To think too much is to torture yourself!

To think too much is to torture yourself!

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people, can not think too much,

think too much, it is difficult to fall asleep,

wishful thinking, restless.

for a long time,

physical and mental exhaustion, lack of spirit,

affect work during the day,

affect rest at night.

people can not think too much, think too much will be tired,

heart can not pretend too much, pretend too much depression.

learn to regulate yourself.

Don't think too much about everything


if you are bearish, you will not be bored.

if you learn to let go, you will not be tired.


when people are alive,

there is always something wrong.

if you don't have a good state of mind,

will complain and get paranoid.

if you can't get over it, you will add trouble to yourself, and

if you can't let go, you will add burden to yourself.

in fact, people are alive,

Don't worry too much.

when the road is impassable, you can make a detour.

when you can't figure it out, you just don't want to.

everything can be solved.

it's just a matter of time.

entanglement for too long, expends energy,

think too much, affect mood.


you have to believe that

there must be a way forward, and

there will be solutions to all the big and difficult things.

instead of wishful thinking, it is better to wait and see what happens.

leave everything to time. In front of time,

big and small things, good things and bad things,

will all become stories and the past.

people are alive.

the most important thing is to be in a good mood.

all is well.

but the mood is determined by the heart and brain.

Don't think too much, don't think too much,

relax the heart, look down on things,

do not struggle, do not complain,

do not think, do not think too much,

can have a happy mood.


people, don't think too much.

instead of wasting time to think,

it's better to cheer up and do it.

No matter how much inaction you want, it will be in vain.

you can only gain if you do it.

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before happiness and success come,

there are tribulations, obstacles and trials.

as long as you work hard and persevere to the end,

seize every opportunity, you are sure to win.

A person is alive. Only this time,

is lucky to have an afterlife.

Don't think too much, take it easy,

Don't think about it, be happy.

cherish the present, live the present,

mind do not think, people do not complain,

can live the rest of life safely,

can live more easily!