The trip to Tokyo has been farther away in the morning than ever before.

The trip to Tokyo has been farther away in the morning than ever before.

I have no tenderness, only a little bravery.

ended my freshman year with one thing: take a train to Yunnan.

when I took the last course in journalistic history, the second paper was handed in in order to go back to pack the luggage of the campus, home and out. I also took time to see a movie and dinner that night, and left early the next morning. Before that, I didn't tell anyone outside the family that I was going to do it, but I didn't think there was anything to tell.

from Dongguan to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Guiyang, Guiyang to Kunming, Kunming to Dali, back trip plus Lijiang to Dali, Guangzhou home section (including a small number of bullet trains), it took 36 hours to go home and stayed at the station in 6 cities. During the trip back, I slept in a hard sleeper and sat in a hard seat. I also tried to buy a standing ticket to sit on the ground in the middle of the car and try to fall asleep with a backpack against the door (it is wrong to lean against the door, don't learn).

instead of complaining about the hardships and twists and turns along the way, because it is something I love, it is nothing in my eyes, but I enjoy it. On the way back, I saw a message on Zhihu asking: what is the experience of taking a hard seat on a train for more than 20 hours in a row? It was interesting to see the answer. Everyone seemed to think that it was only more than 20 hours. Only after experiencing it did they know that they were already unable to sit still at the second or third clock, and the sixth clock was about to explode. In fact, it's not so hypocritical, it's boring, it's boring, it's

however, that doesn't seem to be the point I want to talk about. The key point is that when I reported to my family and friends in my moments that I had arrived somewhere and was safe, my friends were in all kinds of ways: some were familiar with each other and had a lot of interaction without asking questions at all; some directly scolded "how did you run to Dali by yourself" (it was agreed to go together but has been stood up countless times) Some are the ones I fear the most, saying "rich" coldly, and I'm not sure it's a sarcastic tone, while others sigh that they also want a walk-and-go trip. During the extremely boring 36 hours of the return trip, I thought about this problem seriously. According to my experience of being "stood up" for many years, there are two reasons why the so-called "walk-and-go trip" has not been realized so far: one is dangerous. Second, there is no money.

after Dongguan and before Kunming, in a teahouse in Guangzhou, he asked me, "didn't you think it might be dangerous?" I stretched out my hand and picked up a piece of cold beef and stuffed it into my mouth: "No." "does your mother know you're going?" "my whole family knows that." "they have no objection?" "No."

I thank my family, believe me and tolerate me. In fact, it was not so fearless at first, but after a long time, they knew that it was useless to stop me, and once I made up my mind to do it, I would not change it. Instead of stopping me, let me go out and stumble and realize if it's all worth it. I thank them.

the so-called danger is divided into two types. First, you feel dangerous, which is a bit troublesome. I advise you to sleep at home. People who have no adventurous spirit can only explore the new world in their dreams. Second, others think you are dangerous, which is a normal phenomenon. Close to parents, brothers and sisters, bosom friends, three aunts and six aunts, it's only natural to worry about you because they love you. So this is the most common phenomenon I have encountered since I was a child, especially during the period from primary school to high school, I invited friends to play countless times. at first, they were very looking forward to it, said yes, and talked like it was true. even have a plan. People like me, I believe people who care about talking to me casually. Even if they tell me that the moon is square, I will answer: yes, the moon is square. Usually, our beautiful imagination will break into glass immediately after our friends go home. They will tell me in a tone of extreme apology, innocence and helplessness: sorry, my parents said it was too dangerous for me to go. I really want to go.

the first two times I will seriously fight for, persuade and refute, and later, my reaction is "Oh". Then swear that you will never foolishly mention this idea to anyone next time (there will always be a next time for me).

actually what do they think is dangerous? It's dangerous to go far away, but it's safe at home? Really? are you sure you won't get hit by a car when you cross the street? Don't you happen to be hit by a vase upstairs? Don't you happen to choke when you eat tofu? Once a person has blood mildew, the danger is not something you can avoid, it lurks in all aspects of life. It's safe enough to stay in this city, but let's try to eat a roadside stall in the night market and get my cell phone stolen for a minute; it's safe enough to stay at school, but I've tried to meet a strange man on the playground; is it safe enough to stay in the dormitory? but, ah, danger will call you or knock on the door every minute. So, ah, there is no certain danger and safety, everywhere is dangerous, everywhere is safe.

on the contrary, Kunming Railway Station, which everyone thinks is very chaotic, is the one that gives me the highest degree of security among so many stations on the way. there are many passes, and the special police are guarded with guns and are in good order. Guangzhou Railway Station and Guiyang Railway Station are as chaotic as what. During the security check, I tried to get the wrong tickets in a hurry and were released more than once. When you get lost, a kind-hearted Bai mother-in-law takes the initiative to ask and lead the way; the police uncle on the train will come to remind you to keep your things well before going to bed; every innkeeper who lives will eagerly tell you what to pay attention to in this area, and specially instruct you to call him directly if you have anything to do. After a cycling accident, I met a group of college students from all over the country. they stopped to pick you up, looked for water to find a band-aid, and helped you clean up your wound. Two boys were still riding behind you all the time.

