To give up is to get, and what you get is to give up (good text in depth)

To give up is to get, and what you get is to give up (good text in depth)

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there is a saying that the bitterness of life lies in persistence, and the difficulty in life lies in letting go.

those who are happy are not free from troubles, but are well aware of the wisdom they are willing to give.

give up the false pursuit, let go of the shackles of fame and wealth, do not worry about gains and losses, and do not be trapped in love by obsession.

if you can pick it up and put it down, you are a free person in the world.


giving up means

I have seen such a story.

in ancient times, a man who was greedy for money went on a boat with a big bag of gold on his back.

unexpectedly, when the boat reached the middle of the river, a strong wind suddenly blew up. Seeing that the boat was about to be overturned by the wind and waves, the boatman shouted to the man, "lose the gold in your hand!"

if the ship is discarded in time, the ship will become lighter and have a chance of survival, but no matter how loudly the boatman roars, the man will not give up his gold.

at last, the ship sank, and the man gave himself his life because of a bag of gold.

at first glance, this story is very puzzling. How could there be such a stupid person in the world?

We didn't realize until we were old that we laughed at the people in the story, and then we lived to be the people in that story.

We are obsessed with fame and wealth, but we are burdened by fame and wealth, we pursue wealth, but we are enslaved by material things, we cling to our feelings, but we are hurt by them.

most of the time, there is room only when you are willing, and freedom is when you let go.

when Tao Yuanming was young, his family was poor and he had some ambition to enter the temple.

for this reason, he has been in the official sea for several decades.

however, the current situation is chaotic, officialdom is dark, and there are many intrigues. Tao Yuanming is bent on avoiding the world and wants to return to nature.

this time away, it is very thorough.

for the rest of his life, Tao Yuanming indulged in landscapes, fell in love with poetry, and lived a comfortable life of ploughing and enjoying wine.

Zhu Xi once commented on him like this: "although the figures of Jin and Song dynasties were noble, they all wanted official positions, while they talked freely, and Tao Yuanming really wanted them to solicit power and accept goods."

this "no" is not only the helplessness of self-preservation, but also great wisdom and courage.

Tao Yuanming gave up the fame and wealth gained by self-sacrifice, but reaped the quiet years in pastoral poetry.

there is a saying:

in many cases, giving up is not giving up, but a way to lighten the burden on life.

only by daring to give up the burden and move forward light, can you see the different scenery of life.


A successful person once visited a senior professor and said that he was very famous, but he felt more and more tired.

the professor asked, "what are you up to every day?"

the man truthfully replied, "I am busy with all kinds of social activities every day, sometimes dinners, sometimes speeches, and dealing with all kinds of people."

after listening to this, the professor said nothing but took him to the cloakroom and asked him to put all his clothes on him, saying:

put it on, and your troubles will be easily solved.

the man refused to say:

"I have enough clothes to wear, and it is useless to wear more clothes, not to mention that it will not be more bulky to walk with so many clothes on me."

the professor said, since you know the truth, why put so many shackles on yourself?

you are neither a communicator nor an orator, so why do you have to play so many roles to overwhelm yourself?

author and gourmet Cai Lan once said that

at the age of 54, he resolutely lost his halo as a well-known producer in the film industry and embarked on a journey to find good food alone.

he lived a full and interesting life, and for him, the essence of life was concentration.

when it's time to make a movie, make a good movie, when it's time to write, write a good book, and when you're tired, start from scratch and live in a different way.

with regard to fame and wealth, he is also extremely clear-headed:

"I don't like the title of genius, nor do I like the title of God of Food. I don't like what people say.

I just want to be a 'person', filial to my parents, love to the younger generation, punctual, and keep promises. "

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people live in the world, eager for fame and wealth, tired of desire, the more they bear, the more they lose.

the difficulty of life lies in the trade-off.

only when we cut down the complexity and give up unnecessary fetters can life be suddenly enlightened.


it is the deepest practice for a person not to be happy and not to worry about loss.

Li Shutong was born into a very rich family and enjoyed all his wealth and splendor in the first half of his life.

has also encountered the dilemma of exile, and has produced mournful and beautiful flowers in the desperate situation.

he lived half his life, but at the height of his fame, he gave up all the prosperity, turned and fled into the empty door and changed his name to Master Hongyi.

in his life, he has been exposed to ups and downs, has been reckless and heroic, and has been faced with the impermanence of the end of the song.

when he was in the scenery, he was busy with fame and wealth, but he never interfered with his inner joys and sorrows for the praise and slander of the outside world.

for the rest of his life, he was not entangled with the poverty of life, with a green lamp, a roll of scriptures, a light meal and awned shoes.

it is said that when his friend Professor Xia Mengzun came to visit him during his spiritual practice, there was only a small dish on his table.

Professor Xia shook his head after tasting it. "this dish is so salty."

Master Hongyi smiled calmly: "salty, but also has a salty taste."

Yes, salty tastes salty, bitter tastes bitter.Tao, insipid, but also has an insipid taste.

all kinds of tastes are life.

in this life, the original purpose is to taste all the ups and downs, and then give up the flashy, to find inner stability.

if you don't like it, life is about reincarnation between gains and losses.

if you don't worry about it, life will always be lost.

those who leave will eventually come back in another way.

Life is a passer-by, living in the world for decades, it is better to walk alone, be content with the present and smile at life.