This is the biggest melon in 2021!

This is the biggest melon in 2021!

Good morning, accompany you to read.

A lot of great things have happened recently, and we had a lot of fun eating melons.

when I look back, I realize that 2021 is about to pass.

time seems to pass slowly and quickly.

in fact, a lot of things have happened this year.

too many memories are worth counting.

at the end of the year, let's take a good look at the big events of 2021.

see if you remember these things.


2021, started in the epidemic.

on January 3, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province entered a state of war.

in the cold night of more than ten degrees below zero, doctors and nurses in the province gathered urgently to test the nucleic acid of more than 11 million people.

and from all over the world, we are all fighting wits with COVID-19.

countless things have been detected with viruses, which are both scary and funny:

ice cream, beer, chicken wings, squid, cherries.

express delivery, slippers, doorknobs, men's toilets.

A few days later, a 23-year-old Xixi employee was exposed to die suddenly in the early hours of the morning on his way home from overtime.

Young people begin to stay up late and reflect on their lives and routines.

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"inner volume" and "cherish one's life" became two hot words at that time.

on January 14, Meng Wanzhou, who had been detained in Canada for 775 days, was revealed to have received death threats many times.

and on this day, her little sister Yao Anna made a high-profile debut in China.

A pair of sisters, 26 years apart, lead very different lives.

on January 18, Zheng Shuang made a grand debut, marking the prelude to the annual "Star collapse" drama.

her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng revealed that they had two surrogate children, while Zheng Shuang gave up.

he took out the recording, and the whole network was in an uproar.

at that time, we ignorant onlookers thought this was a big melon.

who would have thought that in the melon fields this year, there would be Wu Yifan's rape, Li Yundi's prostitution, and Wang Leehom's hiring of prostitutes. There are so many events.

Zheng Shuang was finally completely banned.

the melon of surrogacy has just been eaten, and the melon that secretly gives birth to children has come again.

on January 22nd, Hua Chenyu suddenly exploded on Weibo, saying that he and Zhang Bichen had a child.

six minutes later, Zhang Bichen posted a long article, claiming that she was "so flustered that she had no idea what to tell Hua Chenyu, so she concealed it from her husband and had a baby alone."

this bloody plot seriously insults the IQ of onlookers.

but Hua Chenyu is really a lucky guy, and the incident of giving birth to an unmarried daughter hardly hurt him at all.

including all kinds of plastic surgery photos and smoking videos were later exposed, but nothing happened.

it seems that stars also have a safe physique.

in January, there was a more thrilling accident than the collapse of a house by a star.

22 miners were trapped in the explosion of Qixia Gold Mine in Shandong Province.

seven days after the rescue, a note was sent to the trapped miners underground, which was exciting and tearful.

We have 22 people underground. Hope that the rescue will not stop, we will have hope. Thank you.

another seven or eight days later, 11 miners were rescued.

one of them stayed alone in a dark, wet and cold mine for 15 days without any supplies or companions.

the tenacity of life is moving.

some people are born so tenacious, while others die so badly.

on January 22, an incident of hostage taking occurred in the Experimental Middle School of Yunnan normal University.

A 56-year-old man, holding a 30-centimeter knife, chopped at the children after school.

after six injuries and one death, he took another student hostage.

the man was finally shot on the spot.

vent your anger on innocent children, you deserve to die.

on January 27th, at 09:22, there was a historic moment: the cumulative number of COVID-19 diagnosed in the world exceeded 100 million.

that is, on average, one in 75 people on the planet is infected by this small virus.

in January, there was heartache, sigh, emotion and shock.

the beginning of mixed emotions doomed 2021 to be another extraordinary year.

February  February  February 1, "the Age of Awakening" was broadcast, and the audience and word-of-mouth were very popular.

many people did not expect that such a magnificent TV series had moved so many young people.

when countless young people were chasing dramas late at night, a young girl jumped to death by jumping out of a car late at night.

on February 6, a 23-year-old Changsha girl moved late at night because of a conflict between the cost and the lesbian driver.

while driving, the driver yawed and looked cold again. The girl became more and more scared and jumped out of the window.

results Rescue was ineffective and died.

the driver was finally sentenced to one year's imprisonment, suspended for one year.

the two people whose destinies occasionally meet are quite unjust.

February 11th, it's New Year's Eve.

because of the occasional epidemic, many people did not go home for the Spring Festival.

many people take the initiative not to go back and cause trouble to their hometown. "

there are also people who want to go home very much, but have to "celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot" because of all kinds of isolation and dissuasion.

this year's Spring Festival Gala doesn't seem to be as lively as it used to be, but the box office on the first day of the Lunar New year has exploded.

Jia Ling's director debut film "Hello, Li Huanying" burst into public praise as soon as it was released.

with more than 5 billion yuan at the box office, Jia Ling not only gave her mother the best memory, but also finally won the popularity of Zhang Xiaofei, who has been cooperating for 9 years.

God still favors those who put their minds to it.

in the good years, we always have something to know.

on February 19, a video on the China-India border was made public.

our people's Liberation Army fought bravely against the Indian army who brazenly crossed the line, and four soldiers died heroically.

"they died for us", rushed into the hot search.

Yes, China is getting stronger, but the border is never peaceful.

those heroes who died for us should be remembered.

some people's deaths are more serious than Mount Tai, while others are sensational in the entertainment industry.

on February 27th, Wu Mengda, a golden supporting role, died of liver cancer.