True friends, make friends lightly, take your time!

True friends, make friends lightly, take your time!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this life,

has met countless people, and

has known countless people.

but there are very few people who can be friends


most people are just passers-by and spectators.

passers-by, brush shoulder with you,

audience, will only watch.

only friends are your companions.

come into your life,

participate in your life,

give you warmth and help,

understand and tolerate you.

Friends are not people who eat, drink and play and see each other every day.

are not people who flatter each other and flatter each other.

Friends are people who encourage you, support you, and accompany you.

Friends are people who help you, comfort you, and care about you.

when you do something wrong, they point out that they want you to correct it.

when you succeed, they really cheer for you.


what is needed is never quantity, but quality.

tens of thousands of friends, it is better to be sincere.

countless friends are not as good as bosom friends.

you are lucky to have a good friend, and

you are lucky to have a true friend.

birds of a feather flock together.

birds of a feather flock together.

what kind of person you associate with,

you will become.

so what kind of friends you choose is very important.

make good friends, you will also have good conduct,

make good friends, and you will remain kind.

you have to understand that

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not all people you meet can be friends.

not all friends are friends.

some friends deal with you with purpose.

some friends do not have good intentions to get along with you.

they approach you in the name of making friends.

they contact you under the guise of friendship.

in fact, they all have ulterior motives.

such friends should stay away from you decisively.

friends, moral integrity, worthy of deep acquaintance,

friends, true heart, can communicate.

True friends,

do not need to contact each other every day, as long as they miss each other,

do not need to curry favor with each other, as long as they have good character,

do not need to be successful and rich, as long as they attach importance to affection and righteousness.

if you are poor, he will not despise you.

if you are rich, he will not curry favor with you. A friend like

is a true confidant.

Friends, light friends, slow times,

friendship, careful taste, careful guard.

it is a blessing to have friends in life, and

to have bosom friends is a blessing.

Please cherish the true friends around you,

ups and downs, go together,

for the rest of your life, never break up!