The three most advanced ways to deal with accidents

The three most advanced ways to deal with accidents

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I have seen such a question on the Internet: "what kind of way of doing things can best reflect a person's level?"

A high praise replied, "keep calm, keep your mouth shut, and keep your heart steady."

A few words reveal the true meaning of life.

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter all kinds of unhappiness.

the first reaction to an accident determines the level of a person.


keep calm

I have read such a story on Zhihu.

there was a young man who worked diligently in a company for three years after graduation. because he was willing to bear hardships and was motivated, his performance was outstanding every month, and the leader praised him many times.

it's just that due to the low turnover rate of the company, we haven't been waiting for the right promotion opportunity.

on one occasion, the original department manager resigned and there was a vacancy all of a sudden. Other colleagues thought that the young man was a well-deserved candidate.

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the young man was also secretly happy, thinking that he was the only one for the position of department manager.

unexpectedly, a new colleague came at this time.

listen to the comments of other colleagues in private, it is said that the new colleague is a relative of the leader and is likely to be parachuted to become a department manager.

the young man became more and more angry when he thought about it. He couldn't help it. He rushed into the office and asked the leader to resign.

it turns out that the new colleague is indeed a relative of the leader, but he joined the job as an intern.

the leader is also proposing to the top of the company to let the young man serve as the department manager.

as a result, because the young man couldn't keep his cool, he ended up embarrassing each other.

I have heard a saying: "if you can't keep your breath down, a word from others can stir up a huge wave in your heart."

think about it, it is true.

when something happens, it will not solve the problem, but will make things worse.

people who are really good can always face all the problems in life without surprise or disgrace.

as the saying goes, "those who are restless accomplish nothing; those who are calm and calm gather themselves."


shut up

in life, there are always people who don't understand you, and there are always people who deliberately belittle you.

it's an instinct to want to argue with others, and it's an ability to keep your mouth shut.

such a story has been shared by the media author @ Wenyi.

he has a friend, an editor of a large account in his own media. once he went home for the Spring Festival, and a relative at home asked him how much money he could earn in a month.

friends told the truth, who knew that after relatives had heard this, they said mockingly:

after he had finished, he shook his head and lamented that it was really useless to read so many books.

A friend said that at the beginning of the year, a self-media account he liked very much was hired. He enthusiastically submitted his resume and was finally successfully hired.

although the starting salary of this job is not high, and he often needs to work overtime, he feels that he is quite full and happy to work with a group of like-minded colleagues every day.

after listening to the words of my relatives, I really couldn't help but want to defend myself. Finally, I thought about it and gave up.

A writer once said:

"if someone makes a sarcastic mockery of you, you immediately respond bitterly to him; when someone looks down on you for no reason, you immediately despise him with contempt;

someone shows off in front of you, and you immediately double prove that you are better.

look, the people you hate can easily turn you into the person you hate the most.

this is the greatest harm others can do to you. "

indeed, arguing with people at different levels will only make you more unhappy in the end.

the best way to accomplish things is to deal with things coldly.

you know, some people are not worth explaining, and some things are not worth arguing about.

to be able to shut up in case of trouble is not to admit cowardice or cowardice, but to be a person's top wisdom.


feel at ease

in the recent hit drama "Xiao Shude", Nanli played by Song Jia is simply a winner in life, which is enviable.

she is intelligent and capable, with a near-perfect husband and two lovely children.

in the workplace, she is a strong woman; in life, she is a gentle and considerate good wife and good mother.

it's just that life doesn't go well, it always happens at the smoothest time.

when he did his job conscientiously, he was suddenly demoted, cut his salary, and lost his position as marketing director.

in order to send their children to a good school, the couple finally bought a school district house.

having just moved his hukou, he was told that in the future, children would only look at their school status, not their household registration.

the blow that followed made Nanli accumulate a belly of grievances, and the whole person became very impatient.

on her birthday, the family happily prepared a birthday dinner for her.

did not expect a text message, instantly let her crazy, Huanhuan math test only 79 points, Nanli immediately furious, in front of the whole family, talking about Huanhuan.

Dad and husband came out to the round. don't complain about Huanhuan because of a mistake in the exam. As a result, Nan Li attacked them all.

A good birthday party just broke up in discord.

later, Nanli went to the tutoring class with Huanhuan and the super super. The super super at a young age couldn't sit still and wanted to go out to play.

Nanli spoke directly.He threatened that if he walked out this door, he would never want him again, and yelled at the super super: "Mom doesn't like stupid kids!"

the pressure of work and life has made Nanli, who was mature and rational in the past, the one she hates most.

maybe everyone has had such an experience, and the troubles in life come like a flood, which makes it difficult for you to resist for a while.

at this time, it is hard to avoid being at a loss and upset.

it's just that the more frustrated you are, the more you want to stabilize your heart.

there is a good saying: "the best way to deal with the world is not to be confused when things happen."

when you can face everything calmly, you will find that there are few problems in life that can't be solved.

those who think they can't get through will eventually become a small step.

Life is a spiritual practice. You can have the last laugh only if you don't get angry, fight or mess.