Those who really love you will give you preference.

Those who really love you will give you preference.

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Last night, my friend Xiaobei angrily sent Wechat to complain:

I didn't understand the situation at the moment. It took me a long time to know that the love Xiao Bei just fell in love with had fallen in vain because the man did not know how many boats he had stepped on.

they met on a blind date. At first, he was diligent and considerate, and it didn't take long for them to establish a relationship.

Xiaobei really likes him and hopes to have a future with him, but before long, he finds that he is passionately in love on this side and blind dates on the other side.

this matter will be unbearable to anyone. Xiao Bei is the same, crying and quarrelling to break up with him, he is fierce, not only can not recover, but also a hammer on the chest:

does it hurt?

hurtful, but also realistic.

who hasn't had such an experience?

buried in my heart full of love, in exchange, I don't have to be you.

the only thing you think is one of them

, and such things are always the same.

in the early years, I knew a senior who was very knowledgeable and personable.

I always respected him until once when he was drunk and talked about his affair at the dinner party, I thought he was really terrible.

he said that there is a group on his Wechat, where there are all kinds of people, all of whom are likely to develop into the other half in the future--

have sensible and clever blind dates;

have a crush on Bai Moonlight when they were a student;

have partners they accidentally met at work;

have one-minded thoughts for him, silly women who are kind to him.

the silly woman he is talking about, I know, is a sister in the company who is beautiful and capable. She has been devoted to him for many years.

want to marry him and have a family with him.

work for him at work and take care of him in life.

but he didn't make a promise or break up, so he hung it up inexplicably.

people around advised the sister to give up. She was over thirty and could not afford it, but the sister said she was reluctant to give up and always felt that she was special and different to him.

to be honest, I feel helpless and sad.

think of that sentence, those who sing the opera are confused, and those who watch it are sober.

most of the time, the only thing you think is just one of them.

your dedication is in exchange for his disregard, your persistence, seriousness, and determination, in return for his teasing, contempt, and belittling.

to him, you are just one of a bunch of people, and if what you say is not satisfactory and what you do is not pleasant, he can expel you anytime and anywhere.

the older I get, the more I hate this kind of indiscriminate love and indiscriminate treatment.

do you remember the famous "heart-shaped stone incident" in the entertainment industry?

at that time, Li Chen was still madly in love with Zhang Xinyu. However, the state of blending oil in Mili didn't last long before it was broken by an online mockery.

it all started on August 30, 2012--

Zhang Xinyu sweetly posted a gift from Li Chen, a heart-shaped stone.

and the article said: this stone, he accidentally found picked up in a place, a natural stone heart, experienced many bans and collisions, into this shape, I hope, like this heart, strong and withstand all tests, I hope no more glass heart …... The emotion and emotion between the lines of

can be seen.

however, no one expected that it would not be long before Li Chen's ex-girlfriend Delinar posted the same heart-shaped stone on Weibo and mocked: did you wholesale a bunch?

this is more than that. Netizens found that Li Chen also gave the same heart-shaped stone to the actresses who had filmed with the same crew....

is it embarrassing? That's for sure.

but I think it's more disappointment and disillusionment for the woman in the story.

as Sanmao said:

Love is selfish. If you are good to me, I will be kind to you. When you give this good to me to another woman, it shows that I am in your heart, not the only special existence.

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since that's the case, what's the need to stick to it?

No one is willing to give everything in exchange for a central air conditioner.

No one is willing to be full of sincerity in exchange for his equal treatment.

without preference, it's like a loaded gun that will break your heart one day.

what you think is special, but there is no difference

. It occurred to me that two days ago, another piece of cheating news came out on Weibo.

the protagonist of the news is Japanese actor Makuhiko Kondo.

maybe many people are unfamiliar with this name.

but you must be familiar with the people and things related to him--

he is the original singer of the popular song "Qianqique Song".

he is the object of Akiki Mori's desire to get married in Japan's "No.1 Song Ji". Because of him, people describe Akiki Nakamori as a face with a broken heart.

he is still the man that diva Anita Mui once loved deeply. for him, Anita Mui, who was already a superstar at that time, even bought a small house in Tokyo to settle down. Later, she broke up and became seriously ill, and still couldn't give up on him. Fly to Japan to visit him.

he has another name, "scumbag of the century".

