The virtue of water, the practice of man (good in depth)

The virtue of water, the practice of man (good in depth)

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the moral Sutra says: "the supreme good is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

to be a man like water, there are the most rigid and square in the gentleness, and the circle is round and contains all things.

this is a kind of wisdom and a kind of realm.


the water flows to the lower place, and the high people have the lowest key

the ancients said, "Water, avoid high and go down."

Water flows to a low place before it can accept all rivers and become a sea.

in fact, people are the same, the rafters that stand out rot first.

the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it, and the bright moon will wither in the end.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A humble gentleman is humble and self-herding."

you can't be too powerful. All the people in the world who are truly talented and learned, humble and noble,

are all modest and prudent people.

so, don't think too highly of yourself, and don't look down on anyone. Neither humble nor arrogant is greater.

Xinlingjun, one of the four princes of the warring States period, has a special love for talent.

once, when he passed the city gate, he saw an old door official dressed in shabby clothes, concentrating on the military books.

then asked, "Why does your husband study so hard that he doesn't chat with others?"

the old door official said, "although the old man is old, he has the ambition to serve the country!"

Xinlingjun was very impressed and said goodbye with courtesy.

he inquired around and learned that the old official, a hermit and a superior man, gave a big feast, took his entourage, and invited the old official.

Xinlingjun has no airs and his attitude is very humble.

after entering the table, people were puzzled to see that the chief seated was a poor old man in shabby clothes.

Xinlingjun still smiles but does not speak, and regards him as the guest of honor.

this poor old man's name is Hou win.

it was this Hou who won. In the future, he used his own death to win for Xinling, and the following capital crimes were committed.

what the ancients called: scholars die for bosom friends, in addition to benevolence and righteousness,

more importantly, they get more respect and equality in each other.

behind respect and equality, more modesty.

they can see high places and hold low places. They stand out from others, but they are courteous and courteous.

there is a cloud in the Book of changes: latent dragon, do not use; Kang long, regret.

people who are really noble, like water, are gentle and quiet, but broad.

arrogant people fall into a quagmire because they ignore others.

in fact, the world is so big that people are no more than a drop in the ocean. Only by constantly practicing can they see themselves.

only when you know yourself can you know life.


if the water is not moving, it is still; if the man is not moving, the wisdom is

the ancients said: "if the water is static, the image is clear, and the mind is still, then the wisdom is born."

when the surface of the water is calm, the reflection will be very clear, and so will

people. If a person's heart is very quiet, he can find a pure land of mind in a busy city and give birth to wisdom.

there was such a story:

A wise man was famous far and near, and many people came thousands of miles to learn.

two people saw the flag in the distance, and one of them said, "the flag is moving."

another person said, "No, it's not the flag, it's the wind."

the two argued endlessly, attracting a crowd of onlookers.

then the wise man went over and said to them, "it is not the wind or the flag, but your hearts."

Zeng Guofan once said: "the mind can be quiet, although there are thousands of changes and there is nothing wrong." Be still in your heart, but not in your country. "

silence is not silence, nor is it speechless, but a process of self-reflection and clarity of thinking.

it is not only the rule of settling down, but also the dormant waiting for opportunity.

similarly, it can cure all impetuosity.

someone once said, "the best state of life is the quiet richness of being alone."

Thoreau withstood the stillness of nature before he wrote the masterpiece Walden;

Tao Yuanming could endure loneliness before he could enjoy his pastoral life.

quiet, it was because he got rid of the temptation of the outside world and kept his heart.

is rich because you have the inside and see the heights.

everything in the world is bustling with peace of mind.


learn to be flexible, invisible is better than visible

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as the ancients said: "there is a circle in a circle, a square in a square, a stop in obstruction, and a decision in action."

Water is the softest in the world, but it can conquer the firmness of the world.

Water is the softest in the world, but it can conquer it.

Spring is dew, summer is rain, autumn is frost, winter is snow.

it's the same in our lives. It's not easy to be tough, but it's easy to break.

only by learning to be flexible can we meet the challenges of life.

once upon a time there was a businessman who failed in business and couldn't let it go, so he found a wise man.