To be a man, don't think too much.

To be a man, don't think too much.

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there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the source of pain in life?"

there is a highly praised answer:

most of the pain in life is not caused by others, but by yourself.

everyone is attacked by two arrows: the first arrow is shot at you by the outside world, and the second arrow is shot at yourself.

what really hurts you is the arrow in your heart.

my heart is the only one who can make you happy and bitter.

the so-called sword in mind is people's speculation and wishful thinking about interpersonal relations and reality, which is repeated over and over again like a movie, hurting themselves over and over again.

most people who think too much can't live a good life.


you will get yourself into trouble

there is a saying in "the ordinary World": "if you don't worry yourself, others can never bother you."

there is a man named Rand who has been worried all summer because of something.

his son served in the army, and he was worried about his child's safety.

his daughter is about to graduate from high school, and he is worried that he will not be able to raise enough tuition fees.

the canal nearby has been dug, which may cause the well on his farm to dry up and will need to be rebuilt.

he also heard that his house had been designated by the government in the expropriation area, but if the compensation was not enough to buy a new house, the whole family would be homeless.

the wife saw the sad husband and advised him to write down all his troubles and continue to do what needs to be done.

A year passed before he knew it. When Rand was tidying up, he came across a piece of paper full of troubles. He was surprised to find that none of the things that had made him miserable had happened.

Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro said: "the so-called predicament in life is nothing but the shackles you have imagined and set by yourself."

sometimes it is not troubles that choose people, but people who take the initiative to choose troubles.

"the three old houses are covered with cloth." What we are talking about is Yu Youren, a modern calligrapher in our country. The world often laments that he lived a poor life and suffered from wind and rain, but he was able to be calm, leisurely and admirable.

in fact, the secret is hidden in the living room of his house.

on the white wall, there is such a couplet "don't think about eight or nine, often think about one or two" and criticize "Ruyi".

whenever Yu Youren is upset, he stares at this couplet, alerts himself, unconsciously and calmly.

Mr. Yang Jiang said at the age of 100: "We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was the calmness and calmness of our hearts."

all troubles arise from the heart.

instead of wandering in the heart, it is better to correct the heart.

when you have peace of mind, your troubles disappear without a trace.


oversensitive and self-torturing

Yu Minhong said: "many people lose their happiness because she is too sensitive."

in the Battle of Love, there is such a couple who are very sweet at first, but the good times are not long, and the boys find that girls are sensitive and paranoid, for which they have quarreled countless times.

boys have dinner with colleagues, and girls call and ask if there are any strange women at the table.

every time boys answer the phone, girls are asked to turn on speakerphone and listen to the conversation together.

boys like "that year in a hurry", so they retweet the song on moments, and the girls comment below: "do you miss your ex-girlfriend?"

the boy replied helplessly: "don't I even have the right to like a song?"

what annoys the boys most is that the girls suspect that the boys stole the money from their girlfriends.

that day, they had dinner with the girl's best friend. After that, the boy returned to work. The girl and her best friend went shopping. In a clothing store, the girl said she had lost a few hundred yuan in her wallet.

when the girl heard this, she became suspicious and suspected that her boyfriend had stolen money while eating, which made her lose face in front of her best friend. In the absence of any evidence, the girl went to her boyfriend's unit and made a scene. Colleagues at work all cast strange eyes.

the girl explained in the program that when they were together at first, the girl was attracted to the honesty and honesty of the boy, but because she had been betrayed by her ex, it left a shadow in her heart, so she was very sensitive to everything.

in the comment session, the guest teacher said to the girl, "I know you are sensitive and paranoid because you have been deceived by your ex-boyfriend, but you can't bring this mentality to every relationship in the future. Trust is the most important foundation of a relationship."

people who are oversensitive often lack trust and waste their time in endless suspicion and reverie, which not only tortures themselves, but also brings distress to the people around them.

sensitive people have a glass heart, and any little thing will cause an inner uproar. Sensitive people will live a very tired life, as soon as the wind blows and grass moves, everyone will be afraid.

take a light view of everything, the heart is simple, then you will be happy.


Life is short, don't think too much

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A young man is troubled and depressed all day long. In order to seek relief, he runs around, looking for a way.

when he came to the foot of a mountain, he saw a shepherd boy playing his flute leisurely, so he went up to him and asked, "you are so happy, aren't you in trouble?"

the shepherd boy took the flute away and said, "when you ride on the back of a cow, as soon as the flute is played, there will be no trouble."

as he walked on, he saw an old man fishing quietly, looking calm. He went up to the old man and asked, "Don't you have any troubles in life when you can fish so comfortably?"

the old man smiled and said, "looking at the water quietly with a fishing rod in hand, all the troubles are gone."

Young people have tried, but they still can't get rid of their troubles.