Three sentences, talk about life (classic)

Three sentences, talk about life (classic)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people live all their lives, plants and trees in one autumn.

regardless of adversity or prosperity, happiness or sorrow, time is like a big hand, just pulling people all the way.

as Zhuangzi said: "between heaven and earth, like fleeting, all of a sudden."

in the twinkling of an eye, he is over 50 years old.

looking back on the past, I have experienced ups and downs, seen through the coolness of the world, and tasted all the vicissitudes of life.

just gradually realized that the so-called life is nothing more than that.

to sum up, it's nothing more than three sentences.

if you want to be successful, you have to endure hardships

there was a saying on the Internet that "poisonous chicken soup": hard work may not be successful, but it is really comfortable not to work hard.

I don't know how many people have been deceived.

Life is never easy, and all successes are often the result of hard work:

before Jack Ma founded Taobao, he once went to Yiwu alone to sell wholesale items back to Hangzhou, one stop a day.

before Zhang Xiaolong developed Wechat, he used to write more than 100,000 words of code alone in a rented house.

before Huang Bo became famous, he used to run the viaduct dozens of times a day for a shot.

if you suffer from hardships, you will be superior to others.

in life, sweats and tiredness will not be in vain. They will eventually turn into rich successes to repay you.

like the life of the German astronomer Kepler.

he has had a lot of disasters since childhood, first he was born prematurely, then smallpox turned him into pockmarked, and scarlet fever damaged his eyes.

but Kepler did not give up on himself, but studied astronomy while studying, relying on his tenacious and bitter character.

in his later life, he experienced a series of blows such as illness, the death of his mentor and the death of his wife, but he never stopped and finally discovered the three laws of the movement of celestial bodies at the age of 59.

he turned all his misfortune into a driving force to push himself forward. Even though he was exhausted, he still stuck to it and finally became the "maker of the sky."

Life is like this. If you want to get it, you have to give something.

all seemingly effortless lives are just a minute on the stage and ten years of hard work off the stage.

as the saying goes, "how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without going through a chill to the bone?"

the journey of life may be full of thorns, but as long as I get through it, I believe that one day I will welcome my own flowers and applause.

there is no right or wrong in life, only choose

Plato has a famous saying:

"the most regrettable thing in life is to easily give up what you shouldn't give up and stubbornly insist on what you shouldn't."

there are many choices on the road of life.

for example, give up love for bread, sacrifice family for career, and sell your soul for the future.

but the choice is only good or bad, not right or wrong.

No matter how we choose, we will eventually leave some unspeakable regrets in life.

this is the normal state of life and the end of fate.

like Charlotte in the movie Charlotte annoyance, he did nothing when he reached middle age, which he blamed on his original choice.

one day, life suddenly had a chance to start all over again.

Charlotte travels back to high school, so he decides to live a different life.

chasing after the school girl, being a star and starting a company can be said to be a bumper harvest of career and love. From then on, he stood on the peak of his life and became a proper winner in life.

but will you be happy if you choose your life again?

not necessarily.

even though Charlotte is successful, he is still unhappy.

because there are only things left in life that are used, controlled, and disliked.

so, without a perfect life, any choice will be distressing.

as the writer Cangyue said:

"Life is a heavy run, which requires constant choices at every fork in the road, and each choice will lead to a completely different path of fate."

therefore, instead of struggling with everything, it is better to live a more chic life.

there is no only correct answer to the road of life, as long as it is what you insist on in your heart and what you can truly accept, it is worth it.

remember that life is hard, but regret is another sweet.

Life, it's never too late to start

"I'm at my age."

many people will take this sentence as a mantra to express their merciless sigh for the years!

but in fact, it is never too late to start life, and what is too late is that you never dare to start.

Today puts off tomorrow, tomorrow the day after tomorrow, year after year, except for one year older, everything else is still the same.

as the ancient poem says, "there are so many tomorrow after tomorrow." If the world is tired by tomorrow, spring will come and autumn will come. "

No one can stop the passage of time, but how to treat the rest of life will have a different impact on the rest of our lives.

some people gradually give up in the waste of time, losing their resolute confidence and courage;

some people become more and more brave in the sharpening of the years, and have the determination to set sail at any time.

like one of my own friends, one day she suddenly posted a postgraduate notice in her moments.

I left a message below: unexpectedly, you went to graduate school.

she repliedMe: I always thought it was an impulsive thought. I didn't feel at ease until I got the notice.

so whether life is good or bad does not depend entirely on your age, but more on your attitude.

as long as you still have the urge to get better, it's not too late.


just like a line in the movie "Evil from the East and the West": "one's biggest worry is that one's memory is too good. If everything can be forgotten, every day will be a new beginning."

the rest of my life is long, so don't panic.

every stage of life is a new starting point. As long as you dare to take the first step, you will see a different scenery.

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