There are three mistakes in life, one step is wrong, one step is wrong!

There are three mistakes in life, one step is wrong, one step is wrong!

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Hugo wrote a paragraph in Les Miserables:

everyone is a man for the first time, no one is born invincible, and everyone makes mistakes.

although failure is the cornerstone of success, mistakes are the accumulation of experience, we should treat mistakes correctly.

but there are some mistakes that may never be made up for and may even drag you down for the rest of your life.

after all, there is no rehearsal in life, let alone a chance to start all over again.

so, wake up, in the wrong choice, must stop the loss in time, do not let life only endless regret and remorse.


has gone the wrong way. Remember to look back

. I believe everyone knows Isinbayeva, the "pole vaulting queen", and praises her repeatedly for her achievements on the field.

but who knows that she has also been hurt by gymnastics?

in fact, Isinbayeva's dream since childhood was to become a gymnastics champion.

but it didn't work out. As she grew older, she became taller and taller. She was 1.7 meters at the age of 15.

in the gymnastics team, this height has no advantage and even becomes the biggest obstacle for her to improve her performance.

at this time, just as the pole vaulting coach came to choose the young girl, the discerning coach took a fancy to Isinbayeva, who had good physical quality at first sight.

this is a difficult choice for Isinbayeva, who has always dreamed of becoming a gymnast. She loves gymnastics, but she is well aware of her own shortcomings and may not be able to realize her dream on this road.

after a fierce struggle, she gave up years of gymnastics and chose pole vaulting.

maybe it was doomed, and this change not only made her break the world women's pole vaulting record many times, but also became a well-known pole vaulting queen.

in the face of the wrong life choice, Isinbayeva did not go to the end in the dark, but chose self-redemption.

because she understands that not all efforts are worth persisting, and not all choices lead to the end.

there is a saying:

people are not afraid of going the wrong way, so they are afraid that they will not turn back and push themselves hard to compete with themselves on the wrong path.

in this way, the harder you work, the more powerless you will be, and you will end up black and blue.

in fact, life is a process of continuous progress and growth in the process of groping.

you will be faced with countless choices, some of which are right and some are wrong.

if you choose the wrong direction, don't dash forward. Staying awake is always better than moving forward blindly.

hard work is more meaningful only in the right choice of life.


if you make friends, remember to stay away from

We will meet all kinds of people in our lives.

it's inevitable that some people just go through the motions in your life.

it is a rare luck in life to come and go in a hurry and make true friends.

the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui" has pierced many people's hearts.

out of righteousness, Yu Huanshui lent his good brother Lu Fumeng the 130000 yuan his mother left to him.

five years later, Yu Huanshui wanted to buy a car for his wife, so he asked Lu Fumeng for the 130000 yuan.

at first, Lu Fumeng was very straightforward, promising to pay back the money, and even asked Yu Huanshui to pick up the car and make up for the price difference.

at the critical moment, Lu Fumeng disappeared.

phone calls are either turned off or "can't be connected". It's not easy to get in touch with each other, and it's also an excuse that you are far away from overseas.

however, in fact, Lu Fumeng is driving around in a luxury car.

later, even in the face of Yu Huanshui's question, Lu Fumeng did not apologize at all, but simply tore his face:

"I just want to lie to you, to make your life difficult!" I will pay back the money, but it depends on my mood. "

finally, Yu Huanshui's money is coming back, and he thoroughly sees through the so-called good brother.

as the saying goes: adversity knows a deep friend, a long time sees the hearts of the people.

the most difficult thing in the world to understand is the human heart.

some people, you give your best, but they choose to ignore it and only consider their own interests; you trust unreservedly, but they leave no room to take advantage of you. Some people say that the friendship of adults is really fragile. If they are not careful, they will break up with each other.

but if you think about it, you know a lot of people, and few of them can really afford the word "friend".

A true friend is at least someone who treats each other sincerely, understands your difficulties, understands your pains, and understands your mind.

for those who wantonly overdraw their friendship, there is no need to pay foolishly, it is better to break it off, and it will not be a pity to lose it.

time cannot take away true friends, and time cannot tolerate false feelings.

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you don't have to invite everyone into your life and subtract from your circle of friends at the right time. It's easier to get true friends.


if you love the wrong person, remember to let go

Yi Shu said: true love makes people happy. if you feel pain, it must be a mistake and need to end in time.

the reason why many people are reluctant to let go after falling in love or marriage is that they are not reconciled to their efforts without getting a corresponding return.

so I stayed in a mess, consumed, miserable, and persisted.

do not realize that the relationship itself is a big gamble, and there is no guarantee that you will win.

if you love right, you will be happy; if you love wrong, let go in time.

Reader Mu Mu has shared her experience.

she and her husband didn't fall in love for long before they got married in spite of the opposition of their family.

when you meet love for the first time when you are young, it is easy to fall in love impulsively. Where can you calmly consider the future life of two people?

at that time, she could only look forward to the romantic sweetness of the two, and she didn't miss it if she wanted to join hands.

but after only a few years of marriage, she became more and more sorry for her impulsiveness and haste.

when the passion fades, the trivialities of life let her see clearly the character of her husband.

her husband always complains about hard work, never helps with family affairs, and even punches and punches her if he feels a little uncomfortable after drinking.

not to mention, the promised good day, such a life, so that she can not see the hope of the future.

she always feels that if she tries hard and insists on, her husband will understand her pains, and the good days will come.

but her patience did not get her husband's understanding, but intensified, and even secretly cheated on her.

finally, I saw the essence of my husband and chose to divorce.

when it comes to feelings, compared with not loving, what you fear most is loving the wrong person.

in a wrong relationship, no matter how much love and warmth you give to the other person, it is boring in his eyes.

this kind of love, not only will not get any sincerity and sincerity, but will also bring you endless pain and indifference.

for a long time, even a strong person will collapse.

Life is too short, don't waste it on the wrong person, waste your time and consume yourself.

you know, not everyone is worthy of love, and loving the wrong person is futile.

instead of pinning your hopes on the wrong person, it is better to put it down in time and bravely turn around and leave.

I believe that if you keep a hot heart for love, you will eventually meet the right person and accompany you through a long and happy life.

there is no medicine for regret, let alone a chance to do it again.

Don't always think about making mistakes today and make amends tomorrow. You'll only regret it.

it is better to take advantage of the present to know how to stop losses and make fewer mistakes, so that life can be more thorough and meaningful.