There are still two days left for some little things that have happened recently.

There are still two days left for some little things that have happened recently.

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I talked to people who smiled last week and should cooperate with them in the near future. The form of cooperation is that I go to see the Guanqing Forum, then write down some impressions, and then push it in Subscription account. And tomorrow, I also have an article about "graduation season" and they push it at the same time.

it's actually quite good. I like to smile, and my vision is narrow, so it's okay to listen to more lectures. Moreover, Xiao Qing often invites some powerful people to come over for lectures. I no longer have to wait in line to get tickets, .

Our white bridal attire for dancing are exactly what you need. We're delighted to help you choose your perfect outfit.

but this is not an internal ticket. I am also half a staff member. Unexpectedly, I also have today.


recently there was an interesting speech contest in the Professional Association. Let's give a 7-minute speech according to an APP. I participated, just to win the prize, in fact, I said this, just to force myself, in fact, I may not even be able to enter the semi-finals.

but since I said I was going to talk nonsense at the beginning of this article, let's make it a little bigger. Recently, I read a book about the concept of financial management, called "puppy money". There is a saying:

"trying is purely an excuse. You have figured out a way out for yourself before you do it." You can't experiment. You only have two choices-do it or not. "

well, that's quite right.


to be honest, I really don't know how to sell. The deadline for "338 yuan six-day and five-night trip to Yunnan" is up, and there are still two days left. I am really bad at writing soft articles, but fortunately the product is hard enough, otherwise it will not be sold.

what is said in that article is all true. In the past few days, this ticket must have risen back to 368. If you are interested, you might as well learn more about it.


Click "read the original" to see that the most important thing compared to "where to go" is "take your girlfriend".


this article is really not an article, wasting your traffic.

but if you like this form of pure chat, you can write about it later. By the way, I may write a work record recently, which can be regarded as a work record.

I am the one who often revolves around the Dongguan worker!

also, recently, I want to collect stories about negative energy, that is, stories that make people feel very sad. For no reason, just tell me what you want to say.