The three key points of educating children: accompany attentively, set a good example, and be responsible.

The three key points of educating children: accompany attentively, set a good example, and be responsible.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the child is a blank piece of paper. From the moment he was born, his parents were his first teachers.

educating children is a grand and long exam, and the final life of children depends on what kind of answer their parents hand in.



parents often say that it is too difficult to raise children nowadays.

if you buy a few better tutoring books, you will lose hundreds, and if you sign up for a few better cram schools, you will lose thousands.

"when you are busy making money to support your family, how can you spend time with your children?"

but if you don't spend time with your children, they won't do it even if you buy a good workbook, and they won't learn even if you sign up for a good cram school.

without discipline, education is equal to zero.

and companionship is the education that children need most.

Harvard high achiever Zhan Qingyun, the champion of Qifa Shuo last year, didn't get good grades when he was a child.

in order to encourage her, her mother said every year that she would counterattack next year, even though she had been in vain.

Dad is very open-minded, showing her all kinds of books, taking her on business trips and seeing the world.

in the company of his parents, Zhan Qingyun thrives like a seedling in the sun. Not only does he learn better and better, but the whole person becomes more and more confident and excellent.

good children are managed, and excellent children are accompanied.

parents' education has a "validity period". Once you don't cherish it and miss it, it will delay the growth of your child.

some parents stay with them, but they don't do their own things, they just play mobile phones, watch TV, play mahjong, and just "accompany" their children.

Children with thick lines may find mobile phones so interesting that even their parents are reluctant to put them down, so they are also addicted to mobile phones.

sensitive children are aware of their parents' neglect, think that they are not important, and are getting farther and farther away from their parents.

this kind of companionship can not give children sense of security and happiness without guidance and education.

companionship does not have to be around all the time, as long as you put your heart into it, it is high-quality companionship.

there was a teacher who went out early and came back late every day, unable to educate his children himself, so he came up with an idea.

he asked his son to write down what he wanted to say and the questions he wanted to ask on the coffee table and wait for him to answer and reply one by one when he got home.

although the father can't always accompany his son, he participates in the happiness, worry, doubt and confusion of his son's study life.

the father and son talk to each other in a short period of time, and education takes place over and over again.

when the role of "parents" is still valid, be sure to give them the most attentive companionship.


set an example

some people say that if the family is photocopy paper and the child is photocopy, then the parents are the original.

the finished product of the copy depends on the quality of the original.

Children are born imitators who unconsciously imitate their parents' words and deeds, and even their parents' small movements and mantras are very similar.

this kind of imperceptible influence, which we may not be aware of, will change the appearance of a child's life.

parents set a good example and take the lead in setting an example is the best habit education for their children.

Zeng Guofan was a famous minister in the Qing Dynasty, but even if he was busy with official business, he would take the time to educate his children.

not only ask the child's reading and learning situation from time to time, but also personally formulate a strict study plan and urge the child to implement it.

Children are not only required to know etiquette, but also to be "diligent, filial, frugal, benevolent, persistent and modest".

from eating and walking to governing the country and pacifying the world, everything is strictly required, and children are not allowed to slack off.

it is precisely because of Zeng Guofan's strict discipline and setting an example that the Zeng family has trained many outstanding achievements.

to cultivate children's habits, you can't guide them from above, you must demonstrate them in person.

parents can't do 100% well, so how can they ask their children to do it perfectly?

the closer you are to your child, the more willing your child will be to get close to you and learn from you;

the more appropriate your attitude towards your child, the more willing your child will be to respect you and trust your education.

writer Leo Tolstoy said:

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A child who loves learning must have a rigorous and patient mother and a responsible and motivated father.

A child who loves the collective must have a harmonious family relationship. Parents love each other and love their children, giving him meticulous care and silent trust and support.

We don't know how far children can go in the future, but the educational pattern of parents determines the height of children's future.

parents are models of their children's eternal life. What kind of person do you want your child to be? you first show him what kind of person you want to be.


in charge

an education expert made a very mean remark:

We may have handed over the child to the older generation and watched the child be spoiled by the elderly.

We may have handed the child over to the school, and when something goes wrong, the child will say, this is the responsibility of your school and the teacher.

there are some parents who really don't do their duty as good parents.

countless parents want to send their children to the best schools, receive the best education, and try their best to create the best educational environment for their children, but they often ignore that parents are the best teachers for their children.

Education is a long process of practice, and every parent has to take responsibility for their children.

there is a celebrityNever smoke, not because he thinks smoking is bad, but because he worships his "smoker" father.

when he was very young, his father smoked every day and smoked at least three packs a day, which filled the house with smoke.

he couldn't stand it any more, so he said to his father, "Dad, does the cigarette taste that good? What's it like to smoke? "

"do you like cookies? To dad, it's like a cookie. "

"Dad, I don't like your cookies. Can you stop smoking?"

the father paused, thought for a moment and then asked his son:

the son nodded desperately.

since then, the father has never smoked again and the son has kept his promise.

parents' words and deeds have a direct impact on their children, and every decision of parents may change their children's lives.

No one can fully shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that their children grow up. If teachers are responsible for teaching and educating people, then parents should be responsible for their children's life.

it's hard to have a baby, and what's even more difficult is not knowing how to raise a child correctly, how to make a child look good and make him feel comfortable.

German philosopher Karl Jasper said:

for the sake of our children, let all parents grow up and become stronger.

for the happy growth of our children, let's be qualified and responsible parents together.