The three-child policy set off a hot search, but we all ignored the core person.

The three-child policy set off a hot search, but we all ignored the core person.

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the day before "June 1" International Children's Day, the three-child policy suddenly went viral.

all kinds of jokes on the Internet are ironic.

some people are worried about their old age, bringing nine grandchildren before the age of 65.

some people have given a new interpretation to "people's poor livelihood": "it means that modern people are not willing to have children because of excessive stress in life. I don't even want to talk. "

that's funny and sad.

even some people have perfectly combined the epidemic situation in Guangdong with the three-child policy.

these humorous jokes are not very sad after watching them.

in fact, this is another way for people to express their thoughts on the open three-child policy.

at this stage, the third child is a distant dream for most people.

the policy of having three children is very good, because it does not force you. If you do not want to have a child, you do not have to have it. If you want to have one, you can have three now. Everyone is happy. It is a good policy.

but it covers a very limited number of people.

some media specially made a report entitled "here comes the three-child policy. Are you ready?" Online voting.

only 8% of families are considering having a third child immediately.

this result is obviously not very satisfactory.

since the full opening of the two-child policy in 2016, we have shown a more and more encouraging attitude towards "giving birth".

however, the fertility rate is declining year after year.

what is the root cause of this problem?

Let's put it this way: I don't buy Rolls-Royce because of the restrictions? No, I can't afford it.

the reason why people don't have children is the same as the reason why they don't buy Rolls-Royce.

it's not that I don't want to, but I don't dare, I don't want to, I can't.

and in these "three noes", the voice of women accounts for the vast majority.

if you ask me, whether our three-child policy can be well implemented and whether our fertility rate can be raised, the crux of all these problems lies with women.

yesterday Xinhua News Agency announced "Why is the three-child policy implemented?" We can take a good look at the reasons. In fact, there are only two main reasons:

1, the scale of women giving birth is reduced, and the age of marriage and childbearing is postponed.

that means fewer women are willing to get married and have children.

Let's take a look at big data. Most of our divorces are first proposed by women, so the current situation of marriage and childbearing is obviously not satisfactory to women.

if the current situation is not satisfied, the number of women who are willing to get married and have children will of course decrease.

the National Health Commission, which has a low desire to have children, listed three reasons: heavy economic burden, unattended infants and young children, and women's difficulty in balancing the relationship between family and work.

specifically, those who do not want to have children because of "heavy financial burden" account for 75.1%, because "no one takes care of children" account for 51.3%, because the wages of female workers after giving birth are reduced by 34.3%, of which 42.9% are reduced by more than half.

Let's take a look at these three dilemmas and pressures. which one is not on women?

Women are needed to earn money to support their families and to take care of their children. it is women who cannot balance family and work.

the specific desire to bear is low, which is that the desire of women is low, and the desire of women is lower than that of men.

in the process of giving birth, it is the woman who puts her heart and soul into it. She has to put her body, career and career plans into it. It is a black hole, and you don't know what will happen after you throw yourself into it.

if they still have to face: heavy financial burden, no one to take care of their children, not being able to get a good education, ruining their careers, deteriorating health, getting out of shape, husband cheating on domestic violence, parents-in-law making things difficult.

so who would want to have a baby?

so the crux of the third child is actually the crux of the current situation of women's marriage and childbearing.

if women can be willing to have children and have children boldly, then our three-child policy can be well implemented and the fertility rate will be greatly increased.


the topic of the third child is still under heated discussion, and another picture immediately went viral.

A girl went to apply for a job.

in order to prove that he has no intention of giving birth, he showed his sterilization operation sheet with a bang.

it was originally thought that this would completely eliminate employers' worries about the birth of women in the workplace.

and the boss seems to be more satisfied with this.

however, people in the human resources department are worried that a person who is infertile may have an extreme personality and eventually eliminate her.

after reading this case, I can't help but feel a deep sadness from the bottom of my heart:

the workplace is really cruel to women.

as long as you are a woman, you are bound to be questioned and discriminated against:

if you are unmarried, you are worried that you will get married and have children, which will affect your job;

if you are married and have given birth, you are afraid that you will have a second child.

now, even the mother of the second child will be asked: you are not going to have a third child, are you?

