Three signs that a home is getting better and better (big truth)

Three signs that a home is getting better and better (big truth)

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There is a saying in

"hanging Mirror":

what really makes a family prosper does not depend on the amount of wealth, but on the harmony of the family.

for children, use encouragement instead of blow, the family will be more happy; for lovers, use tenderness instead of irritability, the family will have more love; for parents, smile instead of dislike, the family will be more happy.

as the saying goes, "everything is prosperous at home."

A family and friendly people will be able to prosper.


give nice words to children

as the old saying goes, "giving words is more important than pearls and jade, hurting words is better than sword halberd."

parents' enlightening words to their children are more valuable than jewelry; on the contrary, a hurtful word is like a sharp sword.

I remember seeing a five-or six-year-old boy in a dance training class.

the little boy was punished twice by the teacher because the movements he had learned were not skillful enough. But the more he practiced, the more he was out of condition. as soon as he was in a hurry, he began to cry, so that he could not continue his class.

at this time, the father who came to pick him up had no comfort, but he made up for it:

"how many times have you practiced it? why not?"

Men don't cry easily and cry, so it's not shameful to lose face. "

if he was not angry, he took the child away. At that time, it was distressing to see.

language is the most powerful weapon. A word can make a person feel at rock bottom, and sometimes, it can also make a person revive.

Liu Guodong's daughter won and started playing golf at the age of three.

Dad knows it's normal to win or lose a game, so he never hits his daughter.

when the ball was not played well, my father comforted and said, "it's all right. Just hit the next shot."

when I was frustrated by losing the game, my father encouraged me: "there's still a chance next time."

with the encouragement of her father, the daughter is becoming more and more confident. Even, sometimes winning will comfort my mother:

Mom is very pleased to say:

Are you looking for a perfect high low wedding dresses to shine like a star? Easy to use and great value too.

being able to face the competition calmly at a young age is inseparable from the encouragement of my parents.

and this encouragement also allows the 7-year-old to win and win the golf world championship.

I have read such a sentence:

A child who is not recognized cannot feel the love of his parents, which will be the worst experience for a child to grow up.

while speaking kindly to children, children feel relaxed and happy, and they can feel the love of their parents, which will be the best nourishment for growth.

speak well to your children, which is more valuable than leaving them Jinshan and Yinshan.

the future of the child is hidden in the words of the parents, and the future of the family is hidden in the future of the child.


leave a good temper to your lover

Zhihu has a question: "Why is it easy to lose your temper with your family?"

there is an answer like this:

you don't know that every time you lose your temper, you will leave a deep scar.

in fact, what really breaks the marriage is not the last straw, but the irreparable scars in the heart.

in the TV series Thirty, Chen Yu's attitude towards his wife Zhong Xiaoqin is tiresome.

Chen Yu had a problem at work and was scolded by the leader, resulting in the cancellation of the holiday.

when I got home, I found that my beloved fish had died because my family had mistakenly pulled the plug.

all the emotions huddled together, so Chen Yu took out his temper on Zhong Xiaoqin:

he can take root in other places for two months without rest, but he is like a pool of stagnant water to his family.

he left his politeness to outsiders and the worst to his family.

once when the two quarreled, Zhong Xiaoqin asked Chen Yu, "what on earth did you get married for?"

Chen Yu unexpectedly justifiably said:

Zhong Xiaoqin left angrily. She said,

Chen Yu directly replied, "if it's really that serious, why should you yell at me when you go to see a doctor?"

finally, disappointed Zhong Xiaoqin smashed Chen Yu's favorite fish tank with her own hands.

two people in love go their separate ways.

losing your temper to the outside world will make you enemies and may lose your interests, which will do too much harm; while losing your temper with your family will make your family uncomfortable, but it will not hurt you. It has a lot of advantages, so you will vent unscrupulously.

it is said that home is a safe haven, but no one maintains it but destroys it, so who will be the port?

if you treat your family as an emotional garbage dump, your home will stink back to you; if you leave a good mood at home, home will return your warm harbor.

the greatest happiness in the world is to give a good temper to your lover and let husband and wife love each other.


leave a good attitude to parents

in the Analects of Confucius, Zi Xia once asked Confucius, "what is filial piety?"

Confucius said, "Color is difficult."

this is true. The hardest part is to be kind to your parents.

when teaching parents new things, they are often super impatient: "how many times have I told you, why not?"

and the next time your parents ask you for advice, they will be careful:

like a pupil who has made a mistake, get along with you cautiously for fear of making you unhappy.

there is even a hint of "hesitation" and "flattery" in words and actions.

I have seen a very heart-wrenching short video.

when I was having dinner, I saw a bill. The father wanted to pay for his daughter, but the daughter said, "I will pay the bill myself."