The three people closest to you determine the direction of your life.

The three people closest to you determine the direction of your life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying: "everyone you meet in this life is no accident."

because every time we meet, it has a different meaning.

those who can stay with you can lead you in different directions.

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No matter how it ends, we should treat them with gratitude.


the parents who gave birth to you and raised you

Sanmao said: "our parents are stars. When we go home, they will always be there."

parents' contribution to us is selfless.

parents play a very important role in everyone's life.

their words and behaviors will deeply affect us.

Darwin was the founder of evolution.

he liked to collect all kinds of insects and plants when he was very young.

then do some simple experiments at home.

when the mother saw it, she didn't blame him for it, but often asked him some questions to learn about her son's interests.

after Darwin went to school, he often did all kinds of small experiments in class.

these behaviors have aroused the dissatisfaction of the teacher.

when the headmaster found out, he warned Darwin that if he played with these things again, he would kick him out of school.

Darwin told his father about it when he got home.

instead of blaming him, his father built a small shed for him as his laboratory.

my father told him that if you want to do the experiment, do it here and have a good class in class.

with his father's encouragement, Darwin became more obsessed with his own research.

finally, he discovered the laws of biological evolution and wrote a masterpiece called the Theory of Evolution that influenced the whole of mankind.

Albohm said:

"without your parents, whatever you do seems to be fighting alone, without the backup that will always be there for you."

I think so.

parents are the strongest backing on our way of life.

with their support, we can move forward bravely on the road of life.

when we were young, our parents were our backers; when we grow up, we will be our parents' backers.

so remember their kindness, for we are here because of them.


A partner who helps each other

in the journey of life, friends will get off the bus and their parents will grow old.

what really accompanies us for the longest time is our partner.

as the saying goes, "the most important thing in one's life is not to be alone, but to have a handy partner."

our partner gives us not only help, but also companionship.

there is a singer who is very talented, but has never had a chance to develop.

in his most difficult times, his wife supported him as always.

he has no income, so his wife earns money to support her family.

later, he was appreciated by famous people in the circle and made a successful debut.

the new album was a hit and there was a concert.

earn a lot of money and have a lot of friends around me.

the singer is very generous to his friends. When he goes out to eat, drink and have fun, he pays for it.

there are also some malicious people who specially approach him and want to take advantage of him.

when the clever wife sensed it, she thought that if it went on like this, he would definitely be decadent.

but she knew that her persuasion was useless, so she thought of a way.

his wife pretended to leave him with her children and asked his brother, who lived in the basement with him, to persuade him.

the singer woke up when he saw his brother and recalled how hard the days were.

if it hadn't been for his wife, he would have given up.

so he got his wife back at once.

later, whenever he talked about his wife, the singer would say, "We have been together for almost 20 years. She is my greatest blessing. "

Buddha said, looking back a thousand times in the past life, it was only in exchange for a passing pass in this life.

how much effort it takes for two people to be partners.

A person's life is supposed to be a lonely journey, but with a partner, the journey becomes more meaningful.

when the French writer Gide described her partner, he said:

"she is my partner, and I can only talk to her. When I am lonely, I turn to her again and again because of our weakness, my desire for sympathy, my lack of self-confidence, and my trust in her advice in bewilderment."

Yes, that's how partners support each other.

but it is because of this support that we can go more steadily and further on the road of life.


A friend who shares weal and woe

Leo Tolstoy said: "it is a blessing to have a friend in the world."

you will socialize with many people on the way of life, but not all of them can be friends.

only those who can share weal and woe can be called true friends.

in the Han Dynasty, there was a scholar named Xun Jubo.