The three treasures of life: a kind face, a restrained mouth, and a kind heart

The three treasures of life: a kind face, a restrained mouth, and a kind heart

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like the saying: "give people roses, leave the fragrance of the hand".

in life, if you can bring comfort to others, then you can also reap joy.

there are three treasures in life: a kind face, a restrained mouth, and a kind heart.


A friendly face

an old saying goes: harmony makes money, and harmony is the most precious. Know how to treat others in a friendly way, often with good thoughts.

once, Song Jiang crossed the river by boat. As soon as he sat down, a man with a scar on his face pushed Song Jiang away and scolded, "you go away and give up your seat to me." Song Jiang gave up his seat to that man without saying a word.

the boat had just reached the center of the river when a wave came and the boat shook, which made the man in a bad mood even more irritable, so he slapped Song Jiang, who was sitting next to him.

when the ship docked, the brothers came to pick up Song Jiang. When they saw the blood in the corner of Song Jiang's mouth, they asked Song Jiang what had happened to him in order to avenge him, but Song Jiang said that he had recently eaten something that got angry.

when the scar man heard this, Song Jiang not only ignored him, but also defended him in this way, and immediately felt remorse, so he sincerely apologized to Song Jiang. Song Jiang said calmly, "it doesn't matter, everyone gets upset sometimes."

as the saying goes, "your facial features are printed with your three values."

A person's appearance can be divided into beauty and ugliness, and a person's face can also be divided into good and evil. A good heart is beautiful, and your facial features are your spokesman.

in life, those who are depressed tend to lose their temper and often have a cold face, which is tiresome.

people who are kind and magnanimous tend to have a heart as wide as the sea and warm words.

excellent people all know that good luck will come uninvited and life will get better and better if you are kind to others and things.


restrained mouth

when you interact with people, you must know what is not suitable for you to say and what you cannot say.

on one occasion, Zeng Guofan invited several aides to dinner, drank and chatted, and began to comment on today's heroes.

Zeng Guofan said: "Heroes like Peng Yulin and Li Hongzhang are heights that our generation cannot reach."

an aide said: "each has its own strengths and characteristics, and we cannot generalize. Peng Gong is powerful and Li Gong is smart."

Zeng Guofan casually asked, "what do you think of me?"

everyone bowed their heads and dared not answer. At this time, a new student came out and said, "Zeng Shuai is benevolent."

when everyone heard this, they all applauded. After the banquet was over, Zeng Guofan told his staff: "this man has great talent and should not be buried."

soon after, Zeng Guofan was promoted and took the descendant to take office with him.

some people say: "the implication and appropriateness of conversation is more valuable than eloquence."

speaking is a discipline. From the tone and way of speaking, we can see the attitude and self-cultivation, and even affect people's fate.

you can know the shortness of some people, but you can't say it; you can see some people's scars, but you can't uncover them.

Don't always use outspokenness as an excuse, talk nonsense without cover, don't always use quick talk as an excuse, and talk nonsense without taboo.

in this real world, everyone wants to hear the truth, but likes to listen to sweet words, because compliments are popular.

watch your mouth so as not to say something you shouldn't say and get into trouble you shouldn't have.

those excellent people are "popular" as soon as they open their mouth, rather than "irritating" with one mouth.


A good heart

as the saying goes, "A man is good, but good fortune is far away."

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it doesn't matter whether you are good-looking or not, nor does your status. The important thing is to have a kind heart, always do good deeds, do more good deeds, and be more likely to win the favor of others to achieve your own success.

in the early Northern Song Dynasty, Li Fang and Lu Dorson were brothers and were very good friends.

since Rudolson became prime minister, he began to suppress Li Fang intentionally or unintentionally, snitching to the emperor and wearing small shoes to Li Fang.

but later, Lu Dorson was dismissed for committing a crime, and Li Fang became prime minister. On the other hand, Li Fang still interceded with the emperor many times for Rudolson.

even if Li Fang occupies an important position, people often beg him to get an official and a part-time job, but Li Fang can always find a way to deal with it easily without offending anyone.

for those talented people, Li Fang always recommended to take the imperial examination. He believed that talented people would be valued by the emperor, so the other side left with confidence.

and for those who do not have talent, Li Fang is always enthusiastic, good food and good hospitality, for a long time, did not wait for the result, the other side also left embarrassed.

Li Fang was often kind to others and eventually became a wise minister, and his four sons and five grandchildren were also officials in the imperial court.

some people say, "A good heart is gold."

there are two seeds in everyone's heart, good and evil. More good, less evil; more evil, less good.

if you are always kind, meet everyone is noble, see who is warm, and feel at ease wherever you go.

in life, perhaps your kindness has made you suffer losses, been fooled, and been deceived, but a small act of kindness can give people warmth, and a small kindness will move a heart.

when you are born to be a human being, you must be kind, don't worry about it, don't calculate, give help to those who are in trouble, and give a hand to those who are disabled and weak.

Please believe that your good deeds today are tomorrow's blessings.