The sooner you recognize the top 10 delusions in life, the better.

The sooner you recognize the top 10 delusions in life, the better.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

May Day sings in the song:

in life, we are always easily carried forward by delusions large and small.

think that holding hands is forever, thinking that one's heart can be exchanged for one's heart, and that there will be plenty of time in the future.

in fact, there are not so many "I think" in real life.

behind those seemingly beautiful delusions, there are often many heart-piercing truths of life.


I think that meeting is a lifetime

every time I hear this line in Farewell my Concubine, I think of my lost friends.

when you are young, it is always easy to believe in eternity, thinking that you will be able to know each other for the rest of your life as soon as you get to know each other.

but we all underestimate the length of life and the cruelty of time.

No matter how good friends are, they will be cut off if they don't get in touch, and if they see less, they will fade away.

the relationship that you think is unbreakable is as thin as a cicada in the face of time.

everyone can only accompany us for a while, and we are all passers-by of others.

when we come to the intersection of life, one goes west and the other goes east.

No matter how reluctant I am to give up, I still have to wave goodbye.

how many nights I look back on the past alone, turn on my cell phone and want to talk to my old friends again.

in the end, even a greeting is afraid of interrupting.


think that life will take a long time

to see a question on the Internet: "which moment do you feel saddest this year?"

the answer is tearful: "Grandma is still so strong, but my mother said it was gone."

We always think that there are many next times in life.

but the world always breaks our delusions in an extremely cruel way.

there is a kind of sadness that the family has left before they can fulfill their filial piety.

I have a pity that I said goodbye, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Life is always more and more yesterday and less and less tomorrow.

what you think is a long time to come, the world is impermanent, the future will be indefinite, and it is full of regrets.

A plane that disappears suddenly, an earthquake that occurs suddenly, an illness without warning.

No one knows when the accident will come, but some people will never come back once they have lost it.


it is written in

03  that if you fall in love, you can stay together


think that if you fall in love, you can stay with each other. "

the feelings of youth are always earth-shaking, thinking that the end of love is the end of the sea.

once you lose each other, you feel that life is hopeless.

hold on to memories and break your heart in a long night.

after several times of pain, I just realized that love but not love is in fact the normal state of life.

No one will never leave, and no one can't live without each other.

looking back for ten or eight years, no matter how vigorous love and hate are, they will eventually fall silent.

those hopeless pain and unwillingness have been soothed by time.

as the saying goes:

you can turn white if you hold hands in a novel, but in reality, no matter how much you love, you may miss it.

when love is a thing of the past, if you leave your obsession, don't you let yourself go?


think that there will be empathy in the world

people always want to be read and seen through, but no one in this world can really know another person.

sometimes your rough sea is just a small storm in the eyes of others.

if you cry so much, the other person will only feel hypocritical.

you are too painful to help yourself, and others will only use it as a topic of conversation.

We always find that there is no one behind us until the hardest time.

only you can understand your own suffering, and you can only carry it on your own.

always pin your hopes on others, no matter how loud the cry is in vain.

in this world, empathy is an illusion, isolation is the truth.

the grievances are so great that no one can talk to them, and they can only be digested by themselves.

No matter how many difficulties there are, without help, you will have to fight alone in the end.


thought he was different

when "I am Yu Huanshui" was popular, a drama review wrote:

when I was a student, I always thought I was smarter than others; when I grew up, I felt more thorough than ordinary people.

always think that they are different, but it is actually a beautiful and cruel misunderstanding.

in front of life, I am no different from you, you and him.

We are all just ordinary ones among the general public.

I drive an ordinary car, live in a mistress, and wear a basic model.

doing a neither good nor bad job, with a neither high nor low salary.

worry about children and tickets, running around everyone and small homes.

in the rivers and lakes of life, the great heroes are in the minority, and we are all small potatoes.


think that sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity

there is a highly praised saying on the Internet:

A great illusion of life is to think that one can gain sincerity.

We are used to thinking too well of people and using emotions too seriously.

it was not until I stumbled too much that I suddenly understood the saying, "if you don't go through a difficulty, you don't know a person."

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your wholehearted trust may be betrayed;

your enthusiastic help is nothing but a fool and a bully in the eyes of the other person.

the direction of the heart is unpredictable, and you have no reservations.The other person may have a plan.

not love can be exchanged for righteousness, and not all efforts have an echo.

if you just give your heart foolishly, you often hurt yourself.


I think we are very important

have read this passage:

"when we are 20 years old, we worry about what other people think of us; when we are

60 years old, we find that other people don't think of us at all."

one of the biggest delusions in life is that you always think you are important.

I think I can't work without myself. I think everyone is paying attention to themselves, and I think they must be very sad when they are gone.

in fact, deep affection is often an illusion, and a response is often illusory.

not so many people take you to heart, and others live well without you.

apart from family and a very small number of friends, we don't have a large audience.

always take yourself too seriously, and you will inevitably be disappointed.

learn to put yourself in the right position in order to reduce injury and sadness.


think that the more friends, the better

many people have had this experience:

when they first entered society, they always had the idea of "multiple friends are easy to go".

add Wechat to everyone, never shirk the meal, and want to join any circle.

only to find out that the so-called contacts are just useless decorations.

multiple friends, not necessarily multiple roads, but a lot of trouble and calculation.

if you only focus on dealing with wine and meat acquaintances, you will miss out on those who really treat you.

on the way of life, some people advise you to drink, while others prefer to drink tea with you.

it's not as many friends as possible, sometimes just a couple of friends.