Three signs of a person's high self-discipline

Three signs of a person's high self-discipline

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the more self-disciplined people are, the more they know how to do these three things on their own initiative.


read disliked but valuable books

know an old retired professor who is in his twenties, but still keeps on studying.

he spends four or five hours a day reading, taking notes carefully and speculating over and over again.

once I visited him at home. Looking at his room full of books and flipping through his thick reading notes, I couldn't help asking

"among so many books, can you recommend some of your favorites?"




the professor smiled and said:


Professor smiled and said:

Professor smiled and said:

"I read books, never see whether I like it or not, but whether it is valuable or not."

generally speaking, the more elusive and incomprehensible books are, I am more willing to spend more time reading them. "

what the old professor said made me ponder.

I wonder if you have found such a phenomenon?

when we buy books, we always tend to choose books written by our favorite writers;

on the shelves at home, the first books to finish are always novels that are easy to read;

because everyone is afraid of difficulties, most people like to read books with lower barriers.

because the contents of these books are within our cognitive boundaries, there is not much knowledge increment.

because in the process of reading, we are more likely to accept the values we already share.

but as the famous writer Mr. Zhang Lixian said:

blindly reject books we don't like, it's hard for us to improve our cognitive level;

we can only accept the same values all the time, and we tend to become narrow and boring.

Fan Deng once said:

people with a high degree of self-discipline will break down their cognitive barriers and take the initiative to read valuable books that they do not like.

it is a pleasure to read books you like, but only by reading books you don't like can you broaden your horizons and accelerate your growth.


do something not easy but right

I have read the saying that there are two doors in life, a wide door and a narrow door.

those who choose to enter through the wide door will find the road narrower and narrower, while those who enter through the narrow door will find the road more spacious.

the right path will be difficult at first.

Kris, a career writer, has shared his three experiences.

the year he graduated, he experienced the dilemma of finding a job.

in a leaderless group discussion, everyone else performed well, but he couldn't even say a word. After the interview, he felt very frustrated.

after that, he studied dozens of interview videos, read more than a dozen job-hunting books, and constantly revised his resume.

in just half a year, he got 10 copies of offer, all from the world's top 500 companies.

from school to society, Kris, like many people, has changed from a skinny teenager to a fat-bellied uncle.

looking at himself more and more bloated in the mirror, he decided to lose weight.

he started running and strictly controlled his diet; when he didn't have time to go to the gym, he downloaded a training video and curled his stomach crazily at home.

A month later, he successfully lost 20 jin and developed six abdominal muscles.

after working for a few years, he earns more than 30,000 a month, but feels that his ability is not worthy of his salary.

so I decided to take the on-the-job doctorate exam while working.

during that time, he had to work during the day and went to a coffee shop with poor business after work.

drinking a bad latte, just to avoid the crowd and quickly enter the learning state.

he spends all his time commuting on the subway reviewing.

finally, with the first place in the professional course, I was admitted to the doctorate in accounting.

I think that if an ordinary person is abused in his job search, he may be depressed;

he may be out of shape and may deceive himself and others; with a monthly salary of NT $30,000, he doesn't want to make any more trouble at all.

however, every time Kris is faced with a choice, he decides to take the hard road and finally pushes out his potential again and again.

I have read a saying:

in life, many people begin to back down when they encounter something difficult.

it's easy to get confused while lying in bed and eating junk food, but it's hard to keep reading, try to lose weight and improve yourself.

it's just that temporary happiness brings endless emptiness.

A person's high degree of self-discipline is to choose the difficult path in front of every choice.

doing the right thing, happiness may be slower, but it is also more valuable.

if you can survive those moments of loneliness and hardship, you will come back with a full load.


stay away from friends who make you happy but consume you

We will know a lot of friends in our lifetime.

some people are willing to work hard with you, while others will only pull you down.

people who are truly self-disciplined know how to stay away from low-quality circles and vulgar pleasures.

I have seen such a story on the Internet.

when I was in college, the netizen @ Qingfeng went to a city far from home alone.

it is inevitable that he is lonely in a foreign land, but fortunately, his roommates are very kind to him and take the initiative to play with him every time.

in the first semester, he ate and drank with his roommateHave fun and have a good time.

There is nothing more desirable than one of our cute homecoming dresses. This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

in class, they occupy the last row for a long time, just to secretly play with their mobile phones.

almost never go out on weekends, order takeout when you are hungry, and play games in a team until it is dark.

the final grade came out, as expected, the score of the whole dormitory was at the bottom.

at this time, he realized that the semester had passed in a flash, and he had gained nothing but weight gain.

he made a decision: apply to the counselor for a change of dormitory.

almost all of the new roommates are high achiever, who has a very clear plan for his future.

they go out early and come back late every day, and when there is no class, they soak in the library.

under the influence of his new roommate, he also began to set goals for himself, giving up staying up late and playing games, and his schedule became regular.

whenever I am free, I either run on the track and field or go to the library with my roommate to study.

in his senior year, he was admitted to a famous American school and won a high scholarship.

after reading such a paragraph, I quite agree.

everyone is always surrounded by all kinds of people.

some people can only have fun together, while others can turn you against the wind and become a better person.

the highest level of adult self-discipline is to stay away from friends who make you happy but can only consume you.

it may be hard to live an ascetic life with hard-working people.

but you will eventually find that if you are close to the circle of positive energy, you will become more progressive before you know it.

you will prefer a self-disciplined and shiny self to eating, drinking and playing and wasting your life.


there is a saying:

"if you have to say that there are shortcuts to success, I think it should be to do some useful little things every day, continue to implement them, and maintain self-discipline."

only by reading books that you don't like but are valuable can you achieve a cognitive breakthrough;

only by doing something that is not easy but correct can you constantly improve yourself;

stay away from friends who consume you in order to integrate into the circle of high quality.

immersed in the comfort zone, it is easy to become negative and decadent.

only people with a high degree of self-discipline can be truly free.

May we all continue to practice ourselves, keep improving, and finally live the way we like.