There are not only Xinghe City and Wanda in Dongguan.

There are not only Xinghe City and Wanda in Dongguan.

"when you are confused, what you need is not thinking but action, because at least you won't feel empty."

the night before last, a fan asked me backstage why I didn't push it. I really didn't have time to reply to him, because at that time, I was listening to my boss, Mr. Mei Jian, share his experience with us in Qingfeng drunken Moon, the first bar in Xiabafang, Dongguan.

and after the event was officially over, I was busy editing the TEDxXichenglou push. So it wasn't until this morning that I had time to sit in front of the computer and think about what "stepping on solid | study in Dongguan" gave me.

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originally I was afraid that this would be a boring activity, because the essence of this activity is actually "people". No matter the guests who share or the students who sign up, as long as one of them is boring, the whole activity will lose its vitality and become a simple walking activity. But at 4: 00 p. M. yesterday, when the whole "Ta Shi | Dongguan study trip" was about to end, all the people who participated in the activity (including the staff) sincerely thought that it was an extremely meaningful activity.

as an interim host, I said in my final sharing:

"it's 16:08 on May 31, 2015, and my mobile phone reminds me that I have two new emails and 'out of memory on my phone'. Maybe from the next minute, we will just spread out and go back to our lives. Maybe in the future, we can no longer gather together in such a state of mind. Maybe we will see each other sporadically in the future, but it is basically impossible to get 13 people together again. So let's sit here and take a minute to remember the feeling we can no longer have and wait for 09 to come. "

well, Dongguan used to be so interesting.

"Space 21 gallery"

on Sunday morning, we went to Space 21 gallery, which is located in the center of Huifeng, Xiangcheng District.

I thought going to the pavilion was to quietly look at something I didn't understand, and I couldn't let anyone know that I didn't understand. However, on the way there, A fan kept telling us that the exhibition was divided into two parts, one is "urgent body", and the other is an exhibition of works by graduate students from Guangzhou and the United States. He thinks it's all very interesting, and everyone can have their own unique feelings, regardless of what it says.

when I arrived at the entrance of the pavilion, I saw a big poster saying that "Space 21 gallery" was 2 years old, which meant that it already existed when I was a freshman, but I didn't know where it was until the day I went.

and when I was a freshman in Yuicheng, I never heard the name at all.

in fact, when I first heard the word "gallery", my reaction was "boring" and "pretending". Both of these words are derogatory, which makes me have a bad impression of gallery.

but after my observation, I find that each of our lives is pretending. Eat and post on moments, pretend to be forced; wear nice clothes, pretend to be forced; buy IPHONE6 PLUS, pretend to be forced; watch popular movies that you are not interested in, pretend to be forced.

so since people have to pretend anyway, why not pretend to be more aggressive? Why not calm down and seriously look at some works and think about your life?

I often meet people who open their mouths with either online rumors or unthought-over words, and you want to talk to him about current affairs only to find that he can only say something like "this is the way it is in China." we can't change it. "he will blame all the mistakes on the system, and he will put other people's remarks on himself without thinking. While playing LOL, he made "the harder the luckier" as his motto in his life. When he went to Starbucks, he wanted to take 365 pictures and send one every day. They often smoke in the dormitory and say to me backstage:

"I don't know what I can do after graduation. What should I do?"

and this society also gives them a name, "losers", and in my opinion, the characteristic of "losers" is that they do not have the ability to think independently.

We need to cultivate the ability to think independently and to have a sense of beauty, which can not be gained in class. It requires you to observe carefully rather than just look at it. I still remember that some time ago, there was a very popular activity abroad. Its name was "give the work time for a song". Through this activity, the organizers want to let people calm down when watching the works, watch slowly, listen to songs while watching, and give each elaborate work a song. Only in this way can we really understand what the authors are trying to say.

but some people would rather laugh at themselves and be confused than spend an afternoon walking and observing. "Space 21 gallery" is not profitable, its air-conditioning is open all day, and there is no threshold. No one will care if you sit on the floor and think, why not go?

I remember someone saying, "when you are confused, what you need is not thinking but action, because at least you won't feel empty." So I suggest that confused people go out more often and jump out of their own circle. Don't you think it would be a terrible thing if the people around you would only discuss LOL routines or the latest variety shows?

like the actual study tour in the past two days, we went to Xiabafang, Gongnong 8, Ke Yuan, and also visited the Old City and Space 21 gallery. In fact, there are too many places worth visiting in Dongguan, which really don't cost you much money compared to having afternoon tea and going to the movies. I know that we always have all kinds of reasons to refuse these activities, such as "no money", "hot weather" and "sun exposure". Because the cost of "rejection" is the lowest, which means we don't have to take risks or pay, but if you want to climb the mountains, so what?It is possible not to touch the rock.

and when we were about to leave gallery, the staff said to us like this:

"in fact, there is so little 'aesthetic education' in China that many people think they can't understand it, so they don't want to come. But like Katy Perry's songs, most people don't know what her lyrics are talking about, but many people still listen to her songs in China. Why? Because we think the melody is good enough. In fact, it is also a truth to see an exhibition. When we look at a painting, as long as we think it is beautiful, sometimes you do not need to understand what it is expressing. And we on gallery are doing a kind of 'aesthetic education' and want to convey this idea in this way. "

when we left, the gallery staff told us to remember to help them publicize it, because too few young people came to see the exhibition. This can not help but make my heart sad, the cultural atmosphere of a city, the original from a commonweal gallery living conditions can know a little.

Don't ask me where "Space 21 gallery" is, because answers to these questions can be found on Baidu.