Time cannot take away a true friend (good article)

Time cannot take away a true friend (good article)

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No matter how good friends are, they always ignore each other for a period of time and don't care about each other.

it's not because I'm bored, it's not because I like the new or the old, it's just because everyone is busy making a living.

A true friend is that after being indifferent for a period of time, he still cares about you and fights with you. He will not be embarrassed to get together again after seeing each other for a long time. There are still endless topics and worries.

time, you can't take away true friends; years, you can't keep illusory possession.

time changes, realize that fate is changeable; insipid and speechless, feel the warmth of human feelings.

A thoughtful person, whether you are here or not, will miss; unintentional love, whether you are good or not, is just indifferent.

after a long journey, you can always realize it once; only by experiencing something can you see some people clearly.

A true friend does not need to be remembered, because he has never forgotten.


those who never leave and never give up are true friends, and those who do not part are really waiting for them.

when people are down, they know whose hands are the warmest; when they quarrel, they know whose heart is the softest.

A person who only knows how to shed blood but shed tears for you is a friend who loves you with all his heart;

A person who only knows how to shed tears but shed blood for you is a lover who helps each other.

A true friend is not how many people follow when he is happy, but he is willing to ask for help when he is down.

True feelings are not sweet words, but they are willing to wander with you when they are down and out.

most of the time, people in the deepest despair, can often see the most beautiful scenery!

when you are proud, your friend knows you; when you are in trouble, you know your friend.

only when you are down and out, how few people are willing to give you a hand.

only in the poorest time to understand, no matter how good feelings can not compete with reality, people are not greedy for money, but are afraid of hardship.

only in a long life do you understand that everyone can love you but few people are willing to put up with you.

therefore, these three kinds of people should be cherished most in the world: friends who help you in time, women who are willing to accompany you through poverty, and men who put up with you in everything.


A true friend is the one who doesn't care, encourages and tells each other what will happen, but misses each other infinitely after parting.

A true friend is the one who helps you when you are in trouble but doesn't need anything in return.

A true friend is the one who will never make you cry.

when you are upset, he is also sad, and when you are happy, he is also happy.

he is the second you, in whom you can see yourself in miniature.

to put it simply, a true friend is the one who appreciates, trusts, understands and tolerates each other, and always wants to think of you as himself.

about true friends, in fact, everyone has their own definition, but the most important thing is that they are not afraid of being misunderstood by you and are really thinking of you.


A true friend has nothing to do with wine or meat, interests, high or low, or high or low.

there is no time and space barrier, it is the tacit understanding of the soul, the congenial temperament, the attachment of the soul, and the accommodation of the heart.

True friends know each other and meet each other, just like the journey of the sun and the moon, no matter how things change.

True friends do not need to be too close to each other, no pushing cups, no red tape, no exchange of interests, no desire and tacit understanding between each other.

A true friend can trust each other physically and mentally with a glass of water, a message, or even an idea.

A true friend is the chance of a good personality, as natural as a flower, as open as the morning dew embracing the rising sun.

True friends know each other like a mirror and respect each other like guests!

A true friend is precious but not expensive, sincere but not deceitful.

A true friend is the inspiration of a noble personality charm, the embodiment of the fragrance of two souls at the same time, and the fragrance of the soul!

A true friend is a gentleman whose friendship is as light as water, and mediocrity is true.

A true friend is a person who trusts each other, respects each other, says everything, and can help you without hesitation at critical times.

A true friend is one who dares to say no to a friend and can't take a friendly reminder to a friend as an opinion of himself.

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A true friend has to treat each other with all sincerity and reach out a selfless hand when a friend is helpless.

A true friend is to think more about each other, not to patronize yourself and not to think of friends.

A true friend can help you recognize your own shortcomings and strengths.

A true friend is one who still treats you as before when you are down, and does not change your mind when you are brilliant.

A true friend can cry with you when you are sad and be happy for you when you laugh.

A true friend can change your heart, and he will stand up and share it for you whenever you are upset.

A true friend will not abandon you, let alone betray you and frame you.

A true friend is earned by yourself, not casually.

A true friend is someone who can share blessings and hardships with you, who will not betray you for his own sake, but will always think of you.


A true friend gives you comfort and care when you are sad and helpless;

gives you confidence and strength when you are disappointed and wandering;

when you are successful and happy, share your victory and joy.

on the journey of life, despite the ups and downs, having true friends can give you encouragement, care, and help you through the most difficult years.

A true friend does not need to be remembered, because he has never forgotten.