Two strokes of human characters, writing all one's life.

Two strokes of human characters, writing all one's life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is such a couplet:

upper couplet: if you don't leave it, it will end up bitter

bottom couplet: each will become famous

horizontal criticism: forget life

this couplet, what is hidden is the word "person".

the word "human" is easy to write, one stroke and one stroke, two simple strokes, dividing our lives into two, the first half of life and the second half of life.

I was busy in the first half of my life in order to pursue the heroic dream in my heart.

for the rest of my life, I was calm and calm, and I found my pure heart in the world of mortals.

forget about life, each is wonderful.


write head up and bend over.

Mecca wrote in the Sea of Life:

"some people have too hard bones, too high morale, and live by their temper. This is not good.

the world is very big. There are days outside the sky and mountains outside the mountains. You can't be too temperamental. You have to bow your head when it's time to bow. "

when Confucius was traveling around the countries with his disciples, he found a broken horseshoe and asked Zilu to pick it up.

Zilu was full of disdain and wanted to pick up this stupid thing to do. He, who was too lazy to bend over, pretended not to hear it.

Confucius said nothing. He bent down to pick up the horseshoe, exchanged it with the blacksmith for three cents, and used it to buy more than twenty cherries.

out of the city, both of them passed through a vast wilderness. Confucius, sitting on the back of a cow, guessed that Zilu was thirsty and hungry, so he quietly dropped a cherry hidden in his sleeve.

as soon as I looked at Zilu, I quickly picked it up and ate it.

along the way, Confucius lost it while walking, and Zilu bent awkwardly 18 or 19 times.

finally, Confucius smiled and said to Zilu:

if you had just bent down once, you would not have bent endlessly behind. "

when they were young, many people had such moments when they could not let go of arrogance, could not afford to be arrogant, refused to bow their heads, and refused to bend over.

do not understand until middle age, the long road of life, can bend down, can be regarded as a real understanding of life.

I once saw a netizen on Weibo talk about his experience:

when he just graduated, he acted in a high profile, unruly around the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, and paid no attention to anyone.

people who don't like it like to go head-to-head with each other.

if you are not convinced, you can't wait to grab each other's collar and argue whether you win or lose.

this arrogant and rigid character has scarred himself and suffered a lot of losses.

later, when he got married and had children, he gradually smoothed out his edges and corners when he was old and young, the pressure of work, the burden of family, and the hardships of life.

once upon a time, he, who was arrogant and raised his head higher than anyone else, was gone.

instead, it is to cultivate one's own ability, which is as flexible and flexible as a spring.

at that time, remembering the past, he was filled with emotion:

it turns out that frivolous publicity can only lead to disaster, and only with humility can he go far.

who says it's not?

when we were young, we were all Sun Dasheng, sharp and recalcitrant, and gradually we all became Sha Wujing, gentle and introverted, low-key and modest.

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the more people go back, the more they learn to put aside their stubbornness and arrogance, and learn to bend and bow their heads.

this is not getting less and less promising, but more and more intelligent.

because we understand:

bending down is not inferiority complex and admitting defeat, but maturity and humility.


one prime chase, one write berth.

Bohr, a famous German writer, once wrote a story in his book.

A tourist from a western country went to a remote fishing village.

he saw a fisherman lying on a small fishing boat, dozing in the sun.

then he couldn't help but go forward and persuade the fisherman:

"in fact, you shouldn't lie here in the sun, you should go fishing at sea, then sell the fish, and when you get the money, buy a bigger fishing boat and make more money."

"and then?" Asked the fisherman.

"then continue to buy bigger fishing boats."

in the end, he advised the fisherman to buy a modern and most advanced fishing boat.

"and then?" The fisherman asked again.

"then you can lie on it and bask in the sun."

the fisherman smiled, "No, I can do it now."

when we were young, we all thought that fame and fortune was success.

taste all the flavors of the world, see the prosperity of the world, and finally understand that the pursuit of fame and fortune is only a means of life, not an end.

the happiest thing in life is the peace and contentment of the heart after getting rid of the temptation of fame and gain.

in the TV series Tokyo Women's Atlas, the protagonist Aya is an ambitious girl who only wants to pursue a better material life.

starting at the age of 20, she set foot in the metropolis of Tokyo from a small village. It took her 20 years to finally have the splendor and wealth she wanted.

dressed in expensive and gorgeous clothes and high-end luxury cosmetics, he lives in the most luxurious and upscale house in the city.

but her inner happiness did not increase with the increase of wealth, but became more empty.

when I was hanging out, I ran into the lover I had abandoned and saw that the other person now had a happy family and lived a plain and happy life.

she suddenly envied from the bottom of her heart.

once upon a time, she thought that such happiness was too small, so she turned a blind eye to it.

now that she is 40 years old, she suddenly realizes that this kind of lookSeemingly insipid and subtle happiness, in fact, is the pursuit of their own from the very beginning.

Zhou Guoping said a paragraph that touched me deeply:

"people pursue fame and fortune for a better life. Can chase, have long forgotten what the original purpose is.