To parents: children who are really self-disciplined are never forced by their parents!

To parents: children who are really self-disciplined are never forced by their parents!

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Apple founder Steve Jobs once said:

self-discipline is confident, self-confidence is free.

self-discipline is the foundation of everything.

the more self-disciplined a person is, the better he is.


self-disciplined children are excellent you can't imagine

for most children, self-discipline is a scarce commodity.

they don't have a plan, they often do what they think of, and they can't finish what they start.

however, the gap between good and ungood children is precisely self-discipline.

because children with self-discipline are excellent sooner or later.

A little boy grew up abroad from an early age and later returned home with his mother to receive a second-grade education.

the Chinese paper of the entrance test was on both sides. The little boy did it for an hour and a half and only filled in a blank.

worried that her son could not keep up, the mother told her son that she started studying in the first grade, but the son insisted on studying in the second grade.

he made a plan for himself to learn Chinese for half an hour every day, memorizing how many Chinese characters, learning a few pinyin, and so on. Sure enough, soon after, he not only caught up with him, but also surpassed everyone else.

self-disciplined children have a strict concept of time, never procrastinate in doing things or learning, have super self-control, can effectively resist bad temptations from outside, and insist on getting their own things done.

A self-disciplined child, his future is unlimited.


self-discipline cannot be cultivated only by forcing

some people say: "counting on children's self-consciousness is the most powerless education."

laziness is human nature, and children are no exception.

self-discipline is not inborn, a self-disciplined child is raised from an early age.

but when cultivating children's self-discipline, parents must keep in mind that they must not "force" them. often, the more "forced" the parents are, the more their children will turn the other way.

Why is this?

first, the control is too strict, causing rebellious mentality

some parents feel that if they want their children to exercise self-discipline, they must be strict, regardless of big or small things.

but in this way, children with high self-esteem are bound to run away or resist.

coercion will only stimulate the child's rebellious mentality, which is disadvantageous.

2. Eager for success and overestimating the child's willpower

the child's ability of self-control is not achieved overnight. If you want to make the child self-discipline, you must give him enough time.

but some parents are always eager for success, and it is impossible for their children to succeed after a day or two.

overestimating a child's willpower will only be counterproductive.


self-disciplined children all stand behind their parents who lead by example

those who are close to Zhu are black, and self-discipline can be "inherited".

Children are the mirrors of parents. We have to be what we want our children to be.

actress Sun Li is very self-disciplined. She insists on sports, calligraphy, painting, etc., and strives for perfection in her career. She seriously speculates on her roles in every play, and hundreds of plays alone have been accumulated.

Sun Li's self-discipline has not only achieved himself, but also deeply affected the children.

when we turn to Sun Li's Weibo, we will find that

she picks up pens to paint, and her children also like painting; she has persisted in practicing yoga for ten years, and her children have become young sports talents.

only self-disciplined parents can cultivate self-disciplined children.

as a parent, don't talk too much to your children, but apply practical actions to influence them and set a good example for them.

as the saying goes:

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parents can only educate their self-disciplined children by setting an example.


to teach children to learn self-discipline parents need to master these skills

to cultivate their children's self-discipline, it is best to do so as soon as possible.

in addition to parents leading by example, you also need to master the following skills.

one, make normative rules

parents can set clear and clear family rules at home, and then follow them, and if the rules are broken, they have to bear the consequences.

at this point, the child will need to restrict his behavior according to the norms and urge him to make the right decision.

2. Teach children an example

for example, a child's favorite star, behind his success, is how much sweat and bitterness he has paid.

the versatility of stars is also the result of insisting on it every day, not born like this.

third, starting from interest

interest will make one realize that resisting the temptation to play will make a person willing to make a plan and carry out a plan.

parents can help their children find things they are interested in, stimulate their children's enthusiasm and initiative, and cultivate good self-discipline.

IV. Cultivate good habits

the highest level of self-discipline is the habit that comes naturally.

cultivate children's good living and study habits and make them natural.

self-discipline is the greatest wealth that parents give their children.

from now on, guide children in the right way and cultivate their self-discipline.