The worst result in life is a late bloomer.

The worst result in life is a late bloomer.

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Mo Yan said in "people who mature late":

"people with good natures mature late and are urged to mature by bad people."

although he was enlightened later, he was still kind and sincere, constantly looking for his own kind, and finally became the loneliest person. "

when everyone pursues fame as soon as possible, Mo Yan says he prefers to mature late.

Mo Yan himself is like this.

at the age of 57, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature and became the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

and this year, exactly 31 years have passed since he began to write.

the glory has come late, but it has come after all.

after winning the award, many readers are more anxious than Mo Yan and hope that he will publish a new work as soon as possible.

but Mo Yan was not impatient and remained silent for as long as 8 years.

eight years later, he returned to the reader's field of vision with his new book, the late ripening Man.

he said: "over the past eight years, I have been working hard, persisting in creating, or preparing for creation."

put aside the bustling and impetuous outside world, close the door and devote oneself to creation, and take 8 years of meticulous carving to polish out a work that is good enough.

Mo Yan, who has always been in no hurry, has confirmed a simple and profound truth with his own experience:

there is no overnight success in this world, and there is no ladder to the sky.

all the brilliance that seems to "come quietly" is the result of sinking down to endure loneliness, slowly suffering bit by bit, and accumulating step by step.


I am in a hurry for success, but I have not seen such a story.

in ancient times, a peddler selling oranges wanted to leave the city before the gate was closed, so he asked passers-by how to get to the gate as soon as possible.

passers-by replied, "if you walk slowly, you can get there before closing the gate." If you walk too fast, you won't get there. "

the peddler was surprised and thought he had heard wrong, so he hurried on his way.

as a result, because he walked in such a hurry, the orange always fell out. He had to stop again and again to pick up the orange, but finally failed to arrive before the gate of Guancheng.

in haste, the end result is that haste makes waste.

A netizen on Zhihu once talked about his experience.

when he first graduated from college, he secretly made up his mind to do something as soon as possible.

at first, he signed up with a professional counterpart company. As a result, he learned accidentally within a few days that it would take at least six years to achieve success in this position.

he resigned decisively at the thought that he would have to wait so many years for his future. After

, he found several more companies on and off, but mostly left after less than three months.

as long as his performance does not improve in a short period of time, he feels that he will not be able to do anything in the family.

over the past few years, he has changed jobs frequently, not only losing confidence in his future, but also forgetting his professional knowledge as a beginner.

finally, he said helplessly:

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"Why have I accomplished nothing so far?"

because I'm always in too much of a hurry. I want to see great achievements in any job at once, and every time I don't see it, I think there is something wrong with my work.

later, when I asked myself, I found that the problem was with me. " Bacon once said, "too much speed is one of the greatest dangers in doing things."

Rome was not built in a day.

on the way to chasing dreams, I hope that I can achieve success in a short period of time, and the result will be counterproductive.

the realization of any kind of goal and dream cannot be achieved overnight.

all prosperity needs to bear loneliness.


before we can get things done

Zhu Guangqian said:

"all the good things that take time to precipitate are worth waiting for."

those who can accomplish great things know how to rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.

the road should be taken step by step, the meal should be eaten one mouthful at a time, and the work should be done one by one, so as to keep calm before it can be done.

in ancient China, there was an expert at archery, whose name was Feiwei. He was so good at archery that he almost hit a hundred shots.

A man named Jichang came to ask Feiwei about archery.

Fei Wei told him that if you want to learn archery, you must first learn not to blink casually.

Ji Chang began to practice hard after he got home.

while his wife was weaving, he lay on his back under the loom, watching the shuttle shuttling back and forth.

after practicing like this for two years, Ji Chang has practiced his skills so well that he doesn't blink even if the awl spikes are on his eyelids.

he excitedly ran to see Feiwei and asked himself if he could start practicing archery.

Fei Wei, however, said that there is still a long way to go.

come to me when you have learned to see a very small thing very big and a small thing very clearly.

Ji Chang returned home and began to practice again.

he tied a lice with hair from a cow's tail and hung it from the window.

then stand next to the lice every day, staring at it intently.

that little lice is getting bigger and bigger in Jichang's eyes.

three years later, the lice were as big as a wheel in his eyes.

Ji Chang told Feiwei about his practice, and Fei Wei happily told him:

"Kung fu is worth your heart, you have finally learned my skills."

A person, no matter under what circumstances, can move towards success only if he can withstand the training of the environment and make the best of the matter at hand.

as Caigen Tan says, "if you wait for a long time, you will fly high."

if you want to achieve something in life, you must first calm down, calm down, and stick to it in solitude.


the worst result of life is that Wang Yukun, a late bloomer, once told his own story in his book.

when he published his first book, he went to a lot of publishing houses, and as a result, most of them did not accept the works of newcomers.

during those depressed days, he was so anxious that he couldn't write a word.

coupled with the writers who made their debut at the same time, each of them rose rapidly and gained a lot of attention and love, which made him more worried.

not only fall into self-doubt, but also have the idea of giving up writing.

until one day, he came across a poem:

New York time is three hours earlier than California time,

but California time has not slowed down.

some people graduated at the age of 22,

but waited five years to find a good job!

some people become CEO at the age of 25, but die at the age of 50.

there are also people who don't become CEO until the age of 50,

and then live to be 90.

everyone has their own development time zone.

everyone has their own pace in their own time zone.

at that moment, he suddenly realized:

others have the pace of others, and they should have their own rhythm.

instead of disturbing the mood by the achievements of others, it is better to calm down and work silently and transform slowly.

after thinking about this, he quickly adjusted his state of mind. Let yourself settle down and try to accumulate energy.

after a long dormant period, he not only published several books one after another, but also successfully signed into a well-known book company.

he said that when he was young, he always imagined that he could drive quickly to his dream and rise to the sky in one step.

later I realized that no one's success is easy, but as long as we try our best to work in the right direction, when the time is ripe, it will show a dazzling light.

on the road of life, there are always people who walk faster than you.

but don't worry about it or panic.

find your own rhythm, go all out to do the task at hand, and take the road ahead one step at a time.

the return may be late, but it will never be absent.

Feng Lun once said, "all greatness is made."

Life is a hard process.

I can't make it, I'm out, I can make it, I stand out.

when you can stand loneliness, calm down, calm down, work hard day by day, and change step by step.

in the time zone arranged for you by fate, one percent per cent, without delay, the destination in your heart will eventually arrive.