To get close to people with positive energy.

To get close to people with positive energy.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I wonder if you have ever heard of the catfish effect.

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in Norway, people like to eat sardines, but because sardines like to be clustered and lazy, it is often not easy to catch live fish.

fishermen do everything they can to get the sardines to the fishing port alive, often backfiring.

however, there is a fishing boat that can always catch live fish, and it was not until later that people learned the secret.

it turns out that every time the captain fished, he would put some active catfish in the trough.

when sardines are affected, they accelerate their swimming, promoting the circulation of air and making them much more likely to catch live fish.

the same is true of people. What kind of circle they are close to, what kind of life they will achieve.

how important is it to walk the world and be with positive people?


walking with positive people is the best way to keep in good health

Xunzi persuades Xue to write: "Pengsheng hemp, do not support oneself straight, white sand in nirvana, with it and black."

the grass grows in the hemp field and can stand upright without support; when the white sand is mixed into the black soil, it will become as black as the soil.

thus it can be seen that the people around you, the environment you live in, will greatly affect your quality of life.

when Shi Tiesheng, a famous writer, was in his 20s, he was disabled in both legs due to serious waist and leg illness. from then on, he had to live on a wheelchair.

in the years when he first got into a wheelchair, he was depressed and confused about his life.

until one day, he heard Liu Qing's sincere words: "Why don't you write something?" I think you are capable of writing something. "

after hearing this, Shi Tiesheng fell into thinking, slowly walked out of the haze, and soon began to write, recording his own exploration of the meaning of life.

then, I and The Temple of Earth, a work that influenced countless people, was written.

whenever Liu Qing goes to Beijing, he will visit Shi Tiesheng and encourage him to try screenplays and write novels.

at the beginning, Shi Tiesheng wrote a long screenplay, but it was still a long way from shooting.

Liu Qing will continue to encourage him: "I think you can. In my experience, you can definitely do writing."

it is precisely because of the affirmation again and again that Shi Tiesheng has more self-confidence and rekindles hope in his life.

later, Shi Tiesheng wrote in his book: "Liu Qing is the guide of my writing."

people with positive energy, like a dawn in the dark, let you know the value of life.

their positivity will help you find the direction of your life, accompany you to the larger world and see the wider world.

people with positive energy can always show people a good state of mind, even if there are many hardships in life, they can have their own strength.

their calmness is a valuable medicine on the way forward, giving them a little more peace of mind.

if you walk with the wise, the road is naturally wide; with the superior, you go further.

if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a tiger and wolf, you must be a beast.

A positive person is like the sun, where it shines, and a negative person is like the moon. The first 15 is different.

being with positive people is the best way to maintain good health.


getting along with negative people is the biggest consumption.

David Polly tells a story in the garbage truck Law:

on the way to the airport by taxi, our taxi is in the right lane.

suddenly, a black car rushed out of the parking space. fortunately, the taxi driver hit the brakes in time, otherwise he would have hit it.

unexpectedly, the driver of the black car turned around and yelled at us fiercely.

when the taxi driver saw this, he just smiled and shook his hand and showed a friendly look.

I was puzzled, so I asked the driver, "Why did you just do that?" He almost crashed your car and took us to the hospital. "

the driver slowly explained: "many people are like garbage trucks, running around with garbage, frustration and anger." When their garbage is full, they need to be dumped, and if you give them a chance, they will dump it on you. Therefore, do not accept their garbage, truly successful people will not let garbage trucks dominate their lives. "

people meet all kinds of people in this life.

there are always some people who complain about the injustice of fate, the unfavorable circumstances of the world, the failure of others to help, and their families.

complain, except that you don't blame yourself.

negative people have overcast clouds in their lives, and there is no vitality to speak of.

when my friend was ill in hospital, a patient in the next bed cried with a quilt every day.

originally her illness is very likely to be cured, but because her state of mind is too negative, her physical condition is getting worse and worse.

she usually either cries in bed or loses her temper at her family.

when I chat with you occasionally, all I talk about is: "it is better to spend money on suffering than not to treat it."

"Why everyone else is alive and well, only I have to suffer these crimes."

after a long time, other people were more or less influenced by her, and the atmosphere in the ward became heavier.

immerse yourself in negative emotions, consuming not only your own energy, but also the light of others.

Su Cen has a saying quite right: you don't have to bring everyone into your life.

if you see a man floating on the sea, you try to pull him ashore, but he is unwilling to hold out his hand and just cry.Too much time will only put you in danger.

the rest of life is short, and it is really wise to stay away from the people who consume you.


circles determine life, mindset changes life

Research shows that the average of the people you most often approach is your value.

you will become what you are with and what kind of life you will have as you enter the circle.

walking with positive energy people, there are more sunny days than rainy days in life, and surprises always outweigh pain.

there are many kinds of beauty in the world, but what is missing is to find beautiful people.

Beauty can be found in a positive environment, and grievances can only be seen in negative and depressed emotions.

I like a passage from Mr. Cui Wanzhi in Super orator: "the world is a mirror shining on our hearts. The world is what it is. Choose to complain and your heart will be filled with pain, darkness and despair. Choose to be grateful, and the world will be full of sunshine, hope and love. "

being with excellent people, achieving and shining on each other is the best choice.

as the old saying goes: seek inward in the heart, outward seek in the Tao.

the so-called "heart" is to change the state of mind, give up rubbish, and learn to cross by yourself.

the so-called "Tao" is to approach the correct circle and imperceptibly change fate.

for the rest of my life, people who are close to positive energy become people with positive energy and keep warmth around them.

as Lu Sihao once mentioned: what kind of person you are, what kind of song you hear, what kind of words you write, what kind of people you meet.

you can hear healing songs, see warm words, write stubborn words, meet the right people, and believe the old words of faith, warmth, dreams and persistence because that's who you are.