The wisest interpersonal relationship: make a deep acquaintance with these eight kinds of people and break up with these nine kinds of people

The wisest interpersonal relationship: make a deep acquaintance with these eight kinds of people and break up with these nine kinds of people

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Zeng Guofan has a saying:

A person's circle of friends often determines his life pattern.

make good friends, such as entering the room of Zhilan, you can enjoy the spring breeze;

make bad friends, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, you have heard of its smell for a long time.

if you want to have a high-quality circle of friends, you need to understand Zeng Guofan's truth of "eight friends and nine friends."

fleeting, more than half a year old.

in the second half of 2021, count your circle of friends, clean your body and mind, make deep acquaintances with these eight kinds of people, and break up with these nine kinds of people.


octagonal intersection

1, those who want to win over themselves

choose good advice, and heaven and earth are wide.

2. If you want to meet the virtuous

get along with the virtuous, you will feel the respect and goodwill from this world.

3. People who want to have fun

make friends with interesting people.

4, those who want to lose

5, those who want to be outspoken

as Oscar Wilde said in the Nightingale and the Rose:

"friends" care not about making their relationship look "good", but about how to make you better!

6. Make friends with people with lofty interests

whether it's a divine acquaintance or a meeting, and when you keep company with people with lofty interests, you will be inspired by them and try to manage your life well.

7. Give favors to those who are in distress

as the Historical Chronicles said:

those friends who can give you a hand in times of distress are those who deserve to know each other for a lifetime.

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8. Those who want to be considerate


nine do not make

1, and those who do not have different aspirations

the Analects of Confucius says: "the way is different, it is not a plot."

Gentlemen are harmonious but different. We respect each other's personalities and differences, and communicate and learn with different people.

2. People who are good at flattery

agree with Ji Xianlin:

"I have made friends all my life. What kind of people do I like?" It goes something like this:

do not flatter, do not talk behind the back; not the front of the person, the back of the person.

the key is the word "true", a person of temperament. "

make friends in life: false friends are often more terrible than honest enemies.

3. A person with principles should have correct values and the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

4. Those who do not show filial piety to their elders and do not love their brothers

have no background, and life will never be brilliant.

5. Non-intercourse

Zhuangzi once said:

to get acquainted with such people, it will not only feel aggrieved, but even become narrow.

6. Those who do not meet those who fall into the well

learn to stay away from those who fall into the well, so that you will miss the foot that was stepped on in the trough.

7. People who don't take advantage

being associated with such people will not only bring losses to themselves, but also make themselves unwittingly greedy.

8. People who don't make friends with others

there is a saying:

it is good to not hurt or be hurt.

9, ungrateful people

but Lu Qian is an ungrateful person. When he learned that he wanted to occupy Lin Chong's wife in Gao Ya, he repeatedly designed to kill Lin Chong in order to cling to Gao Ya.

people should not only do things conscientiously, but also look at others clearly.

friends do not require perfection, but some friends must not be made.

from this moment on, keep up with the good people;

from the second half of 2021, your circle of friends will be clear and clear.