Very clean four sentences, life-long use

Very clean four sentences, life-long use

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


instead of haggling,

is not as good as being confused.

Zeng Guofan once warned his son that he must know the word "muddy" in dealing with the world.

you don't have to be too serious, you don't have to be too clear.

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if you can be blurred, you don't need to be clear, and if you can be confused, you don't have to worry about it.

when you encounter other people's mistakes and embarrassment, you might as well turn a blind eye.

there is no need to ask for perfection, and there is no need to keep people from coming down.

when it comes to the entanglement of interests, it is better to be friendly than to make a small profit.

it is a blessing to suffer losses, as long as the other party does not advance by an inch, it does not matter if some small gains are not disputed.

Zheng Banqiao once said:

some things don't have to be seen too clearly, and some people don't have to understand too much.

A hundred years of life, being too serious will only make you suffer.

see through, don't talk through, don't argue, see through, don't talk through.

learn to be confused, life can nourish the mind and nature, calm and calm.


since you can't force it,

you might as well learn to be satisfied.

as the old saying goes,

there are many things that cannot be controlled by manpower.

No matter how much effort you make, sometimes you can't fight for your life or heaven.

Zeng Guofan devoted half his life to helping the world.

but in the twilight years, the country is still wavering and the rivers are declining.

he is not reconciled, but he is powerless.

the ancients said:

dissatisfaction is life, and imperfection is life.

if you can't look forward, you might as well look back.

if you can't force it, it's better to cherish what you have now.

learn to cherish the present and what you already have.

there is no need to seek, no need to persevere.

Silence and contentment in life is also a kind of comfort.


quarrel with him,

is not as good as calm.

emotion is not the enemy, but the most important psychological mechanism in the thousands of years of human evolution.

it makes us angry to deter enemies who cross the line.

it makes us anxious and urges us to take action.

but emotion is not an end, but a means.

when anger is not enough to solve the problem, and when anger can only screw things up, calm down and take a deep breath.

only when you are calm and calm can you be reasonable with the facts.

after all, we just want to solve the problem.

Napoleon said:

"he who can control his emotions is greater than taking down a city."

emotions need to be controlled and more managed.

be calm, raise your own grievances and point out each other's problems.

when reason has the upper hand, it is more helpful to solve the problem after all.

running, listening to music, and taking a deep breath are all ways to control your emotions.

but more importantly, you need a strong heart.


since you can't get what you want,

try to let it go.

Modern people often say: break, give up, leave.

if the fate has come to an end, it should be broken.

give up what is beyond your reach.

if you are greedy for material things, you should leave.

all a person wants to live a lifetime is to be at ease.

how can you be free if you are bound by your own desires?

A divine Archer hits a hundred shots, and the king gives him a reward of thousands of dollars to see his arrows.

as a result, he never missed, but missed.

the more you care, the more you can't keep it.

the more persistent you are, the more likely you are to screw up.

put it down and take it easy.

only after exhaustion can one understand the limits of life and know the illusion of persistence.

it is better to let go of the obsession, take a light view of everything, think a little bit, and follow the fate and heart of everything.

instead, life can walk calmly, freely and easily.