be popular and walk the lantern; it is better to ask for power and position, gold and silver than to be in a good mood.

only by treating all the complicated and trivial things as light as smoke, can we stay away from the inner hustle and bustle and live a wonderful life.

just because there are fewer and fewer remaining days, life cannot be repeated, and every day of life is very important to us.

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so there's no need to spend good time with people who ignore you, and there's no need to tire yourself out with too much baggage.

to know how to be alive, it is better to be happy than frown. Because more pain and less joy is the necessity of life, to be able to be bitter and happy is the calmness of life, and to turn bitterness into pleasure is the transcendence of the wise.

leaning on the floor to listen to the wind and rain and watching the road of life lightly is the best way to be happy!

when we came into the world, the time is really short, and the years contain innumerable beauty that we need to calm down and taste slowly.

it can be said that there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. It is really good if you can find out the happiness in the complexity and triviality of the four seasons and not neglect the beauty in front of you.

in fact, life is so simple, life is very short, there is no need to let oneself live exhausted.

everyone has their own difficulties in living. Only learn to be open and bearish, learn the lessons of each defeat, cheer up and dare to challenge, then the road ahead, no matter it is rough or smooth, there will always be an auspicious cloud for you!

because wealth and splendor are external things, peace and health is fundamental.

A lot of things, endure a moment of calm, take a step back, there is no need to be serious everywhere, when all the desire to stop into a smile, when all the past can talk and laugh freely, then experience, isn't it not beautiful all the way to growth.

Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. No one is always going well with the wind, and no one will always encounter ups and downs.

as long as you learn to keep your heart calm and magnanimous, know how to be patient, and face everything with a smile, then the future will be full of flowers, and the road for the rest of your life will be more and more spacious.