To parents: it is the teachers who teach, but it must be the parents who educate people!

To parents: it is the teachers who teach, but it must be the parents who educate people!

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the word "education" contains "teaching" and "education".

Teachers impart knowledge and parents raise their children.

the education of children is inseparable from the cooperation of teachers and parents!

if education only depends on teachers,

that will really delay their children

many parents think that if they send their children to school, they can rely entirely on teachers for their children's education.

this is not true. Why do children behave differently in the same class and the same teacher?

because we can't rely solely on the teacher to educate the child, otherwise it will delay the child too much.

there are some education that teachers are really powerless to do.

A teacher cannot guarantee your child's good conduct, give your child good habits, give your child an interest in reading, let alone give your child long-term happiness.

these words are cruel, but to the point. I hope all parents can see and understand.

every step of a child's development requires the participation of parents.

good grades do not depend on teachers only.

families are the hotbeds for cultivating high achiever.

if children are to become better and better, of course they have to be taught by school teachers.

but the family is far more important than school in terms of children's grades.

Chen Baosheng of the Ministry of Education said: "the lack of family education will not only counteract the effect of school education, but also have a negative impact on the development of children."

what's the use even if children listen carefully in class and don't study at all when they get home?

high achiever is not born. Behind every high achiever, there is a powerful family.

high achiever's parents are not necessarily highly educated and capable, but they can provide high achiever with a good family atmosphere and growing up environment.

it is the teacher who teaches,

but it must be the parents

Han Yu wrote in "teacher Shuo": "as a teacher, so preaching and teaching karma to solve doubts."

means that teachers are people who impart knowledge, teach studies, and answer questions.

what the teacher teaches is always the knowledge in the textbook, while what is outside the textbook is the education of the parents.

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Yu Minhong once said: "the family is the photocopier, the parents are the originals, and the children are the copies." If there is something wrong with the copy, then we must go back to the original to find the problem.

parents' words and deeds, good and bad, are influencing their children imperceptibly.

therefore, with the teaching of teachers and the education of parents, the matter of education is complete.

when children grow up,

parents are the best teachers for their children

A good teacher may be able to influence their children for three or five years, but the influence of parents lasts a lifetime.

Family education is like the roots and seedlings of plants. Only when roots and seedlings thrive can they flourish, blossom and bear fruit.

in the process of their children's growth, parents should be willing to invest their energy and learn to be willing to take it.

parents need to influence their children through their words and deeds and become role models for their children.

you know, parents' words and deeds are more useful than children's self-discipline.

every parent must have such a firm belief in his heart: my child's growth is my responsibility.

to educate their children well,

is the most important career for parents.

what teachers cannot teach is actually the responsibility of parents.

know that your child is only one of the many students of the teacher, and educating your child is only part of the teacher's job.

but you are different. You are the only one in the children's world. Educating your own children will always be your most important career.

parents are lifelong teachers of their children and have a lifelong responsibility for their children.

No matter how successful you are in your career, it is not worth the consequences of failure in educating your children.

Dear parents, don't miss your child's education again.

Children grow up faster than you think, and it's too late to teach some things.

good parents should be careful, and

be even more ruthless

there is an old Chinese saying: a habitual son is like killing a child.

parents spoil their children, do not have the heart to let their children suffer, and are not willing to let their children suffer hardships, the more useless the children will be.

raising a child is not only to keep the child fed and clothed, but also to guide him for the rest of his life.

behind every excellent person, there is a "cruel" parent.

under the education of "hard-hearted" parents, children can take one step at a time and slowly move towards success.

the child is as good as his parents are ruthless.

the more "ruthless" parents, the more they understand and love their children with their own lives!

parents support teachers,

is to support the growth of their children

it is often said that differences are easy to arise between teachers and parents, resulting in unhappiness between both sides.

but in fact, both teachers and parents have the same starting point and the same goal, that is, to educate their children to become talents.

Teachers and parents have never been opposing camps.

parents support teachers, and education is powerful if they do not protect their weaknesses.

only if the teacher disciplines the students and does not tolerate them can the children have a future.

what education needs most is not parents' supervision, blame and questioning, but quiet support.

when you support your teacher, you are actually supporting your child's growth.

there are no perfect parents,

nor perfect teachers. We encourage

education, but never.It's supposed to be a solo thing.

in educating children, teachers and parents are partners and should work hand in hand.

teachers and parents are the most important right-hand men on the way children grow up, both of which are indispensable.

Teachers and parents have the same love for their children. Only by trusting each other can we achieve common success.

there are no perfect parents and no perfect teachers. Only the perfect cooperation between home and school can educate the best children.