The soul of an ordinary mother at the end of 2021 brushed the screen, watched it and lived with a smile.

The soul of an ordinary mother at the end of 2021 brushed the screen, watched it and lived with a smile.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

after having a baby, life flies by.

as soon as you close your eyes and open them, another year will pass.

2021 this year, all kinds of major events have been happening, causing middle-aged parents to jump up and down: a third child, a double reduction, and a layoff.

and I, an ordinary old mother, think that's it.

365 days a year, I only worry for seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I can still recycle the flag,2022 set at the beginning of the year, and I have successfully achieved four achievements.

Today, I'm going to give myself an award.

if you old mothers think it is also suitable for you, you might as well accept the award together.


the exclusive spokesman for "perennial lack of money"

since I raised my son, my financial level has changed from a free economy before raising a child to a planned economy after raising a child, and sometimes it has even become a magic economy.

ranked first in broken banknotes, of course!

eat, drink, go to school and play, which project of raising a son doesn't need money?

I only make money when I go to work, and my son is like a cash shredder at full power, spending money when he is awake and asleep.

A year ago, I made a grand wish: Xinnu is willing to spend her whole life with meat and meat, only to achieve her savings goal of XXXXX yuan-

I would like to get a large sum of money, and my white heads will never leave each other!

I reviewed at the end of the year, not only did not save money, but also owed 13768 yuan!

the world is rolling in the world, but once I have a child, all four are empty--

empty savings card, empty credit card, empty payment treasure, empty WeChat.

at the end of each year, trembling to open the year-end bill sent by a payment software, I always ask myself: can I spend less next year?

after getting through the big-name milk powder and imported diapers in the first two years of raising my son, I thought I could spend less in the future. I didn't expect that I was too naive-the follow-up training courses made this poor family even worse.

it's not easy to wait for "double reduction". I thought I could spend less in the future, but I didn't expect to spend less with my children everywhere.

now, I am awake: every year of raising a son, it is impossible to save money!

No matter how the environment changes, the fact of spending money will not change.

the boy's mother has a big heart, and both early and late flowers are flowers.

the attitude of spending money should be low, buy early or late.

it's really tense at home, so ask the father to save more.

after all, their greatest contribution to the family is to spend less.


at the beginning of this year, I swore to my best friend, "if I go to bed after 12:00 this year, my son will follow you."

my best friend shouted twice and wrote "I don't believe you" all over her face.

sure enough, in 2021, I went further and further on the road of staying up late.

during the day, I was either instructed by my boss or my son;

was either lectured by the leader or talked to by the teacher;

was either intriguing with my colleagues or secretly competing with my teammates.


and at night, I not only have the freedom, but also enjoy the pleasure of "flipping the brand".

is watching earthy videos and funny variety shows, using Ha to cure the unhappiness of the day?

or do you want to plant a prairie for yourself in the primary VJ's studio?

or choose a few pieces of soul chicken soup and take it with the cake drawn by the boss during the day?

forget it, it is said that chicken soup with cake, heartburn, let's catch up with the show!

then you have to go with a takeout, too. let's see what to eat first.

nightlife begins like this. I spin, jump, but don't close my eyes.

A small mobile phone is the source of my happiness!

Don't you want to sleep? Laugh to death, dare not sleep ah!

while brushing my phone, I look at the clock and figure out how many more hours I can sleep.

tell yourself that you have to sleep. If you don't sleep, you can't get up tomorrow.

but I don't want to go to sleep, because I wake up on another busy day, turning around without touching the ground.

forget it, let the dark circles on my face become semi-permanent.

the rim of the eye is valuable, and the price of the skin is higher. If you stay up late, you can throw both.


"mouth weight loss" speaker

looking back on this year's weight loss plan, I have achieved two achievements.

first, the weight loss is getting fatter and fatter, and the record of weight loss is a new high.

I had planned to lose 5kg, but as a result, I gained another 2kg, which means that I lost-2kg.

deeply understood what the math teacher said that negative numbers are not rational numbers.

how can it be reasonable to work hard for a year and gain weight instead of losing it?

the second achievement is the time from setting down weight loss flag to breaking the precepts, setting a new record!

moments post "Don't lose weight, don't change avatars" in the morning, brush to other people's delicious food at noon, the corners of the mouth unconsciously shed bitter saliva, the hands do not listen to order takeout.

I just made a big wish with my coach to come to him for exercise three times a week. I began to write a manuscript that night, thinking about how to find an excuse to ask for leave from work with the coach tomorrow.

there are dumbbells, ropes and yoga mats bought on the spur of the moment in the corner. A year later, the plastic film has not been opened yet.

I'd like to ask if I canReturn, the reason is that "the buyer's weight loss flag has fallen down again"!

I feel that the weight loss career of the old mother is very much in line with the popular concept of "yuan"-losing weight in the virtual world.

for example, I have saved a diet meal, which is about equal to that I have already eaten a diet meal.

Wanna try online shopping? We have glittering collection of group gowns for party usa online of tasteful nature. This selection are thoughtfully designed exclusively for you.

I took a picture of myself in running shoes, which is about equal to the fact that I have finished running today.

other people lose weight and move their legs, I move my mouth;

other people lose weight less and eat less, I lose weight more often;

No wonder other people can lose weight successfully, and I can only lose weight.

in fact, losing weight is an activity that requires a lot of willpower.

and our old mother is a poor family with willpower.

because just coaxing to sleep will exhaust the efforts of the old mother.

No matter how noisy the children are at night, you have to put aside and gnash your teeth and give them a maternal smile: "come on, baby, let's go to bed!" Say good night to Altman! "

Degas Altman, good night; Ob Altman, good night; Tyro Altman, good night.

with strong willpower, I said good night to the six, six and thirty-six Altmans, and asked the children seven, seven, four, nine why.

scratched for him 9981 times, finally, the child fell asleep.

this long March-like sleep process, ordinary people can't last 10 minutes, but we have to go through an hour or two every night.

you say, how can you get up and run and jump rope after such a high energy-consuming activity?