I metThere are so many touching things, there seems to be no real danger, and I am usually a very unlucky person, so unlucky that every time I go home, no matter how early I go out, I will miss the high-speed train and change my ticket.

well, it's not that dangerous. Then you must say: nonsense, who doesn't want to go? there is no money.

well, the second thing to talk about is money. Last year, I tried to be told that I was internally hurt for several months. It was obviously a place where everyone longed to go together. Later, when they backed out, they told me: I am different from you, my tuition is so expensive, how can I take money from my parents? I don't have any money.

as a matter of fact, you really don't have any money, but I do have money. Do you have money in the sky? Coldly throw me a "Oh, you have money" friends, when you spend more than 1,000 yuan to buy famous brand running shoes, when you generously take out your bank card to pay for the dinner, when you bought the clothes and the brand was thrown away before they were opened, did you ever think that you had no money?

I was angry, but I wouldn't refute them. I didn't tell them how I handed out leaflets with a funny mask at the gate of Huiyi City on the hottest summer afternoon. I was driven by security guards and rejected by pedestrians. I didn't tell them how I was scolded when I called someone to check information when I was working as an assistant in the school office. I didn't tell them how an extremely introverted person I caught a stranger and asked them to record it when I was doing a questionnaire for the meteorological bureau. I didn't tell them how they were harassed by two Hangzhou bosses in their thirties for a period of time during the questionnaire. I didn't tell them to work as two tutors at the same time, one was angrily cried by a pair of dragon and Phoenix twins, and the other was cheated by an unscrupulous boss. I put my part-time salary in school together with the money I usually saved to do what I like, and I didn't ask my family for any money. What's the difference between my hands and feet? Do you think someone can do something for no reason? Even if your parents have money and can ask for it, it's true that they have the ability and ability, but do your parents get their money for no reason? When you don't know the context behind it, can you ask you not to take everything for granted with a sarcastic gesture? this is an insult to others, but others will think you are ignorant.

of course, I feel guilty and sorry that I am still taking the living expenses given by my parents because I have to save travel funds for myself.

personally, I am extremely disgusted with their casual talk of "just-to-go travel", "the world is so big, go out and have a look" and "there is always one body and soul on the way." Please don't talk like you don't have to think or do anything before you go out, you don't have to buy tickets in advance, and rooms don't have to be booked in advance. Please don't talk like what you see at home is nothing, if you walk around somewhere, you can see the whole world; please don't talk like you can get spiritual sublimation by going outside to visit a few tourist attractions and then be reborn away from vulgarity. Really, I really don't think it's a big deal. I never think it's any capital worth showing off, and I won't judge this place like my own home just a few days after I've been there.

when I was sleeping on the train one morning, there was an uncle outside who was in the aisle with a strong southern accent and loudly "shared" his travels and his travel views with a 20-year-old Beijing sister. I remember what he said (I have a wake-up spirit, so I may remember very clearly the words that woke me up when I slept): have you ever been to Dali if you don't go to Shuanglang? Have you ever been to Lijiang if you don't go to Lugu Lake?

Sorry, I've never been there. I never think that going to a place without going to any of its famous scenic spots is equivalent to never going to that place. On the contrary, sometimes it makes me squeeze people to squeeze time to catch up with scenic spots. It would be better for me to feed pigeons all afternoon in Yunda. Try the famous papaya water and kebabs in Kunming's old streets and alleys, and ride an electric car 50 kilometers around the sea to eat poop (a Yunnan snack) in a remote town. Go to the vegetable market in the small village to buy fruit, pass by the small shop to buy two cans of "romantic flowers and snow moon" (a beer in Dali), and then sit on the balcony of the inn facing Erhai Lake while blowing the sea breeze while drinking, listening to the waves while writing letters, sometimes looking up at the bright moon in the sky, sometimes nodding off.

after Kunming, before going home, at a restaurant in Guangzhou (when I was in Lijiang, I had only a dime left, with a ticket to Kunming, a ticket to Guiyang, and a high-speed train ticket to Guangzhou, so lunch was offered when I stopped in Guangzhou), he asked me, "did you have a good time?" I scooped a mouthful of seafood fried rice and stuffed it into my mouth: "well, I don't know." Whether you are happy or not seems to be for people who travel, while I don't seem to be traveling. "

the so-called "travel", to me, the biggest thing is to go somewhere else, to walk, eat, and sleep. Of course, if there is a moment of peace and pleasure in the process, I think that is the greatest significance of my coming here. To tell you the truth, I do not have such a high state of mind, and I do not pursue any spiritual sublimation, nor do I pursue whether I have traveled thousands of miles. I am satisfied with being comfortable and happy.

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my favorite Yang Qianfu has a song that sings like this:

other people never agree, not even reasonable

but still feel no pain.