To raise your child well is to make money.

To raise your child well is to make money.

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A few days ago, I saw a piece of news:

A father gave up a high salary from a five-star hotel chef to work in kindergarten in order to spend more time with his daughter.

after changing jobs, he said happily, "I can pick up my daughter at the school gate every day, and the child is so excited that he is always the first to rush out of school and into my arms."

in the comments, most netizens praised the father:

but some people said they didn't understand. They thought that the father was overqualified and overused. Would it be fragrant for his daughter to earn more money? Is it really worth it?

in this regard, I would like to tell you firmly: of course it is worth it.

because educating your children well is the best investment for the rest of your life.


parents work hard all their lives

on the 50-page consumption list, high-spending items such as meals, KTV, board games and shopping are conspicuous.

even a pair of shoes cost 800 yuan.

and his father is just an ordinary working class. This 300000 is saved by his hard work for his son.

the news of children losing their families can be found everywhere.

during the winter vacation this year, a mother chose to go out to work because of the epidemic.

as a result, the 15-year-old daughter took online lessons at home, became addicted to live streaming, and secretly bound her mother's bank card. In just one winter vacation, she spent 550000 yuan to reward the anchor and squandered it.

and this money is not only all the family belongings, but also the money borrowed by my mother.

it really makes me sad.

how many parents work hard to earn money to support their families and try their best to create the best life for their children, but they never think that their hard-earned money will be squandered by their children.

but while we feel sorry for our parents and blame our children, should we also have some reflection?

just like what Dong Qing said in the first lesson of school: when you educate your children, you choose to make money instead of disciplining them. When your child grows up, your hard-earned money for the rest of your life is not worth the loss of his family for a year.

hit the nail on the head.

when the child is most worthy of education, neglecting to accompany and discipline the child is laying hidden dangers for the child's future.

the laziness you once stole from your children will be repaid by you at some point in the future.


earning more money

cannot replace the lack of education for their children

Zhihu has seen such a question: how much money does a pair of parents have to earn each month to support a family?

the answer of the highest vote is: "the key word to support a family is not money, but the key word to support a family is love."

the neighbor has such a child.

his parents are both businessmen and their families are well-off. They usually travel on business all the year round and leave their children to their grandma from an early age.

We have made homecoming satin gowns perfect even for the casual looks. These collections easily match to all occasions.

it may be because of the lack of childhood and guilt that they respond to their children's demands and provide for good food and clothing.

when the child was in the fourth grade of primary school, he began to play truant and tired of school. the head teacher called his parents, saying that they were too busy and asked the teacher to take care of more, saying that they would spend money to find a job for the child later.

during the Spring Festival this year, I saw this child drop out of school at the age of 15 or 16, linger in Internet cafes every day, full of dirty words, like a social youth.

the couple complained to everyone that the child was useless and unworthy, but it didn't help. The child had been abandoned.

in the most important period of personality development in his life, without the company of his parents and without correct education and guidance, he had already gone astray, and now it is very difficult to turn back.

either give the child enough money and material support, or it is the best love.

every conceited, selfish, rebellious and useless child is created by his parents.

as Li Ka-shing said: no matter how successful one is in his career, he cannot make up for the failure of educating his children.

No matter how much money you earn and no matter how much you invest in your children, you can't make up for the lack of education for your children.


to raise your child well is to make money

British psychoanalyst Bobby once said:

"people who engage in the production of material goods will be included in the social economic index, while those who devote themselves to raising healthy, happy and self-reliant children in their families will not be included in the social economic index. We have created a completely upside-down society. "

in other words, raising a child is actually making a lot of money.

I would like to make an account with you here:

if a family's wealth accumulation has 10 points:

if you raise an extravagant and wasteful child, you will only have 8 points;

if you raise a child who is idle and ignorant, you will only have 6 points;

if you raise an old child who will not be self-reliant, only 5 points will be left.

on the other hand, if you raise a hard-working and grateful child, it will accumulate to 20 points.

so to raise your child well is to actually accumulate wealth for the family.

parents all want to earn more money and build a good future for their children.

but if you give your child Jinshan and Yinshan, you can't get an excellent one.A grateful child.

as Lin Zexu said, "if our children and grandchildren are like me, if they leave money for anything, they will lose their aspirations; if their children and grandchildren are not as good as me, if they leave money for anything, they will be foolish and have more money to increase their mistakes."

instead of trying to earn money and spend money on a child who has achieved nothing, it is better to educate him now and train him into a person who can create wealth.

Harvard psychology professor Gilbert said: "Ten years from now, you will not regret doing one less project, but you will regret not spending an extra hour with your child."

there are no tickets that must be earned, only children who grow up in the blink of an eye.


raising an excellent child is enough to enrich three generations

there is an old Chinese saying that "you can't be rich for three generations".

actually reflects the problem of family education to a certain extent.

the multimillion-dollar "Big coat" is a very successful career, but he is indescribable in educating his children.

Brother coat's son dropped out of school at the age of 14, playing games and watching TV at home, and now he has become a fat man with a big belly, but he still doesn't want to make progress after getting married.

my daughter, too, has never been to school since graduating from junior high school, and his weight has soared to 200 jin. He repels work very much and is gluttonous and lazy at home all day.

it is conceivable that the family will only go downhill in the future.

if the positive and progressive energy of a family becomes less and less, each member's heart will be like a desert, gradually lose vitality, become insensitive and powerless.

I have read the stories of two British families on the Internet, and I am impressed:

the first Zhuk family, Lao Zhuke is a famous alcoholic and gambler, fooling around and doing nothing.

this family has been handed down for eight generations, but no one has made any achievements in future generations. More than 300 people have been beggars, more than 400 people have been maimed or died of alcohol abuse, more than 60 people have committed fraud or theft, and seven murderers have been committed.

conversely, another Edwards family is a real bookish family.

Edward Sr. is a learned philosopher, diligent and studious, and his descendants are also full of talents. There are 13 university presidents, 100 professors, more than 80 writers, more than 60 doctors, one has been an ambassador, and more than 20 have served as parliamentarians.

the family is a school, and education is the influence and root of the child's soul.

an excellent child, an excellent family style, is enough to nourish future generations.

doing everything you can to educate your children is the secret of a family's prosperity.


educating their children

is the most important cause of parents' lives.

Dr. Saedez, a famous American professor of psychology, believes that

"people are like shaping ceramics when they are young. When they are young, they form the embryonic form of life. Childhood is like clay for making ceramics. What kind of education is given will become what kind of embryonic form."

A child is like a blank sheet of paper. The key is to see what color his parents paint him.

for every parent, educating their children well is the most important career in life.

the growth of children needs the company of their parents

writer Jiang Xun once gave a lecture to the employees of a famous enterprise.

among them, an old employee who had not taken a holiday for eight years asked, "my daughter is 5 years old. Do you think she should learn the violin or the piano?"

he suggested: "can you not care about learning the violin or the piano and go home and hug your daughter?"

being a parent has a "validity period", and it is very short, only ten years. In the effective time, you must give your children the most attentive companionship.

because only the companionship and nourishment of love is the strongest step to sunshine and self-confidence.