Why is this happening?

if we look back seriously, we have to set the pointer of time back to 30 years ago, whether it's Anita Mui or Anita Mui.It is Akira Nakamori, who is the downright victim in his love affair-

in 1983, Akira Nakamori and Makoto Kondo became acquainted with each other and fell in love with him ever since.

just when many people think they will become an enviable fairy couple, Morihiko Kondo is not willing to be a "good boyfriend". Even if he is as beautiful as Akira Nakamori, he has not stopped him from hunting for beauty.

he frequently cheated on each other during their relationship, and both of them were with people who became famous.

one of them is our Aunt Mei.

in the 1980s, Makuhiko Kondo met Aunt Mei during a visit to Hong Kong. He lied that he and Akiko Nakamori had broken up. Mei Gu believed it, and the two kissed each other in a bar.

then, Aunt Mei, who has become a diva, followed him to Hokkaido many times, willingly brushing the toilet in their love nest and doing all the housework. At that time, my friends were surprised to see the appearance of this little woman.

however, this state did not last long. With the passage of time, his lie broke. Morihiko Kondo confessed to Mei Gu that he had another girlfriend and chose Akira Nakamori between the two. The reason is that Akiki Nakamori will not live without him, and Mei Gu will be independent and strong and will meet better people.

so, do you think he is really a prodigal son? No.

in early 1989, Morihiko Kondo was photographed having a rendezvous with a well-known woman in New York.

and the heroine of this tidbit is none other than Meiko Kondo's real girlfriend, Seiko Matsuda, a competitor to Akiko Nakamori.

the two have been competing for years and have been irreconcilable, while Makuhiko Kondo is better and has developed a romantic relationship with his girlfriend's opponent.

Akira Nakamori, who could not stand this move, suddenly broke down and chose to commit suicide in his apartment, which shocked Japan.

there is no doubt that Masahiko Kondo has been criticized by public opinion as never before. in order to save his reputation, he has done the most immoral thing in history-- he tricked Akihiko Nakamori into attending the press conference with him on the grounds that he "wants to announce marriage with you."

still have extravagant hopes for him, looking forward to getting back together with him, Akira Nakamori, gladly present, waiting for him to announce the good news of their marriage.

however, what came was his plot and calculation. At the scene, he forced Nakamori to admit that his previous "suicide" had nothing to do with him, and asked Nakamori to publicly say that he would never have anything to do with him again.

at this point, the relationship between the two people who had been entangled for many years finally came to an end. Akira Nakamori gradually disappeared from the public eye, and he quickly married a rich businesswoman.

Thirty years later, I still remember Akira Nakamori in tears at the press conference.

as for Makuhiko Kondo, I heard from him again that now, when he has a family, he has cheated on a woman 26 years younger than himself.

to tell you the truth, no matter how much rebuke is helpless, and no matter how many accusations are attributed to sighing.

as the saying goes:

rivers and mountains are easy to change, but character is hard to change.

expect a man who has an affair to change his ways, not to expect a fish to fly.

Thank you for giving up on me. Thank you for letting go of the things I

should not expect, so give up your illusions as soon as possible.

if you should not be obsessed with something, give up your mind as soon as possible.

isn't it?

look at Makuhiko Kondo--

the forefoot abandoned Anita Mui for Akira Nakamori.

the back foot gave up Nakamori food for the future and career.

who has been treated specially and cherished by him? Everyone is just an abandoned child in his life.

I remember seeing a very appropriate analogy, saying that some people--

have an attitude towards feelings, that is, casting a wide net and fishing for more fish.

build a group in your mind and pull different people in.

treat no one special, and it's not a pity to lose anyone.

win up when you like it, and kick it out when you get tired of it.

No mercy, no cherish.

in that case, forget it.

retreat from the group that should be retreated, and take the road that should be taken.

as the saying goes, thank you for giving up on me, thank you for letting me go, forget about the past, forget about the rest of your life, you can cast a wide net, but I don't want to be that stupid fish in your net anymore.