Three words to keep you from losing your temper!

Three words to keep you from losing your temper!

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du Yuesheng once said:

"the first class people have the ability but no temper; the second class people have the ability and temper; the third class people have no ability and no temper; the last people have no ability and have a temper."

in a long life, those who have the last laugh are often the "first-class people" who have the ability and no temper.

behind these people laughing at the wind and rain is their good attitude in the face of everything.

when you encounter setbacks and ups and downs of life, you can be calm and calm;

when the road ahead is rough and the situation is difficult, you can feel as clear as the moon and detached from things;

when you lose your helmet and armor, you can give up your obsession and let go of the obstacles.

condensing it is the words "quiet", "flat" and "release".

if you understand these three words, you will suddenly be enlightened and the road of life will be smooth.



there are often ups and downs in life, and most of them are difficult to predict.

when confused and confused, many people are always in the midst of anxiety, worry and trepidation.

at this time, the peace of mind is to lead us to the leaf boat that suddenly enlightens us.


there is a saying in the university:

"University" has a saying:

quiet, which seems to be a kind of patience and control of temper, actually contains long-term wisdom.

when you calm down, everything in the world slows down with you, leaving a corner for you to meditate on.

in the process of constant dialogue with the heart, I find the truth and the original heart, return to my own world, and really extricate myself from the vulgar dust.

just like Tao Yuanming, a great writer in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, he wanted to inherit his grandfather's will to pacify the world, but he was always depressed.

when he was the governor of Pengze County, he couldn't stand being servile from time to time, so he resigned and went into seclusion.

it was only when he calmed down that he realized that there is not only one way to help the world in life, but also that it is not a choice to be alone.

there is such a saying:

"the best state of life is quiet, but silence is not to enjoy, but to harvest the richness of life."

if you feel relieved, everything is in chaos.

on the contrary, when you can watch things change, you can watch the vicissitudes of life.

be calm, take things easy, and have more patience to think about solutions.

Get ready to purchase the super cool bridal ball gowns and show off your figure. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

everything can be solved, everything is free of trouble, and life is naturally quiet and beautiful.



"when you are alive, you will encounter some good things and some bad things. Good things can be borne, and bad things can be borne, so it's not bad to be an ordinary person like this. "

the writer Wang Xiaobo has told the whole life in a short sentence.

Life is not flat. Today's wind is smooth and high-spirited, tomorrow may be bad luck and misfortune.

No matter what the situation is, always keep a normal mind and deal with it calmly, so that you can go more steadily and further.

the founder of KFC, Harlan Sanders, his life is legendary.

the 16-year-old, who signed up for the army, was repatriated early because he was seasick, and then his wife swept away all his property.

in the past few decades, I not only experienced car accidents and serious injuries, but also failed to start a business, and fried chicken did not live up to expectations.

in the face of the constant blow of fate, he did not immerse himself in frustration, but kept trying with his usual heart.

at the end of his 80s, he achieved great success and started a career.

things are changeable, and no one can predict whether the future will be bitter or sweet. The victory of those bright people in life is precisely due to their steady state of mind that they are not surprised by honor or disgrace and take their time.

as the saying goes, "do not rejoice with things, do not grieve with yourself."

when you are proud, don't be proud or show off. Understand that today's gains are the fruits of past efforts, and turn victory into a driving force for a better future.

when you are down, you will not be discouraged or decadent. Always keep peace of mind, regardless of cause and effect, appreciate the process,

the success or failure of the world are all clouds and smoke of the past, work hard, struggle, and give everything else to time, the breeze will come slowly not far away.



what is put down?

A netizen from Zhihu said, "I just don't have such a thing in my heart."

although there are only numbers, they contain profound principles of life.

the best way to deal with troubled people is not to escape, but to let go.

the ancients said:

"the gentleman will not fail and will not vent his anger." Only when you put it down can you bear it, and only when you are free can you have it. "

it has happened in the past, and it has become an unalterable fact. We have been clinging to it all the time, so let it go as soon as possible.

to let go is not to escape, but to understand the taste of life after experiencing the sweetness and bitterness of life; to know that life is your own life, and whether it is good or bad has nothing to do with others.

on the contrary, if everything is entangled, it is difficult for everyone to let go, and it is often just a torment to the self.

just like in Wong Kar-wai's movie the True Story of Alfie, Maggie Cheung plays a salesman who is bewitched by Zhang Guorong's prodigal son and lives with him with all his heart.

but the gangster's life, without loyalty and long company, Maggie Cheung, wandering the streets every night, sad for him, but also missed the man who really took pity on her.

Life is in a hurry, and what you think is your favorite in this life is probably just a passer-by.

this is true not only for feelings, but also for everything in the world.

We live, the more we live, the better we understand, and always look forward.

Let go of the feelings of mispayment and embrace your arms.

put aside useless quarrels and go to the future.Only then is rich.

only by letting go can we withdraw from the memories of the past, liberate ourselves from the darkness of life, and make possibilities for the present and the future.


"apart from life and death, all things in the world are small, and what's more, life and death are small."

the so-called world is numerous and complicated, to put it bluntly.

if you understand these three words, most of your troubles will be solved.

be quiet to treat people and things, watch the wind rise and fall with your usual mind, and put down many obstacles outside your body.

when you have positive vitality and tension in the face of ups and downs in life, you will have the ability to be optimistic and open-minded and confront adversity.

Life is not easy. May we all be free from pain and frustration, reach the other side we want, and go to our lives in full bloom.