These 10 habits, the most harmful to the body, be sure to stay away!

These 10 habits, the most harmful to the body, be sure to stay away!

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as the old saying goes: Rome was not built in a day.

the emergence of diseases is not overnight, but caused by the long-term accumulation of bad habits.

the following 10 habits are particularly common:


skipping breakfast

Imperial College London has found that skipping breakfast sends out signals that require high calories.

the probability of eating "junk food" for lunch and dinner has greatly increased.

for a long time, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes will all come to us!

getting up in the morning is the time of day with the lowest blood sugar and the thickest blood.

without breakfast, platelets are more likely to thicken and aggregate.

this increases the risk of thrombosis and makes people more likely to suffer from cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.


lie on the bed and collapse on the sofa when you have enough to eat.

Food is not digested in the abdomen, so it is easy to have acid reflux.

especially eating midnight snacks with extra meals, the probability of sudden pancreatitis is very high.


Hot drink hot mouth

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World Health Organization makes it clear that long-term drinking hot drink above 65 °C has the risk of causing cancer.

the surface of the mouth and esophagus is covered with delicate mucous membrane. The temperature above 65 °C is enough to scald this layer of mucosa.

repair of mucosal injury and repeated circulation will increase the number of "abnormal" cells and greatly increase the risk of carcinogenesis.


Beverage substitutes for water

Juice, milk tea and even tea are all beverages and can not replace plain boiled water.

these drinks contain a lot of sugar, caffeine, carbonic acid and other substances.

the sugar in drinks will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body.

long-term drinking can lead to dental caries and obesity, and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

the content of calcium in urine increases, and kidney stones will be formed.

caffeine affects the nerve center and causes insomnia.



the study of the University of Queensland in Australia shows that

sitting for 1 hour = smoking two cigarettes = 22 minutes of life loss.

when people are sedentary, their waist and abdomen are basically motionless.

the metabolic rate decreases by 50%, the production of fat-decomposing enzymes decreases by 90%, and it is inevitable to get fat.

waist and abdomen fat, fat in the internal organs, is the most dangerous obesity.

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes all come to us.


seizing the legs

this action seems comfortable and harmful.

raising legs will make the pelvis tilt and twist.

makes the lumbar vertebrae acting unevenly and the lumbar muscle strength out of balance.

in the long run, it will cause lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation.


hold back the urine

hold the urine

hold the urine

07   hold back the urine

hold back the urine

hold the urine

hold back the urine

hold back the urine

hold the urine

hold back the urine


holding back stool may induce constipation and hemorrhoids.

toxic substances in feces and urine are constantly reabsorbed by the human body.

not only increase the burden of kidney, but also easily lead to "self-poisoning".

overfilling of bladder, overburden of intestinal tract, and increase of internal pressure.

patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have the risk of sudden death when they defecate and defecate.


love to sulk

there is a character called "cancer personality".

people of this character keep everything in their stomachs and often sulk in their lives.

for women, sulking is especially harmful.

I often hear people say, "put up with ovarian cysts for a while and take a step back for breast hyperplasia."

if you don't know how to vent a bad mood properly, it will only hurt your body.


sleeping on a soft mattress

if the mattress is too soft, lying on it is like being stuck in a cloud.

can not match the normal curve of the human body, can not bear the pressure of weight on the bone.

especially teenagers are still in the period of growth and development, and their bones are not stereotyped.

sleeping in such a bed for a long time will cause irreversible damage to the spine and lumbar vertebrae.