To be a man, it is important to wake up!

To be a man, it is important to wake up!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is long, there are always a lot of unhappiness and frustrations, stumbling along the road.

the human feelings in the world are cold and warm, the ups and downs of life have been experienced, and gradually I have a deeper understanding of many people and things.

once entangled things, gradually look away, people who once trusted, gradually see clearly.

see clearly, just look down on it.


sometimes there must be life, and don't ask for it all the time.

the writer Bai Luomei once said, "all honor and disgrace return to dust." Only by following the fate of gain and loss can you be at ease and peace. "

Life is only a few decades. If you haggle over everything, you will only make your life very tired.

you know, there are many things that cannot be forced to come. God has already made plans for gains and losses.

remember a short philosophical story.

there was a young apprentice who accidentally broke one of Master's favorite porcelain while cleaning the porcelain.

he was worried that he would be scolded by Master, so he came up with a plan and went to ask Master, "Master, will two people who love each other be together forever?"

Master replied, "things are changeable. It is fate to go or stay. It is not up to people to gather and disperse."

the little apprentice continued to ask, "is there anything that can last forever?"

Master said, "things are just like people. When they gather, they come, and when they scatter, they go away."

the little apprentice continued to ask, "in that case, there is no need for us to worry about external things, right?"

Master nodded and said, "Yes, some people, some things, no matter how much you care, they will die sooner or later. Why bother to be sad and worry about them?"

hearing this, the little apprentice told Master about the broken porcelain. When she heard this, she couldn't help laughing and saying, "it seems that my fate with this porcelain has come to an end."

I can't help thinking of what Sanmao said: "what you deliberately look for is often impossible to find."

all things in the world come and go, there is time for him. "

as the saying goes, sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

is not yours. Even if you get it temporarily, you will lose it eventually.

everything in this world should be yours, sooner or later it will belong to you, not yours, and will leave eventually.

Let go of gains and losses, don't insist on what you can't get, and go with it.

the accuracy of human calculation is not as good as that of natural calculation

as an old saying goes: the world is bustling for profit.

in this complicated world, there is a mixture of fish and dragons and exchanges of interests, and everyone has his own abacus in mind.

but people have a small abacus and heaven has a big abacus.

the abacus is too loud, do the math, and think hard for the immediate benefits;

although you can get temporary benefits at the moment, in the end, you will lose others at the expense of yourself.

once read a story about an old man who knew he was dying, so he decided to entrust his young grandson to the care of his good friend Lao Zhang.

in addition, he also gave all his money and real estate to Lao Zhang for safekeeping.

after his death, Lao Zhang became greedy, took all his possessions for himself, and sent his children to an orphanage to lead a rich life.

it's a pity that the good times didn't last long. Lao Zhang's two sons, one rebellious and unfilial, the other idle, scattered all the property of his hometown in a few years.

as said in the Book of changes:

"the family that accumulates the good must have Yu Qing, and the family that accumulates the bad will have the aftermath."

God will not treat him badly if he does more good deeds and does more good deeds. God will not make it easy for him to do evil when he has done all his tricks.

be a man, don't play the abacus too loudly.

little do you know that things are unpredictable, and no matter how well people calculate, they are not as accurate as those calculated by heaven


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