To please yourself is the greatest wisdom in life.

To please yourself is the greatest wisdom in life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

it is better to please yourself than to please others.

it's a long way, walking alone, and most of the time, we're the only ones we can rely on. Please yourself, release the pressure and unhappiness of life, make yourself happy, your heart will be full of sunshine, and your feet will be full of wind.

while blindly pleasing others, you can't get your own happiness or your own progress. Because not everyone knows how to be grateful, not everyone knows how to cherish.

please yourself, love what I love, and have no regrets.

A long life, we are all struggling to find out. On the way to hard work, love and hate are intertwined and soaked in bitterness. only when you know how to please yourself and love everything you love, can you relax your heart, make your soul comfortable, and let your life walk on the road to happiness.

Mu Xin once said, "what is a man doing when he comes into the world?" Love the cutest, the prettiest, the prettiest and the best. " And this so-called love everything we like is to please ourselves. If everyone can find the people and things they love under the heavy pressure of life, they can live easily and happily.

to please yourself and become a better person will keep you on the road to excellence. The heart makes the fertile land, the life tillage is endless, plant the favorite plum orchid bamboo chrysanthemum in the heart field, let the life fragrance at 04:00, the year is bright, the life naturally contains fragrance, the time is naturally warm. Over time, it will attract the eyes of appreciation and the footsteps of stopping.

to please ourselves, inadvertently, let us transform, discard the ugly, embrace the fragrance, yearn for the light, and repel the dark. The tender seedlings of life, growing in the warmth of self-pleasure, will poke the clouds to see the sun, grow in the wind, and blossom.

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those who love us do not need to please, and those who do not love us need not please. On the way of life, those who really love us understand our joys and sorrows, know our warmth, respect our personality, and respect our choices more. Whether we please each other or not, it will be like a clear spring, silently flowing, always moistening our hearts, like a moon, always bringing comfort and light in the dark night.

people who please themselves and become better selves are naturally attracted and do not need us to please. Because such people, and we have a similar soul, have a common pursuit, have the same wise choice. When the light reflects the light, when the fragrance is fragrant, the value of life can be realized in silence, and the beauty of life comes quietly in silence.

to please yourself, bid farewell to inferiority, farewell to cowardice, bid farewell to groveling, farewell to prudence, can always make a person live in optimism and self-confidence, and live in independence and courage. No matter how confused the road ahead, with self-confidence, independence and courage, no matter how bumpy, no matter how confused, there is no need to worry.

there is only one life. We cannot choose our appearance and destiny, but we have the ability to please ourselves and make ourselves better, stronger, more confident and braver.

the elucidator of wisdom said, "A person does not live for others, but for himself, to be a meaningful self."

there is a long way to go. May you and I both learn to please ourselves, enrich our souls, live a perfect life, and live the brilliance and beauty of life for the rest of our lives.