Treat others cleanly, treat yourself cleanly (thoroughly)

Treat others cleanly, treat yourself cleanly (thoroughly)

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if there is a life in this world that is enviable, then the first life I choose will be:

without fame and fortune, I am in a clean space and a clean garden in my heart.

in the life of people coming and going, those who have a clean mind and treat others can understand the true meaning of life better and are more admirable.


cleanliness is the highest self-cultivation

between people, if there can be a deep-rooted friendship and constant temperature for a long time, then it must be a very clean relationship.

A clean relationship lies not in the outside, nor in the way we get along, but in the cleanliness of mental interaction.

Pascal once said that

can form spiritual and emotional intercommunication and dependence, often from spiritual communication.

Communication based on the soul is a sacred collision, full of sincerity, but respecting each other's independence and loneliness.

and the kind of friendship that will corrupt the spirit and feelings is more of a bustling friendship of interests.

each of us, living in this complicated world, may have some form of entanglement with the interests of others, and it is often difficult to stay out of it.

but no matter how glamorous life is, no one has ever asked us to give up our spiritual life and the purity of intercourse between people in order to live for such benefits.

in this life, we always meet some people who know each other deeply, not for fame or profit, but for simple acquaintance and appreciation.

respect each other, attract each other but do not insist on being close to each other, have distance but not be too distant, and never impose anything else.

I believe that a good relationship and friendship between people are natural, clean and pure.

this kind of relationship is the purity and independence of a person's mind in social communication, the best self-cultivation of dealing with others, and the best care of interpersonal relationships from the bottom of one's heart.

Nothing can stand to be compared with sister of the bride gowns. Find your favorite and it will remain fashionable and fabulous for the years to come.


treating oneself with peace is a lifelong practice.

Gu Cheng wrote a poem:

each of us was pure and flawless at the beginning of our birth, but in the process of growing up, we gradually lost our "pure spirit" and became a muddy and vague self.

and "those things of the Ming Dynasty" also has a saying:

A person's appearance is given by his natural parents, and the appearance of the soul is often projected onto the person's face.

those who exude a beautiful and clean temperament must have a pure heart, and the purity of the heart is often obtained by self-cultivation, which is a person's lifelong practice.

everyone is born with a piece of uncut jade. After cutting, learning, polishing and grinding, it will become warm and bright.

A person with a pure spirit is a person whose soul is glowing, as if washing lead and overflowing with fragrance.

Liang Shuming, a master of Sinology, said:

Yang Jiang's life at peace with the rest of the world stems from the cleanliness of her heart.

fame and fortune is a countercurrent for her, and only reading and writing is in line with her nature.

even if she publishes a new book, she doesn't like publicity. She just says faintly:

A person who lives seriously and loves life, despite the constant changes and secular disturbances around him, can always keep his heart clear and be able to get away from the material full of temptation and be himself.

cleanliness is not only a person's greatest blessing, a kind of personality charm returning to nature, but also a person's high self-cultivation and self-cultivation.

May we all be clean people, free of impurities, flawless, unafraid of worldly words, and not bound by fame and fortune.

such as plain lotus, out of the mud but unstained, has seen the darkness of the world, the heart is still clear; through the ups and downs, but also maintain the original heart and goodwill, live a simple, comfortable life.