To enrich oneself is better than to please others

To enrich oneself is better than to please others

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do not chase a horse, you use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when the spring blossoms, can attract a number of horses for you to choose from.

Zhou Guoping said:


enrich the brain

in this era, there is no lifelong career, only lifelong learning.

the better people are, the more they understand the importance of continuous learning. In their life dictionary, the midlife crisis in the eyes of others never exists.

as Liang Ning mentioned in "30 lectures on Product thinking":

starting from a best kernel, continuous iterations and small choices one by one will make your product and your life.

what point you are at today is not so important, what matters is how you will continue to iterate over the next few years.

Yes, education represents the past, while learning ability represents the future.

until the end, I found that only those who can continue to learn can laugh until the end.

this law applies to everyone. As long as you keep on learning, you can run farther and farther in your own track life.


A person's life is actually a process of constantly seeing heaven and earth, sentient beings and self.

"all great things are done mainly by knowledge, supplemented by talent", which comes from Zeng Guofan's family letter.

here "knowledge" refers to insight, people do great things, knowledge dominates, directly determines the success or failure of things, and then the ability.

getting out of our own square and enriching our knowledge is a necessary practice for us.

when you have seen the majesty of the mountains, the vastness of the desert, the romance of the Gobi, and experienced the immensity of heaven and earth, you will become humble.

when you have seen the customs and customs of different countries, you will find that there are countless kinds of life in this world, and there are countless choices in life.

you begin to stop clinging to the trivialities in front of you, learn to look far away, and learn to live in your own rhythm, who you don't envy, who you don't envy.


enrich life

in life, many people have lost their perception of life. They feel that life is becoming more and more boring, boring and passionate.

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in fact, we are getting lazier and lazier about life, do not want to bother, do not want to bother, do not want to think, that is why we lead a depressed life.

I remember that Jiang Xu once said:

"the so-called interest in life is to treat all things in life with interest, and excavate the beauty in it for our use."

in fact, as long as you have a heart that loves life, know how to refine beauty, ingest poetry and inject thoughts in trivial daily life, then your life will become more and more quality.


enrich the soul

Su Shi said: "the belly is full of poetry and books."

Reading can enrich one's inner world.

Reading can make one's heart stronger.

when you have more knowledge, wider horizons, and bigger patterns, all tribulations will no longer be tribulations, but ladders to help you grow.

because you will change the way you look at the world and things.

the big waves that you thought could break your life into pieces will become an insignificant spray in the long river of your life.

you thought it would subvert your problem, but it's not worth mentioning at all.

Shakespeare said:

Reading seems to have the power to connect the past, the present and the future.

besides reading, travel can also enrich the spiritual world.

as the ancients said, "read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles."

Reading can increase one's wisdom, enlarge the pattern, and enrich the spiritual world.

Travel, as a physical reading, can also broaden people's horizons and change people's temperament.

when you read more books, your heart will become rich.

learning to think about how to be strong is the best way to end the pain.

people with rich hearts and independent personalities have knowledge in their bellies, opinions in their hearts, and fragrance in their souls.