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it took us decades to win a situation where women hold up half the sky and men and women get equal pay for equal work.

however, it only takes a few minutes for this situation to be broken.

this is not an isolated case.

some time ago, a district in Changsha was recruiting teachers.

hundreds of women fought in high scores, but one boy was easily shortlisted with a score of 4.

this is the highest state of "lying down and winning by strength".

it can also be seen everywhere on the Internet that many enterprises do not welcome women to work.

it is clearly stipulated that boys should be recruited.

there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. You have introduced so many policies, as a business boss, I don't have to recruit women. It's a lot easier.

in this high-pressure environment, employers will become more cautious about the hiring of women.

therefore, in order to keep their position in the workplace, women have to pay more energy and price in order to stay where they are.

after giving birth, I was afraid of being transferred to the post, so I had to go to the post in advance.

not feeling well?

keep your job first.

two hours after giving birth to the baby, the docking work and a day of maternity leave is really not very sad.

from their point of view, there seems to be nothing wrong with enterprises to make profits and units to operate normally.

but are women wrong?

they go to school, clench their teeth and insist on competing with boys, but in the end they don't get the same treatment as men in the workplace.

in the long run, will parents still attach importance to their daughter's education?

if there are really three children in a family, at this time, one of them must make a sacrifice and go home to take care of the child.

Mom doesn't have an advantage in the workplace, so who do you think should be sacrificed?

the answer is obvious.

under such difficult circumstances, will there still be a desire for women in the workplace to have a third child?

it has been suggested that women's maternity leave should be extended to three years.

there is no denying that the idea is good.

but the reality is that if you give birth to a child with three years of maternity leave, you will not be able to work for nine years.

this will only force women to leave the workplace and return to their families.


this is the current situation of women in the workplace. Let's talk about the current situation of women who return to their families.

when a woman takes off her weapons that can be killed and chooses to return to her family, her fate is in the hands of others.

even if you give 100% of your effort and think you have burned all your enthusiasm, but your husband and your family do not agree, your job is in vain.

how many women, because of their husbands' indifference and neglect, lead to emotional breakdown and finally commit suicide.

37-year-old returnee doctor jumped off a building with her 5-month-old child in her arms;

31-year-old mother jumped off a building with her two young children in her arms a week before her birthday;

32-year-old mother of her second child died of sudden cardiac arrest during the month. In her suicide note, she found that her husband's indifference and neglect had become her most common cause.

these heartbreaking events reveal the current situation of many housewives: they are looked down upon and looked down upon, and they do not get the corresponding respect in the family.

A few days ago, Hunan women sued for divorce four times in five years, which went viral.

Ning and her husband are often beaten by their husband during the continuation of their marriage.

when she couldn't stand it, she could only sue for divorce.

but 4 times were rejected on the grounds that "the relationship between husband and wife could not be proved to be broken".

she suffered five years of domestic violence and endured her husband's unscrupulous bad habits for five years, and finally got divorced for the last time.

being abused and abused, divorce is so difficult when the evidence is solid.

what about after giving birth to a second or even third child?

will so many women leave bravely?

I have to say that the cost of divorce has become higher, this society needs women to have more children, need them not to divorce, but more often it is women who can only break teeth and swallow blood.

some time ago, the articles that spread widely on the Internet were:

"woman is the feng shui of a family", "A good woman makes a good family style", "a mother makes a pattern of a family", "A good woman takes care of both career and family".

blows the bounden duty of a woman as a mother to the extreme.

however, the drawback of this is that it makes the public more demanding and demanding of women of this era.

when you go to work, people will scold you for not taking care of children; if you are a housewife at home, they will scold you that being a housewife is worthless, and you really don't know how to satisfy them.

the women who are needed by this society can not only earn money standing up, but also take care of their children standing up. They want husbands to raise children, families to be happy, financially independent, beautiful and smart. It is not right to take care of children in order to work, and it is not right to raise children without work.

but such a woman is a god, not a man!

when we are more demanding on women, when we treat women more harshly, it will only push them to the edge, less and less want to have children, less and less want to get married.

they don't even want to get married, let alone three children.

they can't even control themselves, let alone three children?

they don't even want to have one child, let alone three?


when the three-child policy came out, someone posted a joke in the group asking if you want to have a third child in this case. Many female netizens in the

group said that if this is the case, they really want to have a third child.

you see, this is the voice of our hearts.

if men are forced to have the same maternity leave as women, women will not be treated unfairly;

if notWith extra long overtime, we will have more time to spend with our children.

if there is no sky-high price of school district housing, children can complete their studies on a normal track;

if there is no marital anxiety, more women will be willing to get married.

at this time, we don't need policy publicity, and we all want to have more children.

I know it is good to introduce the three-child policy, and our country has also introduced a lot of supporting measures to protect women's rights and interests, but because of the current limited conditions, we still have a long way to go.

only by letting more women give up their worries about giving birth, so that they do not have to worry about it, and really want to give birth and dare to give birth, can we usher in the rapid improvement of birth.

after all, when we come to this world, apart from being other people's wives and mothers, we also hope to have a corner where we can have our own names and bloom our own full flowers.